how to add zippay to shopify

HOW TO SET UP QUADPAY ON SHOPIFY STORE | Increase your Conversion Rate with QuadPay | STEP-BY-STEP h

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Updated on Jan 31,2023

HOW TO SET UP QUADPAY ON SHOPIFY STORE | Increase your Conversion Rate with QuadPay | STEP-BY-STEP

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HOW TO SET UP QUADPAY ON SHOPIFY STORE | Increase your Conversion Rate with QuadPay | STEP-BY-STEP

hello guys welcome back to my,channel are you struggling with some,sales,or you're almost giving up on your store,and want to shut it down,i'll say give you one more chance this,can change,a lot for you in your store i understand,where you're coming from i've been there,and i understand exactly what you're,going through,so make sure you watch this till the end,hey guys so we are going to be talking,about um,quad pay quad pay,it's a software,or an app that helps you,convert customers into buyers,so what do i mean by that quad pay gives,your customers,an option to pay instrumentally,so customers that cannot afford to pay,everything in full will be able to pay,in um they will be able to pay,instrumentally so that is a great thing,that is good because,that can help you make sale,because it's not everybody that has some,money sitting down sitting somewhere and,want to spend,all of that money so with quad pay they,will have an option to pay,gradually without breaking the bank so,that is a good thing,everybody don't nobody like me i don't,want to break the bank just to buy,something from somebody,so um you may want to check that out,so i am going to make i am,i'm going to get on my computer and show,you guys how you can install,quad pay in your shopify store i,have a shopify store and i'm used to,shopify,than any other platform so that's why,i'm always,in most of my video videos i talk about,shopify because,i've been on shopify for four years so i,understand shopify,to an extent so i will get on my,computer and show you guys,how you can install quad pay it is not,just,getting you cannot get an app on your,store,with quad pay you have to follow some,steps,to install this,so people pay money to get quad pay,installed on this door i heard about,somebody that paid,1100 i'm like what the heck i can do,this myself i'm a handy person i do a,lot,like i i love to design i love to,i love things that has to be you know,website building,computers and all of that software,stuff i i love to do stuff like i built,my i built mine,i created my website myself without the,help of nobody,i designed most of my i designed my logo,i designed my,my um flyers business cards and all of,that stuff i'm not trying to blow my,trumpet but,that's what i love to do so i'm like you,know what i'm not gonna pay somebody,eleven hundred to do this so i learned,it myself and i'm,willing to share it with you guys how,you can install that in your store,without paying nobody,you can do it literally in,less than 30 minutes that's how fast it,is so,let's go let's get on to my computer so,you guys can follow me step by step on,how you can,install that in your store so i'm going,to show you guys how you can connect,your quad pay to your shopify,account so we're going to come here sign,up,so i just went and you are,gonna choose,um between these two you're gonna choose,a,sign up as a shopper or sign up as a,business so we are business and we're,gonna choose sign up as business,so annual sales income you can just pick,whatever so we're gonna pick less than a,million,so we're gonna come here and,i have an account that's the reason why,you can see,i have an email filled out,so i'm gonna i'm trying to do this for,y'all so i'm gonna use,one of my random email,and i'm going to choose a password,and we're going to go ahead and create,so it says i should go check my email,so as to get a,approval,and click here to complete our setup,so here we're gonna fill in our,information,that looks like,what i want so i'm gonna say yes,continue,the next step is gonna ask you for your,ein number business address,account routing number so we're gonna,put in our phone number,leave our email address there,so make sure you put in your the your,correct phone number because you're,gonna send your code to your phone,and server,okay 67 what's the code,so yeah and number if you have one you,put it if not you put it in social,so guys when you get to this next page,after filling in your,information in the previous page you put,in your routing now,you're out in an account number,so now you are good to go,strive for successfully connected to,them,all right this is a fun part,so here it says add your quad pay to,your products detail page,add your quad pay as a payment,option so,here we are gonna log into shopify,just follow this prompt we are gonna go,to our,shopify store,and we're gonna go to online store and,go to,themes,so we are going to click on actions,and click on edit code,so i know this looks complicated but,trust me it's not complicated,so we're gonna come to theme liquid,so make you follow the prom,so it says glitching fire action edit,code which is what we already did,so when we picked on um,liquid game liquid this is it here,so we are gonna go to the end part,where we have the body or you can search,for it where you have,this exact like this this,body that's exactly where you're gonna,paste it you're gonna paste it right,after,body so here we are gonna copy this here,so you click on copy here,and we're gonna go to shopify store here,we are looking for body,where is his body or you or you search,for it,and you just search by body,but um,you want to go to the end part,like oh don't forget it's supposed to be,theme liquid so you can make sure it's,dimly great,and go to the bottom,so we're gonna go look for body,um this is it here,so look at where you have body so you,click and um,paste it so,we are gonna go ahead and paste it after,space and we're gonna paste,and we're gonna save so that's what you,need to do,so in order for you to know that this,did work so we can preview this to,be sure we're gonna see quad pay logo,on our products page,so on each of our products we're gonna,see if we are gonna find that,all right we're gonna click on one of,this,so i wanna see if we're gonna find the,quad pay,logo oh yeah here we go i'm like what,the heck,so we have it here it's showing that um,you pay full interest free,payments of ten dollars,by quality for interest free,so we,know that that step one did work,so we have it and now we're gonna,go back to this and see what else we,need to do,so we are done with this part here,that says we can add quad pay to your,product detail,page so now we have to add quad pay as a,payment,option so we are done with this part so,we're gonna come,here,let's read the instruction so,here it says we should copy this,code here so this is my own code,so copy your matching,id so we're gonna copy this matching id,it says click here to audio,quad pay gateway,you'll see this so we're gonna click,here,so we're gonna come and paste it here,and go back there we're gonna come here,and copy,we just copy that,paste so i did not have that,so done with that so these,are all the payment options we have so,we're gonna go ahead and,save this,so it has been updated now,the step two is for us to be sure that,uh,we are gonna have quad pay as part of,the payment,method or part of the payment options,so we are gonna go to our store,so i have all these items,in my cart so,as you can see it shows,we have pay of 15,interest free if we decide to go for it,so we're gonna go,click on this here to check out,so i want to see if there is,pay as my that's one of my payment,option,so that's what the part two was about,so i'm just gonna you know,go ahead and just fill in whatever,information,so we're gonna continue to payments,so we're gonna scroll and,voila quad pay is,in is part of our payment option,so customers can choose so click on quad,pay and go ahead and check out so that,is a beautiful thing,so this is all good now,hey guys welcome back i hope you guys,learned,something from this and i hope it was,helpful if you,got this figured out and you got it,installed in your store,give me a hey hey hey on the comment,section,and don't forget to like this video if,you do like it and if it helped you out,this can promote sales for you guys it's,not everybody that i want to pay upfront,customers love to have options so you,want to give that option to them so,i hope you get some sales,from your store and i believe that will,really help your conversion rates,on your store so go ahead and hit the,like button if you like this video,i got a lot of videos coming for you all,guys i got,a lot of business videos you don't want,to miss that,like a lot,go ahead and subscribe to my channel and,like,and i already said that go ahead and,like that my this video,and share with somebody you think this,is gonna be helpful and guys i hope to,see you in my next video,bye

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