how to do a partial refund on shopify

How To Process A Partial Refund on Shopify E commerce Tutorials hello everyone here we are again f

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How To Process A Partial Refund on Shopify E commerce Tutorials

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How To Process A Partial Refund on Shopify E commerce Tutorials

hello everyone here we are again for,another session of sellers choice,tutorials in this tutorial we will learn,how to process a partial refund on,Shopify lucid written and highlighted,refund policy provides customers with,confidence security and trust that they,would receive exactly what they ordered,and if they were not least with a,product they'll be able to return it,hassle-free companies needs to focus on,providing the best customer service and,must remember that serving customers,does not end once they have made a,purchase but then again we don't limit,ourselves with the refund policy that we,have there may be situations where we,need to apply our humanity then let,those rules decide for us most of the,time in the situation we can just give,in to provide good customer service for,our customers at the end of the day they,will still come back as a returning one,so let's get started don't forget to hit,the subscribe button what you need to do,first is to access the Shopify admin log,into your Shopify account at,once you're in click the order section,on the left side to access all the,orders that were placed on your store,then click on the order where you will,be processing a refund,on the orders page first you need to,check the payment method that the,customer used and if they had applied a,discount on the purchase scroll down at,the bottom and look for the payment,method on the timeline please be advised,that you can only process every fund on,the original payment method that your,customer used just ask your customer to,contact their bank if they don't have,that payment method anymore,so after you've checked scroll back up,and click the refund items link just,below the order ID you can always fill,out the item quantity if you wanted to,do a full refund to refund just the,shipping fee then you can fill out the,refund amount on the refund shipping,field please notice that the refund,amend will be automatically updated on,the summary you can always edit the,refund amount on the summary anytime,please be advised that when you will be,editing the refund amount of the refund,shipping it will also reset the refund,amount on the summary,indicate the reason for the refund the,customer won't be able to see this this,is just for personal use,check the notification box to notify,your customer once you've processed this,refund once everything is all set click,the blue refund button you should see,the status of the order it's now changed,to partially refund it you also see the,breakdown at the bottom it is now,changed to partially refunded from paid,for this example we already have,processes of partial refund for the,discount that wasn't applied upon,checkout so that's it you now know how,to process a partial refund for your,customers just so you know that we have,a lot of tutorials and webinars on bits,of advice on how to run and the,applicable techniques for your,e-commerce business you can always visit,our site at sellers choice dot digital,and browse through a huge compilations,of webinars tutorials and blogs and,don't forget to hit the subscribe button,to stay tuned see you soon

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