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HOW TO CREATE FAQ PAGE ON SHOPIFY hey guys welcome back to my channel and,in today's video i am goin

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Updated on Jan 18,2023


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hey guys welcome back to my channel and,in today's video i am going to show you,how you can create your faq page on your,shopify store so you would want to do,this because this is going to save you a,lot of time in regards to customers,support so for example this is a store,called the minka collection so this is a,clothing stove um so i am going to show,you where they put their faq page and,basically normally the faq page they,normally located it's normally located,all the way down on the footer menu,so this is how the faq page is going to,look like so let's click faq and this is,how dominca collection shop created,their faq page so,if your customer visited to your store,um and they click faq page and get their,question answered without um having to,use like maybe like a customer support,uh this will save you a lot of time and,a budget if you have a customer support,service so you can see here the minka,collection they have these um,question like the regular question that,customer they normally ask like how can,i pay for my order when will i purchase,my shipped order and stuff like that do,you ship what why do you offer local,delivery and stuff like that so in this,video i am going to show you how to,create,an faq page just like these so now let,me show you how you can do that so the,first easy way is to go here click your,online store and make sure you are on,the theme section here but click all the,way down where it says pages and when,you click pages this is where we are,going to create a new page so we are,going to add a new page so click add,page,and give your page a title like uh this,is going to be faq,okay,so,and then after that you can write your,contents in here so you can write your,contents about your faq question you,want to add on your store maybe on a,different um,a word document for example i have mine,here so i am going to copy this and i'm,heading back to my shopify store and,then i am going to paste um these,information so these are my faq,questions so,after you did after you did this make,sure on the visibility if you want this,to be visible as soon as you,save this page then click here visible,or if you want this to be hidden you can,and you don't want to publish uh right,away you can click hidden uh so i am,going to make it visible so i am going,to click visible and then i'm going to,click save,so after this this is not done like your,faq won't be available on your store so,if i go to my online store,and go all the way down i won't have um,you can't see my faq page so you have to,go back on shopify store,so basically on the fyq page,this will actually depend on what you're,selling what kind of product you're,selling and where you're located so the,different question uh of these faq page,will be different so,uh pay attention uh even if you're,taking like a little bit of inspiration,from a different,shop like maybe from a shop like a minka,collection swaminka collection they are,selling clothes and you are selling,maybe like ebooks so,these are like two different things so,make sure if you're taking like a little,bit of inspiration don't copy uh,everything because they want much with,your product it's it will look very very,suspicious to your customer and very,confusing so,let's go back on shopify and let's go,back so now let's make our page uh,public um so we,and to do that you have to click here,navigation make sure you are on the,online store still,and then click navigations and over here,you will see you have two different,menus this is the footer menu and this,is the main menu so the footer the,footer menu is all the way all the way,down like if you click like all the way,down this is the footer menu and this,top here is the main menu so what we're,going to do we are going to click footer,menu and we are going to add the um faq,questions page over here so let's click,add menu and we are going to uh put the,name,of our um,the title so faq,so i'm going to write faq and then i'm,going to link so i'm going to pick what,am i going to link so basically we,created a page so i'm going to click,page and i am going to select the faq,page that we created and after that i'm,going to click add,and i am going to click save menu so now,let's go back to our online store you,can see here uh it's still not the case,so let's actually refresh this page and,boom uh faq page is available over there,so when your customers visited uso and,click it here they'll be able to see the,questions,uh of all the faq um,the question that that will helps you to,save so much time for them to just,virtue out uh they will all the simple,question will be answered all new page,so this is one way to do that which is,very very easy and very simple um so,yeah guys this is how you can create,your faq page and link it um,on your footer menu the process is very,easy very simple so this is pretty much,the simple way to do it but there is,another way to do it by using an app so,you have to add an app on your shopify,store if you want to know about that,method as well,um just let me know on the comment,section and i'll show you how to add an,faq page using a free app on your,shopify store so that's it for today's,video uh thank you for watching and i'll,see you guys on the next tutorial

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