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Updated on Jan 22,2023


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so when you guys do get disputes,depending on what it's done from so if,it's done through paypal it's a,different process if the customer,actually called their bank and that,order was fulfilled through shopify so i,wanted to put y'all on some apps that,are really,really life-changing for your store,in this department in terms of,chargebacks disputes and things like,that if you want to block an ip address,which i recommend people will order from,your website and then file a chargeback,go place another order under a different,email and do the same thing but nah,no you can't,no you won't,block,blocks,all right they're asking for the queen,i'm a baptist,stupid,what is up boss babes welcome back to,another video if you are new here my,name is jess anya the x is silent and,anya is pronounced like kanye without,the k,today we are going to be talking about,something we all be dealing with honey,is such a headache it never gets old you,will never get used to it it's going to,always feel the same way and those are,scammers in chargebacks and frauds and,people who order from your website call,a bank and tell them that they did not,do it and i'm here to tell you how to,actually protect your business from,those people so i'm going to be talking,about shopify you know i always talk,about shopify here on this channel and,if you don't know now you know and some,of the preventative measures that you,can actually put in place for your store,it takes a lot off your plate if you,implement what i'm about to tell y'all,okay so let's go ahead and dive into it,so first things first let's talk about,you just a little bit okay very,important that y'all have a reasonable,and,posted,refund policy not offering people,refunds and no exchanges is for one is,bad business it looks very,unprofessional but it also makes people,want to just call their banks to dispute,is they have a problem with their order,so i absolutely get it some businesses,hey that's just a policy so for example,if you're selling digital products or,made to order products i 100 get it,no refunds but,if you selling something that you know,you can refund people if it's not right,that's exactly what you should do you,want to have a reasonable policy so,that's first and foremost which brings,me to my next point is to overdo the,information with your faqs y'all if,you've been in business for a while,you've learned that people do not read,okay so you cannot just have it in one,place in one place only that is not good,enough you have to continue to put it in,their face hey this is our policy our,policy our policy so you want to have,your faq page you may even have a faq,widget on your site you want to have it,at your checkout you want to have it in,the order confirmation emails,consistently put it in their face,because this is going to help you in the,long run if they so choose to open a,dispute for that order another thing i,see a lot of businesses do,way too often is leave their product,description empty which is a huge red,flag and on top of that that's a great,opportunity for you to get a lot more,detail about your product because let's,say for example you're selling clothes,and somebody orders something and it,doesn't fit but you didn't have a size,chart you didn't show what size the,model was wearing in the description you,didn't add if it was stretchy or not in,the description so it's very important,for y'all to be as detailed as possible,of what that actual product is about use,copy to sell that is what the product,descriptions are for to describe the,product don't leave it empty y'all,don't leave it empty so this is another,reason why people may buy something and,then when they get it is not what they,were expecting because you weren't,descriptive enough so as you all may,already know shopify has a built-in,feature with the website if someone is a,medium risk order or high risk fraud,order which is a great free tool to use,and don't ignore it,do not ignore it y'all if you see an,order come through with that big old red,high risk do not fulfill that order do,not ship that order what you want to do,is reach out to that customer requesting,a little bit more info or hey maybe just,cancel the order if you got a lot of,orders you don't even feel like dealing,with it your prerogative but what i,recommend is just reaching out to that,customer like hey we're going to need a,little bit more information from you to,go ahead and process your order could,you please confirm the billing address,in the last four of the card used for,this order and if they do that then you,can move forward if they don't then just,go ahead and cancel it don't worry about,it and i would even go ahead and block,that person from purchasing ever again,and i'm going to talk to y'all a little,bit more about that in the video so i,wanted to put y'all on some apps that,are really,really life-changing for your store,in this department in terms of charge,bags disputes and things like that so,the first app you're going to want to,have to download i've talked about this,app in the past and it's terms and,conditions so this app allows you to,require,your customers to read and confirm your,terms and conditions before they can,continue to check out now this is so,dope because the app will actually allow,you to go back in to see,when they selected it the date and the,time so they can be like oh well i,didn't see that i didn't read that well,we got you right here ms tina we got you,right here,fine friend you agreed to these terms on,this day at this time,okay,and this is just additional proof so,when you guys do get disputes depending,on what it's done from so if it's done,through paypal it's a different process,if the customer actually called their,bank and that order was fulfilled,through shopify shopify disputes are by,far my least favorite 100,because i already have a huge rapport,with paypal from doing business with,them for like eight years with the same,account so i have paypal seller,protection so anytime somebody disputes,something to paypal paypal automatically,is granting it to me like i don't have,to really do anything but shopify,honey it's a process and it can take up,to a month and a half and they directly,take the money out of your account until,the decision has been made whether it's,going to be in the customer's favor or,your favor so it's definitely my,absolute least favorite so you want to,make sure you're going above and beyond,to get the minimum amount of disputes as,possible on your shopify store okay side,note y'all if you need help building,your shopify store,building a actual profitable,shopify store that people will trust to,shop with you i have a master class on,it you can check the description,there's also a code in the description,that you can enter for money off your,order,you're welcome the next app i want y'all,to check out is this app called no fraud,so this app no fraud actually uses ai,technology that's a little bit more,advanced in this department than the,regular infrastructure that shopify uses,to actually vent through customers and,if an order is high risk they're going,to let you know you can also set it up,to cancel the order automatically on top,of that,my favorite feature from this app is,they will reimburse you,for all charge backs that's how much,they believe in their technology if they,don't catch a potential fraud,order and it goes through anyway and,somebody literally files a charge back,they're going to give you 100,reimbursement i do recommend adding a,tracking app to your site as well just,so customers can stay updated and track,their orders automatically you don't,want to have to go through them emailing,back and forth hey where's my order hey,what's the update hey have it shipped,no if you have a tracking app on your,site that can put their mind at ease,even more so all they have to do is,enter their information and they can see,exactly what's going on in real time and,last but certainly not least y'all it's,an app called blocky which is by far the,best the best invention ever y'all which,will allow you to block people from,purchasing again if they do file a,chargeback so you can choose what type,of block feature that you actually want,to go with if you want to block an,entire country or if you want to block,an ip address which i recommend people,will order from your website and then,file a charge back go place another,order under a different email and do the,same thing but nah,no you can't,no you won't,block,blocks baby blocks okay,they will block their ip address so no,matter what new email they use if,they're using the same device aka their,phone or their laptop,the order will not go through and i know,y'all love me,i know y'all loved me before this video,but i know y'all love me a little bit,more now so if i can get some red hearts,in the comments show the love shuttle,love y'all but that's all i got and i'm,telling you just these small small,things that you can implement into your,store to protect yourself will make a,huge difference and save you a ton of,money like disputes and chargeback it is,not a matter of if they're going to,happen it's a matter of when they do,are you prepared,and now y'all prepared so i love you all,so much i will see you in my next video,be sure to check out the description for,some in-depth classes if y'all need just,a little bit more direction with your,business check me out and i'll see y'all,in my next video

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