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Shopify Blog Tutorial: Posts & SEO Settings (Shopify Blog Vs WordPress) hello and welcome to this vi

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Shopify Blog Tutorial: Posts & SEO Settings (Shopify Blog Vs WordPress)

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Shopify Blog Tutorial: Posts & SEO Settings (Shopify Blog Vs WordPress)

hello and welcome to this video where,I'm going to be giving you a Shopify,blog post tutorial as always what I did,is I got started through a trial to kind,of give you an idea of what it's going,to look like when you first get started,in case you want to follow along from,scratch or in case you haven't gotten to,use Shopify yet I will put a link Down,Below in case you would like to follow,along they come with a free trial for,easier access so it's pretty easy to set,up overall and I'll talk about a lot of,the important topics as as many as I,remember of course and I'm even going to,write a blog post using AI just to make,it really quick and show you what it,looks like when it's completely done all,in all you want to go to the online,store section and click on blog post and,this is most likely going to be here if,you're starting with the trial but,either way what you want to do is scroll,down and click on the create blog post,button alright so now that we are here,we have golf swing tips for improving,your score that's just going to be my,generic title that I want to utilize I,have an image already uploaded so I'm,just going to upload that here obviously,related to golf we have an excerpt we,have search engine listing preview,that's going to be website and SEO stuff,we'll do that after so so here's the,cool part now that I know what the title,is normally this is where you're going,to go in there and you know add some,content but I figured I'd change things,up a little because it's very easy to,say this is where you edit your blog,post so I'm actually going to create a,very quick blog post using Jasper which,is a completely different software so,what I want to do is have it write a,blog post intro I said the title is,going to be what I put there and let's,click on General AI content there's,nothing more frustrating than playing a,round of golf and shooting a high score,you feel like you could have done better,if only you knew how to fix your score,well don't worry in this post I'm going,to help out great nice little intro,so we have our intro there,next is going to be our subhead where we,have our paragraph generator so the,slower you swing your golf club the more,control you have so I want to create a,paragraph based upon that so let's go to,our paragraph generator we have that in,our paragraph what it's about and let's,generate some content all right this is,fantastic when it comes to golf there's,one cardinal rule go big or go home or,is it while a powerful swing may impress,your playing Partners it won't do much,good if you can't control where the ball,goes in fact the key to a great golf,game is not how hard you hit the ball,but how well you control your shots I'm,going to stop there that's fantastic,let's go back over here so this would be,a paragraph obviously so what we can do,is highlight this and just make it bold,just to show that it's going to be like,an H2 you know what I mean so let's go,to the next one we have another,paragraph here it's going to be the,benefits of taking practice swings,before you hit the golf ball so,something like that would be take plenty,of practice swings before hitting the,ball let's write some more content on,that golf is a game that requires,precision and finesse every shot counts,in even the slightest Miss can host cost,you the whole that's why many golfers,take practice swings before they hit the,ball by taking a few practice swings you,can get a feel for the shot and ensure,that you're lined up correctly,additionally and so on and so forth,great and I think you get the idea you,know I was going to do a few more but I,I think that's good as it is so what I,can do is scroll down a little bit more,I'm the author I just have it as,marketing Island that's fine blog you,can keep it under news or you can change,it to golfing obviously whatever is,going to be more beneficial if you have,news obviously keep that so excerpt here,we could probably look for something,that's going to be the best overall,that's like you know one of the juiciest,benefits or one of the best tips or just,something like this,the intro isn't bad talks about how it's,frustrating when you're not doing well,and the reason I have this for golf is,because this is a made-up store and it,would be related to golf stuff when it,comes to physical products accessories,and even digital products and so on and,so forth then we have our edit website,SEO okay so golf swing tips for,improving your score we have a,description I took pretty much the same,excerpt there and of course the URL just,because it hasn't been changed to a,domain so that's going to be pretty good,uh let's click on save for that and just,like that we've very quickly created a,blog post let's preview it and see what,it looks like alright so there's a very,big picture very nice green related golf,swing tips for improving your score,there's the introduction that we got,written for us for AI we created our sub,headlines and of course we have much,more content obviously that's a process,that you can continue on and on but I,always love mixing and matching software,tools so I thought it'd be cool to throw,that in there but all in all that's,going to be like the process when it,comes to utilizing Shopify for creating,blog posts in my opinion I think it's,good it's great that any type of build,their software whether it be e-commerce,landing pages websites has the ability,to allow you to create blog posts,there's also a very big question when it,comes to like Shopify blogs versus,WordPress in my opinion it's great that,Shopify has it if you want to do a few,blog posts here and there but if you're,really focused on if you want to do,hundreds and thousands of blog posts I,think WordPress would be the best for,that there's just so many little ways to,customize it and plugins and additions,to help you out in terms of gaining,better SEO attraction sending back links,to and so on and so forth but I know,that was a very popular question so I,wanted to address that as well overall,that concludes the tutorial for Shopify,once again I will leave a link Down,Below in case you want to try them out,for free they do offer a 14-day trial,Jasper as well if you want to check them,out for creating your blog post I will,put a link for them in the description,as well they also come with a free trial,thank you so much for watching if you,have any questions feel free to leave a,comment down below and that's about it,I'll see you in my next video

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