how to convert traffic into sales shopify

How to convert more traffic into sales on Shopify ☺️ hey it's klaus here with another quick,tip epis

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to convert more traffic into sales on Shopify ☺️

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How to convert more traffic into sales on Shopify ☺️

hey it's klaus here with another quick,tip episode of the ecommerce coffee,break today i want to talk about how you,can convert more traffic into sales on,shopify specifically if you just have,started your shopify business,now i do a lot of checks on new stores,every day and the one thing that i see,is that people do not think through,their business in the first place,so before you start your shopify store,you should think about the following,things what are you selling who is your,customer avatar your perfect audience,your ideal customer avatar,who's your competitor out in the market,what is your unique selling proposition,your value proposition and with that you,should really think through what you're,starting i see a lot of stores where,people just think i throw in some print,on demand or drop shipping products and,then i start selling this is not a good,idea to start a proper business on,specifically if you want to run a,business in the long term so therefore,you need to have a good structure in the,beginning which basically gives the,foundation of the whole business,so what you want to do is first of all,work on your customer avatar on your,ideal customer audience so you want to,find out who is the person or the group,that you are selling to and then find,out where they are on the interwebs,where do they inform themselves,which kind of social platforms are they,using and become really really granular,about,who this person is you're selling to you,better you get this nailed down the more,or the higher is the likelihood that you,will make,sales,now obviously unless you have a very,unique idea there's always competitors,out there so you want to go out and,create a list of what competitors you,have in your market for your products,and then you really want to dive into,their marketing strategy so you want to,check out their website you want to sign,up for their newsletters and so on and,so forth and put everything per um,competitor in a spreadsheet,and,follow this from time to time to see,what they're doing what they're doing,now obviously all the competitors are,also trying to work out what kind of,marketing channels working the best so,no one of them has like um the perfect,solution,but over time you can see what's working,for them or not,so therefore competitor research is very,important with that you also want to,order some products of your competitors,to see how is the packaging how long,does the shipping take what's their,customer support and so on and so forth,all of this will help you to create a,good structure for your own business,and then obviously you want to set up,your kpis your key performance,indicators from the beginning and then,you can fall back every few weeks to,these and see what moves the needle in,your business,only if you have these basics done then,you should go and really start building,up your store now therefore it's,important that your store a looks,professional i see a lot of,unprofessional stores where just a look,and feel looks amateurish not,professional and obviously people will,not trust you with your credit card if,there's any kind of indication that,you're not a,legitimate business and you're not,trustworthy so a good layout a good,theme and proper artwork and good copy,good text is obviously necessary but,also you need to keep in mind that just,buying a theme does not mean that you,have a conversion optimized store so the,next big thing you need to invest in is,conversion rate optimization it doesn't,really help you if you start driving,traffic to a store and then for,technical or psychological reasons in,your store people bounce off and will,not buy from you so you're basically,getting traffic and you might pay for,traffic and then you're losing them on,the website and you want to make sure,that your store is conversion rate,optimist,optimized in the background obviously,there is a lot of tools running 24 7,that can be email marketing automation,for instance and therefore you want to,have a proper system like clavio that,supports you with automations with flows,that can be abundant card flows abundant,browse flows customer re-engagement,flows and so on and so forth,and they should bring people back to,your store in a perfect world scenario,it would create about 30 or more of your,monthly revenue only coming from email,marketing and sms text marketing so you,really need to focus on that this will,bring you a lot of money each month but,it needs to be done the right way,once you have these pillars this,foundation in place then you can look,into other parts of your business and,this can be more mid and long term,strategies like search engine,optimization,or you want to look into different ways,of paid advertising like facebook,advertising or google advertising,but all of this will only make sense,once you have the foundations in place,the basics in place and from there you,can build up a proper business on,shopify i see a lot of businesses every,day who are basically starting from the,wrong end and then they are surprised,that they are not making money with,their store so keep this in mind that's,exactly what i'm helping my clients with,if you want to learn more on how i help,my clients obviously feel free to reach,out other than that i see you in the,next quick tip episode of the ecommerce,coffee break have a great day,hey klaus here before you leave i have a,question for you are you a shopify store,owner and you're feeling stuck,overwhelmed and not sure what to do next,to grow your business do you struggle to,convert traffic into sales and turn,website visitors into buyers do you want,to have direct access to a mentor who,can assist you with your store your,strategy offer marketing sales and,anything else you might need in your,business then i would invite you to,apply for my get conversions program,where i show you how to remove the,guesswork out of growing your shopify,business and create clarity to optimize,your business for maximal growth and,profit this is a application only,program to apply go to,to learn more and finally please do not,forget to subscribe like and comment,it's a huge help and allows me to reach,more people with this channel thanks in,advance and until next time at the,ecommerce coffee break

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