how to change facebook permissions on shopify

Users and Permissions settings in Shopify hello everyone welcome to educate,e-commerce youtube chann

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Updated on Mar 19,2023

Users and Permissions settings in Shopify

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Users and Permissions settings in Shopify

hello everyone welcome to educate,e-commerce youtube channel so in today's,video i will talk about uses and,permissions in shopify,so before the video begins please don't,forget to like our content which we,upload daily in our youtube channel and,please subscribe to our channel oh yeah,let's begin our today's video,if you uh first if you go to your,dashboard,go to the settings on the left hand,corner,and in here click on uses and,permissions,click on it and you can see the uh,permission,section here right,so you can see the owner store owner,so you don't have to change this because,you are the,store owner here,it contain all the information your,credit card information all that,contains in here right,so if you want to transfer your,ownership to others or if you want to,give all your control to other just,click on this transfer ownership and,just fill all this detail so in here you,can see,if you,transfer your ownership,they will be able to remove your store,and change your permissions,they will be able to view or edit your,credit card and banking information they,can post or close the store also right,so they have full control over your,store so,so yeah that's uh store owner section,and below that you can see stuff,in here 0 out of 15 you can add up to 15,staff members in here,so if you click on in here uh you can,see,your staff section right so just add any,staff name like,three tune under,something like this let's say this is uh,one of your stuff and,you will be able to give them uh,your,staff permission to the specific options,right so you you can give the home a or,orders draft orders product so like if i,click on products uh the staff will uh,have the,control over the product section right,so they can,do the product,import export if you click on this they,will be,given permission to export product and,inventory they will be able to access,the gift card so you can give a,option in usually,specific uh permission can be given and,you can also give the app app and,channel permission,to your,stuff right so if you select all this,just click on send invite so that will,be given to them right,after that you can see the collaborators,uh this will be for the developers,and designers or marketers,for if they have to work on your website,or store they will have to send a,request to do their work right so for,that you can choose any of this anyone,can send a collaborator or only people,who with a collaborator request code can,send a request so you can choose any of,this right below that you can see login,services allows stuff to use external,service to log into shopify,uh,i wouldn't recommend doing this because,i don't want any other external service,to login to my store so i will leave,like this,so yeah that's all in the users and,permission section in shopify i hope,this video was helpful for you guys and,again don't forget to leave like,and subscribe our channel that's it for,today's video i will see you guys in the,next one bye

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