how to connect shipstation to shopify

Shopify and ShipStation integration 🛒 Send new Shopify orders to ShipStation in this day and age you

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Shopify and ShipStation integration 🛒 Send new Shopify orders to ShipStation

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Shopify and ShipStation integration 🛒 Send new Shopify orders to ShipStation

in this day and age your customers are,always looking for fast shipping so you,probably shouldn't be wasting precious,time manually copying the information of,every order you get on your online store,- your shipping software there has to be,a better way well now there is and you,can let automate IO do that work for you,automate a o is a simple tool to connect,your favorite web apps and automate your,tedious manual work so that you can,spend your time working on the things,that matter to you - bien visit this,page click on this use case box and then,click the get started button you will,next see the Add Account screen here you,will connect your ship station and,Shopify accounts to automate dot IO so,go ahead and enter those account,credentials,we always keep your data secure with,Bank level encryption all right our apps,are connected now let's build this,automation also call the bots first,let's focus on Shopify this is our,trigger app which starts our bot this,bot triggers every time there is a new,order in your Shopify store by the way,Shopify has a lot more triggers right,here that can come in handy for the use,cases so be sure to check those out now,let's move to shipstation,it's the action after performs our,desired action in this case we want to,create an order in ship station for,every new Shopify order that comes in,and just like Shopify there are a lot,more other actions down here that can,come in handy for the use cases so make,sure you look at these also and as you,can see this template comes standard,with fields like order info and billing,and shipping details already mapped for,you,you can't override them and make any,changes you want for example you can,even map more details to your ship,station contact by taking the help of,these additional fields so let's go,ahead and finish the rest of the mapping,now,we've now set up our bottle let's click,Next and I'll show you how you can test,it out now come back to your automated,dashboard,all right looks good let's go check out,our shipstation account and there you go,your bot will now run in the background,and do all this work for you you don't,have to manually do it anymore,so if you'd like to try out this bot,click on the link in the description to,get started quickly and don't forget,we're available twenty four five on our,in-app chat or you can email us directly,at help at automate go and don't forget,to subscribe to us

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