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How to buy a custom Shopify domain || Shopify Help Center You can make your store's website and bran

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to buy a custom Shopify domain || Shopify Help Center

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How to buy a custom Shopify domain || Shopify Help Center

You can make your store's website and brand easy to remember by purchasing a custom domain,from Shopify.,When customers visit your online store, they see your store domain in the browser address,bar.,Hey there!,___ here from Shopify.,Today we’re going to learn what a domains is and how to purchase a custom domain from,Shopify.,A domain is the URL or website address that customers see when they visit your online,store.,Every Shopify store comes with a free default domain.,Your default domain is your,For example, our store's default domain is,If we want a custom domain, such as, then we can purchase it and add it to our,online store.,Customers often view custom domains as a sign of business legitimacy.,This helps build trust between customers and your brand.,You can buy a custom domain directly from your Shopify admin, and you will continue,to be able to manage it even if you decide to leave Shopify in the future.,If you already have a custom domain from a third-party provider, then follow the help,center guide in the video description below to connect it to your Shopify store.,To buy a domain from Shopify, start from your Shopify admin and click "settings".,Click "Domains", then click "Buy new domain".,In the text field, enter the domain name that you want to buy.,You will see a list of available domain extensions and their prices.,An extension is the text you find at the end of a web address.,The price of your domain depends on the type of extension you buy.,To view even more extension options, click "Show next 10" at the bottom of the list.,After you choose an extension, click "Buy" next to the domain that you want to purchase.,If you see any banner listing an error, follow the prompts and correct the issue before finalizing,your domain purchase.,If you haven't entered your payment details, then you will prompted to enter them in order,to complete the purchase.,After you add payment details, you're directed to the domain summary page to review the details.,By default, the account owner's information is used to purchase and renew domains.,Make sure to review your personal information for any errors.,Emails about the maintenance and ownership of the domain are sent to this email, so make,sure it's correct.,If you want your domain to be automatically renewed, then keep the "Auto-renew this domain,every year" box checked.,Otherwise, uncheck the box and you'll be sent a reminder email when your domain is about,to expire.,You can update your "auto-renew" preferences at any time.,Some domains also include "WHOIS" Privacy, if your domain extention provides this, then,you see a notice mentioning this.,For more information on "WHOIS" Privacy, check out the link in the description below.,Next, read the different domain registration agreements.,Be aware that domain purchases are non-refundable.,When you're ready, click "Buy domain".,On the next page, you see details and settings for your new domain.,Follow the steps included in the verification email to finish registering your domain.,After you verify your domain registration, no further action is needed on your part.,When you buy a domain through Shopify, your domain is automatically set up for you.,It's important to note that it can take up to 48 hours for your new domain to fully connect,to your online store and be visible to customers.,If you still have questions, you can review the resources in the description below, or,contact the Shopify Support team directly.,Thank you for watching!

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