how to dropship amazon products on shopify

How To Dropship On Amazon | Shopify Dropshipping I'm going to show you how to drop ship,on Amazon wi

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Dropship On Amazon | Shopify Dropshipping

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How To Dropship On Amazon | Shopify Dropshipping

I'm going to show you how to drop ship,on Amazon with Shopify and we're,starting right now what is going on my,name is Jorge welcome to another video,if this is your first time and you want,to learn how to build a successful,Shopify drop shipping business then,start now by subscribing and clicking,the bell so you don't miss anything in,this video I'm going to show you how to,drop ship on Amazon using Shopify I'm,going to break it down how to get tons,of sales every single day and the most,important thing is that I'm going to,show you a live example of my store that,is currently selling on Amazon and I'm,also going to show you step-by-step on,how to set up your Shopify drop shipping,business to Amazon so everything is,synchronized you don't have to worry,about anything you just get tons of,sales you fulfill them and you're left,with profit so if that sounds,interesting make sure you watch until,the end of the video let's go ahead and,jump inside of my computer and I'm going,to show you everything step-by-step how,to set up Amazon with your Shopify drop,shipping business alright so the first,thing that you will need to do is you,will need to sign up with Amazon seller,central now it is very straightforward,you just click the sign up button here,I'm not going to show it in this video,because I already have an account but,just follow the steps it's really,straightforward it's going to ask you,for your password information for a scan,and all of that so just be ready to,provide all that information but the,important thing here are the plans so,once you sign up it will give you an,option to choose from these two plans,there's an individual plan and the,professional plan now in the beginning I,recommend you start with an individual,plan because there is no recurring fee,but once you start selling more than 40,items per month then you can move to the,$40 per month plan because it's going to,be cheaper than the individual one once,you get your account approved with,Amazon seller central the second step is,to buy amazon UPC barcodes now amazon,UPC barcodes are basically these,barcodes right here they have different,numbers you know every product and you,need them for every very,of the products so say for example you,have one product and it has three,different variants let's say that it's,the black color it's white color and,it's great you want to list all of those,colors on Amazon you will need three,different UPC barcodes okay the website,looks sketchy but I've bought from these,guys twice and both of the times they,delivered so I can say that I trust them,and I recommend you buy from them their,barcodes are very cheap you can see here,the last time I bought 5,000 UPC,barcodes for $40 and just to give you,some proof real quick here is their,email so purchase 5,000 barcodes and,what they also do is they went ahead and,added 500 extra barcodes as an,additional bonus so that's nice you know,you can see all of the barcodes here and,everything so it works I've imported all,the products in Amazon there is no,problem with this now the third step,that you will need to do is you will,actually need to add the Amazon sales,channel in your Shopify back-end so here,you can see Amazon and you will find it,if you clicked on this plus icon since I,already have it here it's not gonna show,anything there so you click the plus you,add Amazon and here you will see your,like sign up or you know connect your,Amazon account so you click sign up or,you click connect and it will connect,everything automatically so once you,connect your account you will need to,set up some seller central settings such,as their shipping rates right your taxes,payments notifications category approval,all of that it's very very,straightforward what I'm gonna say is,that for your shipping rates you will,need to say that your lead-time,or processing of your orders can take up,to five days so what this basically,means is that once you get a sale right,Amazon is gonna give you five days for,you to apply a tracking code to your,order now once you connect your Amazon,seller central account to Shopify the,next step is to create listings the way,it's done here is that you can choose,each individual products you click Add,and then it's gonna take some time to,process and then you're gonna you know,create so create listing it's a baseball,cap men accessories baseball hats then,you select your brand city cap static oh,and,can write the title on Amazon the bullet,points the description you know keywords,and then here you can add variants so,for example say we want to add color,variants and then I can add in a black,pink and light blue in here you choose,you know one size because you know,baseball caps or dad hats that's one,size which price you want to list it out,here you can see production time so,that's what I was talking about the lead,time so here I usually put five use,inventory Shopify settings you know that,here European article number that's,where you're gonna put your UPC barcode,that you received an email and then you,add images and you do that for every,single product now if you're selling,only a few products now this is a great,way you know it doesn't require any,application or anything like that you,just do it all manually it doesn't take,that long but if you have hundreds of,products like I do in my store then here,is a very good solution for you there is,an application called code isto linq I'm,not sure if I'm pronouncing that right,but it doesn't matter now they have a,two week trial as you can see here I've,been using them for six days and this,application is an amazing way to bulk,upload your products to Amazon I'm gonna,show you my back end of my Amazon seller,central show you how many listings I,have now live let's take a look at this,application right here so as you can see,here this blue right here indicates that,the products is live on Amazon if we,scroll down here a little bit Alexis dad,hat so if we click here it's gonna take,us to the Amazon page you can see here,that is my brand right we can choose the,color we once it says everything in,stock usually shifts within four to five,days Add to Cart buy now sold in ships,from Amazon boom everything in Nice eats,and tidy all the pictures are here and,the funny thing is that I didn't do this,manually I did this all through,application all right so now I'm gonna,actually show you how to use this,application because it's a little bit,complicated but I'm gonna make it very,easy for you and then I'm going to show,you the back end of my Amazon seller,central and show you how many,sailes I got in the last seven days so,in order to import these products into,Amazon you need to fill out some,information here now the information you,need to fill out is the the barcodes you,can see here right then they need to,fill out the price you need to fill out,the quantity our you know is it,fulfilled by merchant Amazon and our,occasions where drop shipping is,fulfilled by merchant so us dispatch,time five days send listing details you,want to click that on then you want to,have the Amazon title that is,automatically imported from your Shopify,listings you know you want to choose the,category for each you want to write,description just basically all the,bullet points all of that you just want,to search terms and you just want to,write all of these things here the,important thing here are the barcode now,there are two ways to assign barcodes to,the products the first one is you click,on the product title you click on,product identifiers and then you click,Edit variation identifies and here you,can assign the different barcodes right,here for each variant and once you,assign the barcodes you then click Save,and publish to Amazon so that's the,first thing now the second way to import,products into Amazon if you have a lot,of them and you don't want to do it,manually there's a very easy way to do,it and I'm going to show you right now,so you click attribute mapping and you,make sure that the universal product,code is variation mapping to barcode,okay what you don't want to do is you,want to go to your products and you want,to export all of your products and you,want to do a plain CSV file once your,products are exported you click on them,they're going to be downloaded to your,laptop you then open up a Google,spreadsheet this is very important make,sure you're paying attention and you,click imports and you upload the file,that you have just exported okay with,all of the products,you click replace spreadsheet detect,automatically and yes click import data,now once all the information from that,CSV file is uploaded into this Google,sheets you want to scroll to the variant,bar code right here so once you receive,your bar codes you're gonna receive them,in this format just one bar code per,line so what you want to do is you want,to copy however barcodes you need you,didn't want to go to your very own,barcode column and you want to click on,the first cell and you want to just,paste it in here and you will see that,every single bar code is going to paste,in one line and one in one variant and,you can do this just one time for all of,your variants and your whole product,catalog once you have all of the bar,codes assigned to each variant what you,want to do then is you want to click,file you want to click download and you,want to download as a CSV current sheet,okay you don't want to go to your,products tab you want to click imports,and you want to choose a file and you,want to choose the file that you have,just downloaded which is this untitled,spreadsheet products export that has all,your barcodes you click open and then,you want to click on replace any current,products that have the same handle and,then you click upload file and voila,here you can see that you'll be,importing approximately 720 products,once you click import what you want to,do then is you want to go back to code,estou and since we were already done,this right here we're just going to,choose all of the products like this,we're going to enable them like this and,then here we're going to save and send,to Amazon once we click that button code,isto is going to send all of your,products from your store to Amazon's,alright so let me actually show you the,background of my Amazon seller central,and how many sales I got in the last,seven days so we're gonna sign-in weight,click note now because I don't want to,add a mobile number now and here you can,see that we have two unshipped orders,there were sales for,hundred twenty dollars and if we click,manage orders you can see that I have,two unshipped orders which is this okay,boomer dad and this drew house Justin,Bieber beanie and if we click shipped,here we can see that I have a baby Yoda,one you're too close number three and,not on baby Yoda and just today you can,see that this order came in on the March,27th on a 3:30 a.m. from code isto via,import right and additional details Ares,at an Amazon order if you enjoyed this,video make sure you like this video and,also if you haven't already make sure to,subscribe to my youtube channel so you,don't miss out on any future uploads and,as usual I want to thank you so much for,watching this video and I'll see you in,the next one

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