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How to Build an Email List From Scratch (Email Marketing Tutorial) what if i told you that you could

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to Build an Email List From Scratch (Email Marketing Tutorial)

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How to Build an Email List From Scratch (Email Marketing Tutorial)

what if i told you that you could invest,one dollar and get an average return of,42.,well that is an actual stat and that is,probably why,9 out of 10 marketers are using email,marketing to reach their customers,hey my name is michelle valli and in,this video we're going to be going,through six strategies that you can use,to build your email list,even if you're starting from zero in,fact i was able to get 430 subscribers,in just,seven days with one of these tactics,email marketing is still relevant in,2020. you can't just focus on social,media,and completely forget about email,marketing social media is like the,cocktail party and,email marketing is like the coffee date,email is a great way to get personal,with your audience,and send the right message to the right,customer at the right time,i have seen a single email generate,three thousand dollars in sales for a,startup company,and twelve thousand dollars in sales for,a more established company so,no matter where you're at with your,business there is money to be made in,email marketing,but before you can start generating,revenue you first need an email list,but before we hop into the tactics i,just want to let you know that if you,have any questions throughout this video,feel free to drop them in the comments,below and i will make sure to get back,to you every single one of them,email co-marketing is a partnership,between brands where companies promote,an,offer to a shared niche audience to do,this you're going to want to partner,with complementary brands rather than,competing brands,a perfect example of this was when,pottery barn and sherwin-williams,collaborated on a campaign called color,your room where they created an,exclusive line of paints,they also had a section on pottery,barn's website where customers can go,and choose the paint colors,that complemented the furniture this is,genius because this partnership,anticipates a problem that the consumer,is likely already having,when you first move into a house what's,the first thing you're gonna do you're,going to paint the walls,and then secondly you're going to choose,some furniture so,by collaborating they're solving the,problem of choosing complementary,finishes,i also love this example because the,collection of the emails,almost feels like a byproduct of this,partnership you want to make sure that,these relationships,are rich and multifaceted so that,everyone involved,is experiencing many benefits to figure,out which brands to partner with,you first want to think about a pain,point that your audience might be having,then you want to think about how you can,package complementary products and,services together in order to solve,their problem,another fun tactic is influencer,marketing this is personally one of my,favorite tactics because,it is a strategic long term play so not,only are you getting a fresh new email,list but you're also connecting with,influencers in your industry,that have the potential to be a,long-term relationship that's mutually,beneficial,have your influencers speak to your,offer that drives to a landing page,collect email addresses from that,landing page for customers to be able to,redeem their offer,if you're wondering what kind of an,opt-in you should do consider a mini,course,a bootcamp or a discount code,but anyways going for an influencer with,a healthy following is really only half,the equation,here are a couple of things that you're,going to want to keep in mind as you're,going through instagram to find the,right,influencer how similar is their audience,to your desired audience,a high quality email list is one that,shares your brand values,take a glance at how many followers they,have and how engaged their audience is,how many likes how many comments are,they getting if their audience seems,participatory in conversation,that's the kind of audience that you,want for your brand as well if you're,having trouble eyeballing the engagement,rate of an influencer,check out flanks is a great,tool to help,calculate the engagement rate of any,influencer while you're doing your,research take a look at their feed,aesthetic,and also check out their tone of voice,to make sure that both of your brands,align,and finally this might be the,single-handedly most important thing to,note,an influencer that has an emotional,connection to their audience,is key so someone with say 7 000,followers and a ride or die audience,is going to give you a better return on,investment than someone with,50 000 followers and very little,engagement something i see a lot of,small business owners get caught up on,is how they should be reaching out to,influencers and what they should,be saying if you're also struggling with,this let me know and i will leave you a,template in the comments down below of,how you can start reaching out,the first step in building out your mini,course is figuring out what the topic is,going to be on,the courses that tend to succeed are,going to have answers to the problems,that your consumer is having,i would recommend using google,autocomplete google trends,and google keyword planner this is going,to help you gain insight,as to what are the questions that your,target audience is having and searching,for,once you have that down create a landing,page for people to sign up for your free,course,from there you will distribute an email,or a sequence of emails,with the course content and bonus at the,end you can plug in your product,for people to learn more about what it,is that you offer get eyeballs on your,mini course by promoting it through,social media,paid ads and playing with seo and even,better if you can get,other brands to collab on your mini,course and to promote it to their,audience,that's going to grow your email list,exponentially the team at skinnyvt,created a free 14-day booty challenge,and they promoted it across multiple,social media accounts,they were able to gain 8 000 new emails,in the first,24 hours which is actually insane if,you're trying to learn how you can do,your own,five-day mini-course we have a template,in the description box below,i won't go into too much detail about,this method because we have,more on that in a video to come and,actually perfect segway make sure that,you're hitting that subscribe button so,that you can get notified when we do,upload that video,you can collect email addresses by,making a few simple changes to your,shopify store,try adding an email signup form in the,footer or the bottom navigation of your,website,keep in mind though nobody is just going,to give you their email address for free,you want to have a couple of sentences,explaining why someone should sign up to,your newsletter,maybe your company has really fun,parties and really cool culture and,people want to be invited,or maybe you have really cool one-of-one,drops and people want to be notified to,get first dibs,also try adding a pop-up offer to your,home page,i can see why someone might have mixed,feelings about this because it can seem,intrusive,but keep in mind that customers really,count on these offers and really enjoy,them,i know at least for myself whenever i'm,ready to make a purchase on, i always navigate to the,homepage just to see what offers they,have going on,check out spin to win by seco map on the,shopify app store,it's a fun way to offer your customers a,deal and it also is going to help you,boost sales and collect email addresses,this is one of my personal favorite,tactics because i have seen this go,extremely well,holding a contest or a giveaway on,social media has a tendency of growing,an email list like wildfire,a tale of caution though if you're,generating an email list,like this it has the tendency of,attracting a value shopper,if that's your target audience anyways,then definitely go for it,but if you're a luxury brand this might,not be the tactic for you,contests and giveaways are not great for,the brand image,of a luxury brand i was working with,this incredible toronto brand called,finley that does sustainable jewelry we,collabed with other brands in the,sustainable fashion industry to create,what we called the ultimate sustainable,giveaway,we created a landing page that captured,email signups and every participant,advertised it on their socials,we ran a few contests like these over a,three month period,and in that time we were able to take,our email subscriber list from,5 000 all the way up to 10 000. my,favorite thing about this,is that finley is a startup brand which,means that could,just as easily be you creating a quiz is,dope because you're killing two words,with one stone,on the one hand you're creating your,email list and then secondly you're,segmenting that list,so here's how i used a quiz first i did,research on my target audience and,realized that they were having a,frustration,with finding their right foundation,match when shopping for makeup online,so i created a quiz that would help them,find their right match,i got in front of my phone i took a,video of me talking about how to take,that quiz,and then i ran that video as an ad on,instagram people clicked on the ad and,then they were taken to a landing page,to complete the quiz,in order for them to get their,personalized foundation match they had,to input their email address,and then i would send them a,personalized pdf of their results,and that's how i captured their emails,if your quiz takes five to seven minutes,to complete then you've found the sweet,spot,getting your customers to invest a small,amount of time is going to increase the,chances,that they're going to give you their,email address if your quiz is too long,then you're going to lose them and if,it's too short there's not enough time,investment,the tactics that we talked about are,infinitely scalable i've got a couple of,examples of tactics that,aren't as scalable but they still have a,time and place so,collecting email addresses in person is,one of them,this is not a scalable tactic but let's,say for example you're at a trade show,with a high volume of people,that might be an example of when it,would make sense to use this i've also,seen some companies add,inserts to their shipment with a cta to,sign up for the newsletter,you're not going to see massive growth,with this tactic but it does help with,brand awareness so just keep that in,mind,so that's it this should get you on the,right track to building your email list,and keep in mind that once you build,these tactics out once,they have the potential of running in,the background and helping you grow your,email list over time,other than that if you had any questions,about anything that we talked about in,this video,feel free to leave it in the comments,below and i will get back to you with,any answers,also we're all fam here so feel free to,answer each other's questions as well,thank you guys so much for watching and,i will see you in the next one,bye

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