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How To SELL On Instagram: Set Up An Instagram Shop In 15 Minutes or Less 130 million people are tapp

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How To SELL On Instagram: Set Up An Instagram Shop In 15 Minutes or Less

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How To SELL On Instagram: Set Up An Instagram Shop In 15 Minutes or Less

130 million people are tapping on an,instagram shopping post every month,so if you have an e-commerce business,being on instagram is just,non-negotiable,setting up shop on instagram is without,a doubt the right move when it comes to,making more sales for your business plus,over the last few years we've definitely,seen instagram make more of a move,towards online shopping so you don't,want to be that last business that's,late to the party and gets left behind,and that is why in today's video we are,going to talk about what an instagram,shop is,how to get it set up and how you can use,it to start making more sales for your,business so let's get it,but before we go any further let me,introduce myself my name is michelle and,i am a creative strategist and i am a,social media expert now if you are new,to this channel if you are new to learn,with shopify welcome,this is a channel where we give,entrepreneurs the knowledge that they,need either to start,run or grow a successful online business,so if you are an online entrepreneur,make sure that you're hitting that,subscribe button and if you want to,expand your ecommerce business if you,want to be your own boss and reach,financial freedom then this is the place,to be all right so without further ado,let's get into it,okay so first of all what is instagram,shopping so instagram shopping syncs all,of the products that you have on shopify,to your instagram account so that you,can easily create shoppable posts,it transforms posts and stories so that,customers can view and buy your products,right on instagram they can see which,products are being shown in a picture,using product tags like this here so you,would tag products in your posts in the,very same way that you would tag a,friend,this adds a little shopping bag icon to,your image,and then when users tap the photo they,can view the prices of the products,featured and tap the product labels to,view the product pages,and if we go back to the profile,customers can also view your entire,catalog with this button right up here,so this really does offer a smooth,shopping experience and you're basically,just bringing the look and feel of your,shopify store to instagram shops,so if a customer sees a product that,they like and they want to buy it,they are then redirected to your shopify,store and can make a purchase there,you can also use shopify to create track,and manage your ad campaigns and your,orders all in one,organized and centralized place so as,the merchant you can actually see that,the sale came from instagram,and that's really going to help you,understand how much traffic and how many,sales are actually coming from instagram,and finally having this you know set up,here it's just going to make things,easier for you to expand your audience,through instagram and facebook ads okay,so if you are eager to hop into the,tutorial part um you can definitely go,ahead i've time stamped everything so,that you can just you know get to that,specific part that you need to but i,think it's important to understand that,there are some serious key benefits of,building an instagram shop and probably,the most notable the most important,benefit is that it makes shopping easier,for customers,so if your customer is already spending,time on instagram you're not forcing,them to come to you and your site you're,actually coming to them by having your,products on instagram it's just easier,for them and we all know that an easy,shopping experience means more,conversions it means more sales and it,means more money in the bank for you,sherry lott founder and ceo of kids,clothing brand spearmint love said,when we launched the feature we,experienced a 25 increase in traffic and,an 8 increase in revenue attributable to,shopping on instagram so,the proof is in the pudding but without,further ado let's get into the actual,tutorial,so step one is to actually make sure,that you are eligible to actually create,the shop and use the feature now,unfortunately right now you cannot sell,services you actually have to be selling,physical goods and your business also,has to be located in a country that,supports instagram shopping also make,sure that you have the latest version of,instagram otherwise this feature is not,going to work so just to double check,make sure that you're seeing the cute,little shopping bags on the top corner,of your instagram posts and that's how,you'll know that you are on the latest,version that supports this feature also,i should mention that this particular,tutorial is going to be for all of you,guys that already have your shopify,store set up um you can also use a,different ecommerce platform set up and,in place so that's totally fine too now,if you don't have a shopify store set up,we actually offer a free 14-day trial no,credit card required which is quite nice,and you would just click the link in the,description box um i will leave it for,you there so that you can get started,all right let's do some general,housekeeping so first things first,you're gonna need to make sure that you,have a facebook business manager set up,now if you're not sure what this is you,don't have this set up yet it's super,easy all you have to do is go to,,and create an account it's really,straightforward but i will leave a link,in the description box for you guys on,how to set this up step by step in case,you do want it in more you know full,detail and then you're also going to,want to have a facebook business page,set up as well,okay so next you're going to want to,convert your instagram profile to a,professional account now this is really,only going to take a couple of seconds,and it's actually pretty useful because,now by doing this you're going to get,access to other business tools like the,ability to run ads so in the instagram,app you're going to want to open the,profile that's associated with your,business,then you'll tap the hamburger icon yes,that's actually called a hamburger icon,and then next you're going to tap,settings so after that you're going to,tap account then switch to professional,account,boom super easy,you're going to want to select a,category for your business once you're,here and then you're going to want to,confirm your contact details,after that you're going to want to,connect your facebook business page to,your instagram account so to do that go,to settings you're going to tap account,linked accounts,and link it to your facebook page so,super easy and then you're going to,choose the facebook page that represents,your shop of course but also make sure,that that is a page that is associated,with your business manager,okay so step number four is to sync your,ecommerce website to your instagram shop,now if you are with shopify you can,easily sync your entire product catalog,which is really nice because that means,you don't have to manually add in each,product,and it'll automatically sync your,inventory and track all of that so all,of that's automatic which is you know,less work for you so we're gonna go over,to our shopify dashboard,and right next to sales channel we'll,hit the plus icon,hit facebook,now head to the product manager in the,shopify dashboard,select your products,click make products available in the,drop-down menu and select instagram,super easy,okay so the next step which is not,really a step is you're just gonna have,to wait for your account to be approved,now this might take a few days but once,your instagram account has been approved,instagram is going to show you a little,notification and they're just going to,let you know that you can now start,tagging your products on instagram once,you receive the approval notification,all you need to do is confirm which,facebook shop you want to connect to,your instagram profile so in order to do,this tap get started on the notification,or you can head over to instagram's,business settings and tap shopping,then once you're here simply click the,facebook shop you want to use with your,instagram profile and that's it,okay amazing so now all of your products,are synced across instagram facebook,shops and your shopify store so that's,awesome and that is pretty much it,so now that you've got this all set up,instagram shopping is really going to,help you promote sales and it's going to,help encourage new customers to shop,with you do you ever wonder how you can,actually make money on instagram maybe,you're opening the app and you see you,know tons of brands and tons of,influencers making money well what you,can do is you can register using the,link in the description box i will leave,a link for you guys and that's going to,give you access to a free webinar that,will walk you through proven methods for,growing an instagram following from,scratch and it'll show you the variety,of ways that you can start to monetize,even if you have a thousand followers so,in just 45 minutes in this webinar,you're going to learn strategies to get,more engaged followers and how you can,use instagram to drive traffic and sales,to your store so i will leave that link,in the description box for you guys okay,question for you did you find that video,helpful if you did find it helpful make,sure that you're giving it a thumbs up,that's gonna let me know that you guys,are really liking this content it's,gonna obviously help this video it's,gonna help our channel and our community,so all around good things so if you do,give it a thumbs up that would be super,helpful and also make sure that if you,have any questions that you are leaving,it in the comments section that way um,if there's like a step that was,confusing to you we can you know work it,out in the comments,thank you guys so much for watching make,sure that you're subscribed if you,haven't been subscribed already um if,you are an online entrepreneur if you're,looking to start run grow your online,business this is the place to be so make,sure that you're hitting subscribe,and i will see you in the next one bye,you

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