how to change coming soon page on shopify

How To Build A Coming Soon Page Before You Launch hello it's christian here and today,we're going to


Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Build A Coming Soon Page Before You Launch

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How To Build A Coming Soon Page Before You Launch

hello it's christian here and today,we're going to create a coming soon page,that gathers traction and starts your,marketing while you prepare for your,launch let's get started,let's start off by saying that,a coming soon page it's not necessary,for every business but it could serve as,a temporary destination to get ahead on,your marketing building your email list,or even some getting some early feedback,from your customers,so let's get started with what elements,need to be on the coming soon page,firstly you need to explain what it is,that's coming soon so,talk about your products maybe talk,about a little about the company talk,about yourself and then you also need to,let them know when,right it's important to give them a,concrete timeline by you could,potentially even add a countdown timer,bar there's tons of apps on the shopify,app store where you can add a countdown,timer bar set up your day and that,potentially could even give you or push,you right to to push that finish line,and actually finish the website and,launch your site on time,we did that when we launched bit,branding and i think we moved it like,six times,do you remember that,we had put a uh,a timeline and then we ended up like oh,nope it's not not ready yet let's move,it it wasn't an e-commerce store but it,was still our website,um now if you're driving people to this,page you'll want to start capturing,their email address um you could offer,incentives like early bird pricing or,explicit discounts etc,and you might also want to consider,doing an exit intent pop-up if you,really want to start collecting those,email addresses,we actually made a video on how you can,make these exit internet pop-ups with,sumo and you can check out that video,right here,now before we move on i just want to say,welcome to everyone new my name is,grisham pinyon one of the co-founders,here at bebrany we're an e-commerce,growth agency specializing in helping,apparel and clothing brands grow and,skill profitably online,the one way that you can support our,channel by hitting that subscribe button,and turning on notifications,all right so what other elements need to,be on your coming soon page um you need,to include a line of communication right,through email or social media or even,doing a live chat app through shopify,inbox which we also made a video you can,check out right here,so adding that line of communication,could help you potentially gather some,feedback from your customers or if they,have any questions about your products,or,when are you really going to launch wink,then they can actually communicate with,you like i said it could be through,social media email or even having a chat,live chat right there on your site,lastly you want to provide an easy way,for people to spread the word by,including some social media sharing,buttons typically the coming soon page,include this and it's pretty easy to do,now there are two ways where you can,create this coming soon page and i'm,going to show you both of them right now,one of them is pretty easy the other one,maybe a little bit more involved but it,also allows you to,maybe put more stuff,let's go check it out all right so now,that we're logged into our store what we,want to do is use the,password page as our coming soon page,right so typically if you're building,your store and you have everything set,up correctly and maybe you have your,domain even already set up but you're,not ready to necessarily launch then,creating that checking mark in that,password protection page will allow you,to have sort of a splash page where you,can add some information,so in order to do that you want to go to,online store,preferences,and then in here we're going to password,protect this store for a little bit um,we're going to click on enable password,i'm going to say or change that to,youtube baby,save,now let me click on,preview in the store,and there we have it it just says total,denies kid opening soon and you have to,basically,enter the store by using a password now,right away,this particular theme that we're using,here it includes the sign up form so we,already have a way for them to,to sign up or,input their email address essentially,but although we don't have any,any background to that it's just an,email address in there there's no,sentences or nothing that explains what,it is and it also has already the social,sharing icon so they can actually share,this,on facebook and instagram,now let's go back to our store here let,me see if i have the,the yeah the dawn theme i do want to see,how,this particular,theme the dawn theme which we've talked,about in some of our previous videos or,recent videos,how they handle that password protection,page so we're going to click on,customize,and then in here we can click on this,drop down,and,let's see,maybe under others yeah so we have the,password,okay so this one's pretty simple,compared to the one that we currently,have which by the way this theme is,i believe this is turbo from yeah turbo,from out of the same box yeah,just in case you were wondering what,that theme was now this one the dawn is,one of the new online store 2.0 free,themes that shopify offers so the reason,why i wanted to use this one is because,it's going to be super super easy to add,some time uh add some blocks to,to this particular store and sections as,well so opening soon be the first to,know about new collections and exclusive,offers so you see this has a little bit,more context to,for them to,put in their email address in here now,let's see if we add a section,show more,awesome so yeah if you were to for,example explain um what this,uh,store is all about maybe you want to,have a quick video right a video that,showcases um,what you're all about maybe the products,that you're going to be uh showcasing,that opening soon let's see if we can,move that actually,okay so we can't move it within there,but we can add another section and,show more,we can do a rich text one,yeah and then we can move this to the,very very top so that one is actually be,will be the one that says coming soon,you can put a little information there,you don't necessarily have to have that,button in here you can actually get rid,of that,but yeah this is how to very easily,create this this page and actually add,more content to this password protection,page so you don't have to just leave it,as it is the default the default it's,fine but you can also include more,information within this page almost make,it like a landing page a small landing,page where you can include information,about your store you include a video,you could potentially even include,products where they won't be able to,check out or anything but they'll be,able to see a few products or maybe a,gallery,of different things,regarding your store,like i said we do want to offer the,ability for them to,input their email address so they can,get potentially early pricing or,exclusive offers etc,and then once you are ready to launch,all you have to do with this process is,uncheck the password protection page and,they'll be able to just go in to your,your homepage essentially,so again this is a great easy way to do,that now,the second way which may be a little bit,more involved,is i'm going to exit out of,here page,is to go to your themes,and then in here just like we have all,these other themes down here,what we can do is i'm going to click on,this don one and i'm going to duplicate,it,and this is going to duplicate that,theme,now that we've duplicated this theme,we're going to i'm actually going to,click on rename so i know exactly which,one this is instead of just saying copy,of i'm gonna say dawn and then put,coming,soon,i'm gonna rename that,perfect now in this theme,what we'll do is we can customize this,theme we can basically build our home,page we can potentially even have some,products in there,obviously the the way that this will,work is we are going back to preferences,i'm going to uncheck mark the password,protection so we won't have that page,anymore but what we will have is,this theme,that has all the information that we,need to display on this website,without,the ability for them to purchase or to,do anything like that,but this will allow us to basically,include all and every type of,information and truly treat it as a,landing page or even multiple pages so,if you want to showcase the about page,or the faq page or all this stuff you,can do so by just having this dedicated,coming soon,duplicate version of your theme right so,in this case,we can just click on customize and work,through all the things that we want to,add to that store and once we're ready,to publish this coming soon we just hit,on that publish button and this will,basically jump up to the very top and it,will be the live theme that we use for,it for this particular store so for,example if we click on customize and i,just want to showcase,here what what i'm talking about,what we want to do is basically include,the home page,like i said potentially include the,about page potentially include an faq a,contact page so you can include these,pages what we don't want to showcase,necessarily is the product pages or the,collections,so the way to do that is by clicking on,the header,and then on your navigation what you,want to do for this particular store is,create navigation specific for this,store so we can,change this menu and click on edit menu,and then,click back on,so i'm going to create a new menu,and this will be my,coming soon oops,coming soon menu,and then i'm going to add the home page,page,and,i believe we have an about page already,set up this so,let's look at pages,yeah about,add,and then lastly let's just add a contact,page,okay i'm going to save that menu,and by doing that,now that we go back to this,the theme editor we can change this,change the menu,and it doesn't show so let me refresh,this page,and we're back so after refreshing the,page six times,the menu appears so it's called the,coming soon menu,like we had named it we can select that,and we can see at the very top here has,home about and contact just what we,wanted,and like i said it's just about,manipulating that that menu so that they,can necessarily access your product but,in this home page and the about and the,contact you can talk about your products,you can insert galleries you can insert,all the sections that you want to talk,about your product treat it as a landing,page make sure that you include a,email collection tool,we talked about potentially doing live,chat and all these things so have at it,super simple,to do either one really it's really not,super complicated obviously this one's,more involved because you have to sort,of design your whole store right there,versus just creating that one page with,the password protection page,hopefully you enjoyed this video if you,have any questions about this process or,how to add more things or whatever it,doesn't matter leave those comments down,below and we'll make sure to help you if,you like this video make sure to hit,like that button hit that like button,hit the like button,subscribe,turn on notifications,we love you see you next time,bye,you

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