how to change price on shopify

How to Change The Price of your Products on Shopify - E-commerce Tutorials hello everyone here we ar

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to Change The Price of your Products on Shopify - E-commerce Tutorials

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How to Change The Price of your Products on Shopify - E-commerce Tutorials

hello everyone here we are again for,another session of sellers choice,tutorials in this tutorial we will learn,how to change the price of your products,on Shopify in Shopify changing the price,of your product is pretty easy but then,there are a lot of things that you need,to consider in pricing your product if,you ask people to pay too much for your,product or service and they will stop by,ask too little and your profit margin,slice or customer assume that your,product is poor quality an optimum price,factors in all your cost and maximizes,your margins while remaining active to,customers there are three main things,that you need to consider first is,knowing the market you need to know how,much your competitor charge and how much,customers are willing to pay second is,to choose the best pricing technique you,need to decide which approach is most,suitable for your products or service,before making a calculation the last one,is to work out your cost calculate your,cost first and if possible if you can,lower it down then do it once you have,everything figured out then let us walk,you through and changing the price of,your products on Shopify so let's get,started don't forget to hit the,subscribe button we need to do first is,to access to the Shopify admin log into,your Shopify account at once,you're in click the products section on,the left to view all your products look,for the product that you wanted to,reprise and select it just click on the,product name,on the product detail page scroll down,to the pricing section set up the price,the price is the actual price of the,product and it's optional but,recommended to set up a compare price,when you set a compare price the product,listing updates on your online store to,show that the item is on sale the value,and compare at a price must be higher,than the value in price to show a sale,price once you're done setting up your,price click the Save button located on,the top right to save your changes you,should see a prompt at the bottom saying,that the product changes were already,saved when you visit the item in your,online store you should see that the,item is listed on sale the higher price,which is the compare at price has a,strikethrough and beside it is the,actual price which is what you set up,earlier so that's it let's have you,change your product prices on Shopify,just so you know that we have a lot of,tutorials and webinars on bits of advice,on how to run and the applicable,techniques for your e-commerce business,you can always visit our site at sellers,choice dot digital and browse through a,huge compilations of webinars tutorials,and blogs and don't forget to hit the,subscribe button to stay tuned see you,soon

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