how to create customizable products in shopify without an app

How to Create Shopify Customizable Products for FREE! (No Coding!) if you sell personalized products

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How to Create Shopify Customizable Products for FREE! (No Coding!)

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how to create customizable products in shopify without an app catalogs

How to Create Shopify Customizable Products for FREE! (No Coding!)

if you sell personalized products and,need more information from your,customers than shopify allows keep,watching because in today's video i'm,going to show you how to add additional,fields to your product pages and how to,charge more for personalizations there,is no coding required we are doing all,this with a free app,before we get into the video if you like,videos about winning products drop,shipping shopify themes apps and,tutorials do us a favor and hit that,subscribe button and turn notifications,on now let's get into the video all,right so here's what we're going to be,creating i have this personalized dog,tag which is an aliexpress product we,have a spot for the customer to add in,their pet's name their phone number and,we also have the option to engrave their,address on the tag as well for an,additional five dollars let's jump into,how i set this up so here's my product,page for the dog tag you can see here,i've added in my color variants nothing,fancy here the real work happens inside,the app but i wanted to give you a look,at my setup before we begin,here's the app i'm using it is called g,variants product options,as you can see with this app you can,build an unlimited number of custom,product options one of those options is,a file upload which is a really cool,feature and then they have here that the,app improves revenue and i think that's,one of the best parts of this app with,each personalization you can charge more,or upsell products so this is another,great feature,follow along with me and let's install,this app,once you get here here's where we start,adding our product options,click add element,and then you can see here all the,options they have to choose from,for the first one i'm going to select,text,and then you click on it to expand,and change the element label to your,desired title for me it's going to be,pet's name,the other thing you might want to select,is required field this means they cannot,proceed without entering something in,this is going to prevent back and forth,emails for missing information,once you're finished click back and then,we're going to add our next element,for this one we are going to select the,radio button because we're going to ask,if they want to include a phone number,only or if they would like to include,both a phone number and an address for,the element title i'm going to ask what,information would you like to include,and then here we are going to put phone,number only,add another value option,and type phone number and address,and don't forget to make this a required,field,alright now here's where our upsell,happens because if the customer wants to,add an address to the dog tag we are,going to charge an additional five,dollars to do that to do this you click,on this little price tag icon and then,you can see it's asking us to select a,product,the way the app has this set up you,actually need to create a product for,your add-on so you can see here i've,created a product i have a simple title,add-on address and then the price this,is all i've added for this demonstration,but depending on how you want it to look,at checkout you may decide to add more,so we're going to go ahead and select,that add-on,click back,and now we're going to add the fields,where the customer can enter their phone,number and their address,you'll notice that i've added the,address as a required field and you're,probably wondering well if a person,selects that they want phone number only,why would you make this a required field,well another feature of this app is that,you can add conditional logic,conditional logic essentially means that,if a customer selects a certain thing,then it triggers something else,so click conditional logic options,and then i can specify that i only want,this field to show if the customer,selects that they want to add a phone,number and an address this way if they,select phone number only it won't even,show this field so you don't have to,worry about the fact that this is set as,a required field setting it as required,like i said previously is going to save,you time going back and forth with,emails if they forget to add this,information in and the second thing this,is going to do is it adds a safety net,in for you because it's not like they,can select phone only just to get that,price but still type in an address this,won't even show if they don't select the,correct option when you're done here,click back there is one more thing i,want to note before we move on you'll,notice online that i have these color,swatches here you can add this in two by,adding the color swatch element the same,makers of this app have another one,called global color swatch which i,demonstrated in this video here so mine,are actually set up already from that,app but i just wanted to note in case,you saw that video that with this app,here the color swatch option is already,built in all you need to do is add in,your color swatches like this but like i,said i already have this set up with a,different app so i'm going to delete,this element,our final step on this page is to attach,these product options to either all of,our products or a specific product so,click on products,select products,and here we're going to choose you can,choose manual if you want to attach this,only to a certain product and then you,can set up a completely different set of,options for a different product if you,have a large catalog of items you can,use this automate option to speed up,your process or the third option is to,attach these to all of your products i'm,going to select manual since i want it,for this specific product only with all,that out of the way we are now going to,move on to our next step,here you need to select which theme you,want to install this app on,once you have done that click install,from here you can click to check that,it's working you can see that it is but,we have this very obvious weight,background but no worries we're going to,work on that next so click i see the,option set,and then you will be brought here now,there are a lot of settings and things,you could change here but i'm only going,to make two small changes the first one,is the white background so click on,settings,design,and for the app background i'm going to,change it to something that matches my,sense theme,i entered f1 ef e6,once you're happy click save,the next thing i'm going to change is,the text that shows when you select an,add-on it says selections will add five,dollars to the price it sounds a little,bit odd to me so i want to change this,to do that click translation,and i'm going to change selections to,this add-on,that's it now let's take a look,if you like this video do me a favor and,give it a thumbs up or leave me a,comment down below and if you haven't,already make sure to subscribe we post a,lot of time sensitive content such as,winning products on this channel so make,sure you have notifications turn on so,that you can be one of the first to,market when we post those videos

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