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Best Shopify Fulfilment Method for Dropshipping – 100% AUTOMATIC Fulfilment some say drop shipping i

Andrew Ethan Zeng

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Best Shopify Fulfilment Method for Dropshipping – 100% AUTOMATIC Fulfilment

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Best Shopify Fulfilment Method for Dropshipping – 100% AUTOMATIC Fulfilment

some say drop shipping is not truly passive and really you're still trading,your time for money with the amount of time you need to invest to fulfill,orders and run your store but in reality the truth is you haven't set up your,store efficiently so in this video I'm going to show you my fulfillment process,and how you can implement this fulfillment process that I'm talking,about to truly create a passive income source through drop shipping so let's go,once again welcome back to my Shopify test store. I'm gonna show you how to set up,Oberlo first which semi automates the process of drop shipping but for those,who are experienced in this already I'm going to show you how to completely,automate the Oh blow process so stick towards the end of this video and I'll,show you exactly how to do that but first off let's go ahead and stick with,the basics for now go into the app store of Shopify and I will show you how to do,this step by step so once the test the app store has loaded and go ahead and,type in Oh blow I actually want you to download Oh blow in a few places not,just the up to the shop flight app store and I'll tell you why in a second hit,jet and go ahead and download that by the way I am using a new microphone so,if you're enjoying this audio quality and you think it's much better please,let me know down in the comments section below,so let's go ahead and click install app what this will do is obviously install,Oh blow which will allow you to automatically fulfill or I should also,say semi automatically fulfill products so once that has downloaded your setup,with this custom URL here where you get to essentially see all the products that,pull in through Aliexpress and on top of that you get to fulfill products in this,page too so this is an offset to your Shopify store obviously something to,refresh that and Oh blow should come up now but,this is your Shopify back-end when I first started I got this confused with,the Oh blow back-end which is different this is its own website in itself and,this is where you'll manage the the pulling of the products into your store,so think about it like it's it's basically the middleman,it's the middleman between Aliexpress and your Shopify store so now that,you've got this set up on the backend of your store you also want to go into your,chrome webstore and by the way if you're using Firefox and Safari this should,also still work but for this sake of this example I'm going to use a chrome,store so type in Oh blow now the reason you want to have this as an add-on as an,app on top of the store as well is because it will it has a lot of nifty,features when you're browsing Aliexpress and I'll show you what I mean in a,second so go ahead and click it add it and this is Chloe already been added to,my Chrome browser but if you haven't installed this already go ahead and add,that to Chrome so as you can see when you're browsing Aliexpress there's a,whole bunch of awesome add-ons and buttons and details that you'll find,with this plug-in so I'm gonna quickly show you what I mean through these,images here but when you're on a product page it'll look a little bit different,now I will show you a few things like having a packet you can automatically,pull these products into your store and that's the amazing thing about Oh blow,and you can sure you can browse through a bunch of different filters that are on,top of the typical filters of Aliexpress so it's really really nifty and like I,said in my previous video I personally like overload the most out of other,alternatives such as a lead rope ship simply because it's so easy to use and,is very user and to ative so now that we have both the Aliexpress Oh blow Google,Chrome feature on and we have the back end of the store set up with Oh blow I,want to show you how to I'll go through the process or an,example of how to automate the exact fulfillment of your products okay so I'm,gonna head onto Aliexpress and I'll show you right here let's go ahead and type,in something random like drones no I do not sell drones if you're wondering but,you know when you typically browse Aliexpress this is how it looks like,well if you give it a second to load it will load there we go it will load the,Oh blow overlay onto the products which is very very extremely useful and as you,can see here it shows you that certain products have a packet some some don't,and the it will also show the pricing for a packet ship shipment so let's go,ahead and I'll show you you can easily pull in the product - Oh blow and it's,as simple as that really you just click this tag here and it will import,directly into or below now all you need to do in is obviously rather than it's,not as simple as pulling it in and then pushing it to your store it's not what,you technically can do that but I don't recommend you do that because obviously,for example if you push this into a store you'll get you know annoying logos,here you'll get a pretty bad description you'll get this all poured into your,store and now that's not what you want you want to make sure and I see heaps,I see heaps of stores that have default and you know Oh below pull in,descriptions and it's just it's pretty terrible and this stuff's not gonna sell,it looks pretty dodgy so what you want to do is when you pull it into Oh below,I'll give you I'll show you right now actually as you can see here I pulled it,in directly from Aliexpress and it comes up like so and this is much much easier,than obviously going into your Shopify store and creating a product and I'll,show you what I mean so if I go into a shop fly and click products you don't,want to add a product it's gonna take ages this is gonna be so painful if,you're adding 50 products and you've got to type in like,x-drone the entire description and then you've got to add the images you get at,the pricing on top of that you've got to add a bunch of other elements that all,of this including potential weight and whatnot in the variants that's gonna,take you so much time for a single product and that's why I like Oh blow,that's why I like automating the process because it is as simple as browsing,Aliexpress and pulling in products directly to your store but like I said,you need to make sure that you're customizing the titles the description,images etc so go pull in automatically the title itself so you want to change,this to something nifty like drone X add it to a collection if you've got a,collection and then tags are optional but it just cleans up the entire process,if you like it to and that way you can allow it to pull into different,collections automatically as well so go ahead and change the description to this,is where you'll place custom description of some sort you can,also add images which is really useful as you can tell from this button here,and a whole bunch of hyperlinks so you can internally hyperlink it into,different products on your store as well that's really useful pro tip and now the,variant is also very very important to change you know things like ships from,China and United States you know you don't really need that so you just want,to you know tick tick one so depending on where you selling it to so let's just,say for example you sell it to the United States you want to go with the,u.s. option and then you can change the price automatically from here which is,awesome as well and usually there's more options or more variants that's where,you want to clean it all up and remove any redundant information from here and,set the prices here as well so you can change your prices if there's like 10,variants you can just set it to a new value that makes it really simple and,finally the images now sometimes like really stupid images are ticked like,these bars here or things that just aren't relevant but from what I can see,this is pretty normal so again what you want to do is remove that logo and then,manually import images that's my recommendation,so as you can see here these are more relevant than you know you don't you,want your products the right labeled so you'd remove this image and click all,these images for example and that will just clean up your store so much more,and it'll look like a legitimate store rather than like a broken store with,like random logos and brands everywhere and like bad descriptions so that's how,essentially how you set up your store with Oh blow ok now time to get into the,juicy stuff when you start to receive orders this is where the fun begins and,I'm gonna show you one of my stores and how to fulfill products I'll quickly go,over it ok so you're gonna go ahead and hit by now and as you can see this is,very very painful every single time you receive an order you're gonna have to,manually input your email address their their contact name their street address,etc and then on top of that when you head to the next step you need to input,the custom message the type of tracking and shipment that you want to go with,this gets really complicated as you can see here,so what Oh blow does is when if I go into my store right now here we go,obviously I'm gonna have to filter this all that because you can't see the,information otherwise you don't want my store is and what nitish is but you're,gonna get this button right here which is very very nifty and you're just going,to hit order product when you get those audits so as you can see I've got three,orders here all at fifty dollars each and once you hit hit order or a product,it would automatically take you to our Express without touching any other,button and it will fulfill that order for you and take you all the way up to,the final step so the final step being obviously all the way to the bottom here,you'll fill that absolutely everything and take you to that final step all you,need to do is hit confirm and pay now that's not necessarily completely,automated and that's where the issue is and that's where the biggest complaint,is when it - Oh below is that yeah sure it's,semi-automated it saves you a lot of time filling out forms as you can see,here but it doesn't allow you to sit back completely forget about your orders,and stores and let you see the money come in right so this is where my trick,comes in and this is where it becomes really really useful so for example if,you if you're seeing like a hundred orders a day just as an example that's,gonna take you so much time as well even though you've got it half automated,everything fills out for you you're going to be sitting here clicking back,and forth back and forth back and forth just for filling orders and that is,gonna be extremely painful that's that's uh that's not an automated store that's,I would argue that's not passive income because you're spending an hour two,hours everyday fulfilling your orders so here's how I do it okay if you're,earning a decent amount of profit let's say you get a hundred orders right 100,orders you're making probably $20 a pop and then that's times a hundred that's a,pretty decent amount of profit per day now you're gonna take a chunk of that,profit I wouldn't say a chunk just a small percentage and what you can do is,you're gonna go on to online jobs by the Philippines it is amazing this is how,you're gonna do it guys you're going to hire a VA to do it for you a VA stands,for virtual assistants and virtual assistants when it comes to VA I highly,recommend online jobs and this is one of my you know little nifty secrets I love,online jobs dot pH and I tried a few virtual assistant companies and I find,this one to work the best in terms of quality in terms of pricing whatnot so,I'll show you exactly how it works now this is an older account that I used and,all I did right was throw out one quick ad and which is completely free by the,way and all you need to do is send out the description ask people what they,want and a whole bunch of videos will come back to you with with their,proposals as you can see here I asked someone to transcribe my YouTube videos,for me and let's click into one I'll show you,what I mean here so you basically get the availability there rate which is,really good by the way it's usually quite cheap and they're willing to,usually work on a full-time basis for you so what you're gonna do is put out,that call say you know I need a virtual assistant to throw orders on my drop,shipping so that's as simple as you go up front okay,now when you do lock in that VA you're gonna send them a big document okay,where you basically detail step by step how to do it every single day and these,guys here these guys here okay they're going to essentially go into your store,you're gonna give them login details and they're going to fulfill your orders,every single day even that if that's hundred orders two hundred orders,whatever it is they're gonna fulfill your orders every single day now all,that's gonna be done and here's my recommendation on top of that you're not,gonna use them just to fulfill orders you're gonna use them as well to answer,questions so what I mean by this is and when you have customer inquiries,customer service you're going to get your VA to handle all of that so that is,how you basically go from semi-automated drop shipping stall to fully automated,especially if you're seeing the profit come in now just quickly on this though,and online jobs pH does come with a fee but it is well worth it most of VA,companies do come with a fee and I find this to be the sweet spot now the free,trial okay sorry I shouldn't say the free trial it's just completely free but,you do need to upgrade if you actually want to use a VA you get to post up a,job you get to see the applicants but you do not get to hire them and you do,not get to see the contact information which is quite annoying so as you can,see here if you upgrade to pro which is $69 a per month you're going to get a,bunch of workers you can contact all of them you can see the reviews you can,essentially hire them directly from this platform now the free pricing model is,kind of redundant it's uh it shouldn't even be then my,opinion so the the cheapest option is $69 per month and it is well worth it,for the quality of VA s that you get access to now if you're interested there,are links down below in the description then which will take you to this direct,portal here which will give you access to thousands if not tens of thousands of,virtual assistants that are also very well versed in the drop shipping,community so they know what they're doing so there we have it guys as you,can imagine the power of Oh blow head up with the power of online jobs pH is,where it is at that is going to get you to the points where your ranking in or I,should say racking him the income completely passive passively to the,point where it's almost like affiliate marketing you can check your bank,account and money comes in of course they're gonna have questions for you,here and there but you're gonna spend a few hours a week I'd say just checking,up on the store checking up your on your ads checking up on these VA s and that's,all you have to do you're literally a CEO at this point seeing the money come,in and that's when it starts getting really exciting and that's where you,want to your drop shipping store to head so that's my recommendation guys that is,the trick on how to completely automate the store a lot of people aren't,leveraging VA s and online jobs pH and and I can see why it's it's actually,quite tough to hire a good VA but if you're using good portal like this one,then it's going to make your life that much more easier so there we have it I,hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give this video a thumbs up leave,a comment down below if you have any questions if you like this microphone,setup by the way let me know down the comments below otherwise as always guys,thanks for watching and keep on hustling,so

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