how to add variant in shopify

How to Add Variants in Shopify 2021 okay everyone so in this shopify,tutorial how to add,variants to

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Add Variants in Shopify 2021

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how to add variant in shopify catalogs

How to Add Variants in Shopify 2021

okay everyone so in this shopify,tutorial how to add,variants to shopify store in 2021,so we're gonna do this we're gonna add,size color and material,but you can do other variants as well,using this tutorial,so let's do this okay so in your shopify,dashboard,go to the left sidebar to this one,products now locate the product you want,to add,variants on i'm gonna choose this one,just click on the product okay so this,is just an example product to,demonstrate,variants we're gonna go down to this one,media so we're gonna add variants for,color with a white t-shirt,and a red t-shirt so i'm just gonna go,and add a red,t-shirt image go and click on this one,add media,and choose your image click on open,and that's it now we're gonna go down,to this one variance check this box,and now this will open options we have,option 1 we have size you can,change this to color material,style and title i'm gonna choose,size and then we have this one separate,options,with comma first do your,options i have small comma,medium comma and to keep this,demonstration short i'm just gonna do,small and medium after that we're gonna,go and click on add another option,so for this one we're gonna add color so,i have,white separate with comma,and red separate with comma,like that we can also add another option,we can choose material style or title,i'm gonna choose material so in this,t-shirt you can choose between,cotton and wool,like that so when you are satisfied with,your options,we can go down to preview so now you see,that,we have different variants we have small,white cotton and the price,and quantity and skew so skew is a,unique,identifier an identifier needs to be,numbers and letters so let's say i have,small white cotton we can add,s w c,and maybe t-shirt zero zero one,so whatever you like and then you know,that if you got this,skew that you need to,get these variant all right,i'm just gonna leave that as blank so,the price,we can add special price for each,variant so let's say,wool is more expensive for me to buy,from the manufacturer so i need to sell,this,at a 15 cost like that,and also quantity i have small,white wound of a quantity of let's say,20 like that but to edit things faster,we're just going to go and save this,in the top right corner and now you can,see that we have,these options we can choose all or we,can choose,some of them like that but we also have,this one select so let's say i want to,change,the price for all the wool i can click,on this,link wool text and now you can see that,all the wool t-shirts are checked,now we can go to more actions,click on edit prices and just add a,price,so 15 for all of these wool,t-shirts and click on apply to all,now all of these wool t-shirts has a,price,of 15 let's go and click on done,so then you will save a lot of time okay,same thing,with the red t-shirts,we can click on red and all of the red,t-shirts are selected,and now we can click on more actions,click on add images and just add a red,image go down and click on done,and now we can see that you have red,t-shirt images on,red color so let's go and just do this,for white,i'm going to click on white click on,more actions click on add images,and choose white image click on done,fast and easy so now let's go up to the,top right corner,click on save and we also have another,option,if i click on this one add variant,we have a more detailed view so if i,click on this one,small white cotton we can see that we,have this,more in detail view for each variant so,now we can see our options,in more detail for each variant so we,have,size color and material we have pricing,inventory shipping okay so that's,nice to know if you want to have a nicer,overview of each variant i'm just going,to go and click on,back to product,and i'm just going to go and add,quantity to all of these,i'm just going to click on more actions,click on,quantities and in my case i'm going to,get 20,for all i'm going to click on apply to,all,click on save but in your case it may be,different quantities for each variant,all right,let's go and click on preview,okay so now we have size color and,material,so let's choose a t-shirt i'm gonna,choose,size medium and now notice the image,when i choose from color white to red,it changes the image because i change,color to red so that's a nice feature,we have material cotton now look on the,price,when i change the material cotton to,wool,it changes to 15. all right,okay everyone so this is how you can add,variants to your shopify store if you,like this video,please check out my full shopify,playlist in the description below,and also check out my other videos have,awesome day take care and bye

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