how to close a shopify store

Why I Closed My Shopify Store | Why I Quit Shopify so imagine you start your own shopify,store you j

Byron D Allen

Updated on Jan 06,2023

Why I Closed My Shopify Store | Why I Quit Shopify

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Why I Closed My Shopify Store | Why I Quit Shopify

so imagine you start your own shopify,store you just open it you assign it,you're ready to go you got so many plans,and so as you start adding more of what,your website needs you see that your,bill starts getting higher and higher,and higher until the point to where you,just say this is not worth it,yeah that was me,so this all started last summer what i,was doing i was looking to expand from,etsy by building my own store and so,what i did i set out to hire one virtual,assistant but i ended up hiring three,now mind you i had already been selling,on etsy for a couple of years so i had,an entire system built out so all i had,to do was teach them the system the way,that i do it and then we will be able to,create tons of listings and so that,worked out great we actually made a ton,of listings and a ton of different,designs for the etsy store but as i was,saying i wanted to expand out with my,own website and i chose shopify now a,little back story the first website that,i ever built was back in 2013 2014,i built that first website on a,wordpress platform the platform is great,but this time around i figured okay,let's do shopify since it's so much,simpler but the thing is,you pay for the simplicity so the first,issue came when i went to add three of,my virtual assistants to the account i,guess i overlooked it because with the,basic plan of shopify you could have two,staff members but when you are looking,to add three you have to bump up your,plan to the 79,plan so i said you know what forget it,let's go we gonna make this work so,after we were finished making listings,for etsy we would also add them to our,shopify website as well now mind you i,already had over a thousand listings,before we even started this project so,we had to add the existing listings as,well so as we are hammering down on this,website i mean knocking list this out,after listing after listing out i'm also,working on how the website functions and,how it looks i'm making sure that,there's a good review program for,customers to do photo reviews i'm making,sure that we got a solid email system to,where we can keep in touch with our,customers i'm making sure that we got,our google merchant account connected so,that we can promote on google i'm doing,so many things to make sure that our,website is top notch because i'm not,doing this just for the look these are,things that increase sales and so as i'm,adding more and more plugins to get this,thing to where it needs to be,i've noticed that no plugins are,actually free on the shopify platform,and so a little bit by little bit the,bill is getting higher and higher and,higher until i just decided that whoa,this,is not the route that i think i want to,go because for me i have multiple stores,on the marketplaces that i would like to,go ahead and build out the website's,forum and i just realized that i don't,want to have to build out a shopify,store for each one of them and i would,rather go back to wordpress because even,though wordpress is a little more,technical you have a ton of free plugins,and not only that i can add as many,users as i want to,at no extra cost so if i ever have a,website that i need to put on the,sideline i'm not constantly getting hit,with fees month after month and so yeah,i decided to close down the store and,move on what happened to me happens to a,lot of people especially new people,that's just getting into the t-shirt,business so a lot of the times you'll,watch videos and everybody is suggesting,to start with shopify now the reason why,shopify gets mentioned a lot is because,they have a great affiliate program so,when people are suggesting for you to,start with shopify they are looking for,you to use their links so that they can,get a kickback from you joining through,their link now there is absolutely,nothing wrong with that because shopify,is actually a good platform if it's what,you're looking for and as i said new,people tend to just start a store,without any marketing skills without,knowing how to drive traffic to their,store most people think that they could,just put up the store and people are,going to come or they they can just go,by word of mouth for the life of the,store and it just doesn't work that way,that's why i suggest before you start a,shopify store what you want to do you,want to start an account on a,marketplace such as amazon or etsy or,even ebay dip your feet in and get your,feet wet and start getting sales through,those marketplaces first before you look,to build your own website now if you do,want to build your own website i would,suggest to use wordpress and i suggest,that because the plugins are much,cheaper and not just the plugins but the,website themes themselves are much much,more affordable and that is because,shopify charges the developers that,develop apps and themes on the platform,they charge them,a fee for each sale that they make that,is not the same when it comes to,wordpress and so that's a big reason why,the prices are much lower when it comes,to wordpress but as i said if you're,looking to start start on a marketplace,a marketplace has people already coming,looking to purchase things a lot of the,times you're gonna hear people say oh,but market this marketplace is saturated,and that marketplace is saturated so,what is saturated for a reason it's,because people are looking to buy there,and so what you have to keep in mind is,that most people that start a store on,the marketplace do the bare minimum to,get a sale and that is what makes it so,easy to stand out on these marketplaces,most people don't put enough effort into,their store to actually get sales that's,why if you want to learn my seven-step,product creation process make sure that,you click the link below and get the,course the second takeaway from this is,not having enough focus,i'm guilty as charged this happens with,me,a lot but i am getting better and so,when you are looking to get started what,you want to do you want to focus on that,one project don't don't do multiple,projects,focus on that one project first you're,gonna hear many people say hey you need,multiple streams of income you need to,make money from multiple places and,that's true i'm not against that at all,but what i am saying is get your one,stream of income right first before you,move on to the next one i've learned,this the hard way throughout the years,of working on multiple projects i'm,constantly having thoughts and new ideas,that run through my head rapidly and i,just want to act to all of them but i,learned that what i need to do is to,focus on one thing at a time and there,was a book that i read that helped me,with this is called the one thing this,book helped to change,my perception of what i need to be doing,and how i need to be going about it this,book has helped me stay focused so well,i highly suggest that book if you are a,person that struggles and have a lot of,ideas and you want to do a lot of things,i would suggest that you read this book,and it will help you to figure out what,is the most important thing that you,should be working on right now and then,the last thing you want to take away,from this is that if you are looking to,expand like let's say you start on the,marketplace and you would like to expand,out to your own website to where you're,building your own brand and social media,presence i would say to choose one niche,to start in instead of doing multiple,niches within one store i say that,because it will make it much more easier,for you to scale,down the road this is because if you are,in one niche it will be much easier to,find your ideal customers all over the,internet it'll be easier to find where,they are congregating it what facebook,groups they're a part of what youtube,channels they watch what websites they,hang out on it will be much easier to,find your target market now imagine you,have 20 different niches who are you,going to target,who are you going to target and then,when you do target somebody and they,come to the website and they start,looking around they see that it's a lot,of stuff on the website that they're not,even interested in that's why i say,that starting with one niche is much,more easier when you're looking to scale,this journey is a journey where you're,always going to be trying new things and,you're always going to be learning new,things and that is what helps you grow,on this journey something that most,people would deem as a failure is not a,failure it's a learning lesson and as,you get more and more learning lessons,you get better within your business so,whatever you do,don't quit keep going and keep learning,now

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