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How To Install TikTok Ads Pixel On Shopify (The Easy Way!) you're just about to get started with,tic

Justin Lalonde

Updated on Jan 18,2023

How To Install TikTok Ads Pixel On Shopify (The Easy Way!)

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How To Install TikTok Ads Pixel On Shopify (The Easy Way!)

you're just about to get started with,tick tock ads or you've already started,with tick tock but you want to make sure,that you install your tick tock pixel,the right way with your shopify store so,very simple today's video i'll be,sharing with you exactly how do you make,the perfect connection between your tick,tock pixel and your shopify store to,make sure that your conversions are,reported properly and that the algorithm,works in your favor,let's get straight into things you're,going to want to head to your back end,on your shopify store then you're going,to want to click on add apps bottom left,and then from there you're actually,going to want to open up the shopify app,store so from there i'm going to just,search simply for the tick tock pixel so,let me search for that and then you're,going to have a tier d tick tock app so,once i've clicked on it i just want to,click add app and then i want to add,that to my store all right so once i've,clicked that i'm going to see right here,you know this app needs to access,customer and store information edit,customer and store information which is,normal that's what we want and need so,top right you're just going to click on,add sales channel okay and then as you,can see right here you're gonna have,your grow your business on tick doc so,this is what you wanna do you see it,right here optimize marketing campaigns,creative made simple and one click pixel,installation which is what we wanna do,so from there you're going to click set,up now so first of all it's going to ask,you to connect a tick tock for business,account if you haven't already head over,to,and then follow the instructions to,create your account once you've created,your account on business.ticktalk you,want to head back to shopify and then on,connect takedown for business you want,to click connect then it's going to,prompt you to actually enter your,information so you want to log in with,your new tick tock for business account,that you just made by the way whenever,you make a tick tock for business,account and then keep in mind this is,different than the regular tick tock,account to which you post your organic,post on the platform or use within the,app this is a separate type of account,but once you create your tick tock for,business account you could actually link,it with your tick tock profile which,here you can actually click log in with,tick tock and then log in with your tick,tock profile if it already has been,connected to a ticked off for business,account or simply enter your tick tock,for business account information so once,you log in it's actually going to ask,you you know tick tock for business you,want to connect your ticked off for,business account with shopify you just,go yes you click connect and you make,sure that at the top where it says so,you see a little bit of a purple icon,right here and with some blur that,information you want to make sure that,this actually says the same number that,you would see if you had a tick tock,business center so if i head back to, and i'm logged in,i'm going to blur that out right now on,the video but you're going to see,actually at the top you should see the,account name and an id and you just want,to make sure that to double check that,this id and account name is the same,that you see right here on your shopify,store then it's going to bring you to,your tick tock ads manager it's actually,going to ask you to connect your tick,tock ads manager so if you've made a,tick tock business center account,usually you should have an ads manager,account paired with that account by,default if for some reason you don't see,anything right here you actually want to,head over to,and from there you want to make sure,that you log in with your tick tock for,business account and then you would be,prompted to create an ads manager,account for your business but usually,it's actually done by default when you,make a tick tock business account now,under data sharing you actually don't,want to click on maximum you always want,to make sure you click on maximum so,standard and enhance are no good not,going to give you enough data and,they're not going to feed it to,tick-tock pixel correctly so you want to,make sure you click on maximum and then,as you can see i've never created the,pixel for that specific ads manager,account which should be the case if,you're watching this video it means that,you've never made a pixel yet so by,default you're going to see a new pixel,being created for you by shopify so,they're going to call it the name like,this right here so tick tock pixel for,shopify you know a bunch of numbers and,then create it on the 29th of july so,once this is done once you make sure,you've picked a maximum and then you see,a pixel name being created right here,you can actually hit confirm at the,bottom right and then once this is all,done you should see a green check at the,end of every single step that you've,completed on the shopify side of things,and you would just simply hit finish,setup now it's going to bring you back,right here you're going to see tick tock,marketing ready and to double check that,you've probably set up your pixel you,simply want to go to,log in with your ads manager account,then add the top navigation bar you're,going to click on assets then you're,going to click on manage your web events,and then make sure that you see the same,tick tock pixel that was just created on,shopify so i can double check right here,that this is indeed the same pixel that,i just created on shopify i can see that,it was actually created on the 29th of,july which is basically again the dates,that i've just created this new pixel,over on the shopify side of things so i,can rest assured that it's been set up,properly so you can actually click on,the pixel itself you're gonna see all of,the default events associated with a,shopify store so like complete payment,so basically if somebody makes a,purchase,ad payment info so says it somebody adds,their payment information while they're,checking out somebody that started a,checkout add the cart viewed a certain,product or searched on your website what,you could also do is click on the test,event button and it's actually going to,bring you to download a chrome extension,called the tick tock pixel helper which,basically you can download that on your,end and then from there you basically,enter your website url you download the,qr code you scan that on mobile and then,it's gonna prompt you to actually browse,through your website on mobile and you,should see appear on screen right here,the events as you browse through your,website so when you add something to,cart it's actually prompted right here,on the right bar that it received a test,event for an ad to cart etc that's,pretty much it this is how you set up a,tick tock pixel on your shopify website,now if you're an ecommerce brand of,store owner making at least 20 to 30 000,a month what's your brand i'm actually,click on the first link in the,description down below and book in a,very short demo call with our team on,that call we'll take a look at your,brand see if you're a good fit for one,of our ecommerce marketing programs if,that's the case we'll help you scale,through ugc automated systems tick tock,ads and omni channel marketing if not,worse comes to worst we'll leave you,with a free action plan to implement on,your own on that note make sure you,check out other videos on the channel,for some more useful ecommerce marketing,tips and i'll see you guys in the next,video peace,foreign

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