how to add video on shopify product page

How to Add Video to Shopify Product Pages what's up guys paul here from e-commerce,gold and in this


Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to Add Video to Shopify Product Pages

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How to Add Video to Shopify Product Pages

what's up guys paul here from e-commerce,gold and in this quick shopify tutorial,i'm going to show you how you can add a,video to your shopify product page so,let's get started right so there's two,ways you can add a video to your shopify,product page and i'm going to show you,both of these methods in this video the,first one is to add it to your media,gallery so basically this goes where all,of your product images go and there's,two ways you can add this video the,first one is you can upload it directly,to shopify but there are some,requirements for this the first one is,it has to be a maximum of 10 minutes,long and two has to be a maximum of one,gigabyte in file size but you can upload,up to 4k resolution which is quite good,the second method is to add the video,from a url and to do this what you do is,click on add from url and then you just,copy and paste the videos url so whether,it's hosted on youtube or vimeo just get,the url for that video copy it paste it,in this box and then you'll add this,file to your media gallery,now i've tried both of these out and my,personal preference would be to upload,it directly to shopify because i tried,adding the video from url from youtube,because obviously i'm a youtuber and,what i found was at the end of the video,it showed things like suggested videos,which may be distracting to your,potential customers because it's based,on their recommendations on what they've,been watching on youtube and it could,take their attention away from the,actual buying process whereas the videos,that are uploaded directly to shopify,just play the video and that's it,there's no kind of distracting things at,the end of it so that would be my,personal preference if i was going to,add a video to the shopify media gallery,so the second option is you can embed a,video in your product description,now for this the video does have to be,hosted elsewhere you can't upload it,directly to shopify using this method,now i'm going to show you how you can,embed a video that's posted on youtube,the reason is i know how youtube works,i'm not 100 sure how vimeo works,but it is a bit more of an involved,process than just copy and pasting the,url because you need the embed code and,to get this you need to go to basically,what the video looks like on the front,end of youtube so if somebody was,watching your video you can't get this,code from the creator studio to the back,end of your youtube studio and to get,this code what you want to do is click,on share as you can see this is one of,my videos,click on embed and it will bring up this,option and there's a couple of options,you can actually select from this as,well so you can choose a specific start,time so if it's,say you got a video hosted and you only,talk about this product in one certain,part of the video you can choose to,start it when you start talking about,that product you can also choose to,remove the player controls as well if,you want to and you can also enable,enhanced privacy mode which means that,youtube won't store any information,about the video that's on your page,until somebody actually watches that,video but it just been embedded and not,been played they won't actually store,any information around that which is,quite nice if privacy is one of your,concerns,then once you've got it so you've set,all these settings up simply click on,copy so you've copied that code to your,clipboard go back into your shopify,dashboard click on this little play icon,here insert video,then you want to just paste that code,that you copied from youtube and then,click insert video and you'll see the,video is then available in your shopify,description and if we preview this on,the front end of our site,you'll see that's the shopify uploaded,video,and there's the video from youtube in,the description,so that's how that works,so it's very simple and very easy to add,a video to a shopify page and it,definitely enhances the user experience,and when user experience is enhanced it,can lead to more conversions which is,more money in your pocket so if this,video has been helpful in any way a like,would be absolutely awesome because it,helps me out with the youtube algorithm,so thank you so much for watching i,really do appreciate it stay awesome and,i'll see you in the next one,you

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