how to add square to shopify

How to Integrate Square with Shopify hello guys my name is matu and in,today's video i'm going to sh

Marcus Stone

Updated on Jan 17,2023

How to Integrate Square with Shopify

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How to Integrate Square with Shopify

hello guys my name is matu and in,today's video i'm going to show you how,you can integrate,square with shopify,first things first we have to create,ourselves an account,at or log into your,existing account,once we are here in our workspace we,want to go to the,left part of our screen or this sidebar,and click on apps,as you can see i already integrated,zapier,into into,our square account and but if you want,to,make integrations straight through,square,click on apps and visit the marketplace,now we want to write down shopify,and as you can see at the moment square,is not,supporting shopify straight through,his marketplace so let's go,and uh to automate that eo i will leave,the link in the description underneath,this video,once we are here we want to go to the,top side of our screen,and click on integrations once we are,here,click on see all categories on the,bottom left part of your screen,now we want to start with writing down,the first app we want to integrate which,is square,like this and once a square is add,edit we want to continue with shopify,as you can see we have some popular,integrations,already made for us but if you won't be,able to find the one that you're looking,for,keep scrolling down and as you can see,there's option of create your own,integration,just remember on the left side,underneath the triggers you want to,start,with a square so,click on one of the two options let's go,with the first one,and on the other hand underneath the,actions you want to go with,shopify there's way more options to,choose from but,let's stick with the first one last,thing we have to do is click on try it,now button,we'll get a redirected to automate that,eo login website and the last thing you,have to do,is to log in to your account and,you're a few clicks away from creating,this integration,now we can also use as i said before, uh,where we also need to create an account,uh once we do that let's go to the top,left corner,and click on create zap,it works basically the same way as it,worked at,automate first thing we have to set up a,trigger,which you probably guessed will be,square,trigger event yeah one of the two,continue,uh now we have to pick,the company the company will be,this one oh sorry account we have to log,into the account so,this is our account at square continue,uh set up a trigger as a location from,which we're going to make this,integration,will be the m stone project,continue and now we can test the trigger,the second action will be the app,affected by a transaction in square,so will be shopify,now also we have to pick an action event,let's stick,to the first one continue and the last,thing is,we have to sign in to shopify and that's,about it,thanks for watching and see you on the,next video

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