how to add products to home page shopify

How to Add Collections to Homepage Shopify. what's going on everyone it's jamie here,from shopify ma

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How to Add Collections to Homepage Shopify.

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How to Add Collections to Homepage Shopify.

what's going on everyone it's jamie here,from shopify masterclass and today we'll,be going over how to add collections to,your home page this is going to make,your homepage more appealing it's going,to make it easier for customers to,discover your collections and your,products which should hopefully lead,them to making more purchases which is,exactly what you want with your shopify,store so we're gonna make this a super,easy tutorial here so make sure you stay,to the end of the video before i dive,into it i just want to thank our sponsor,profit calc the one click profit,calculator app available on the shopify,app store it's gonna come with a 15 day,free trial so make sure you check out,that link in the description below so,you can test drive everything for,yourself then we show a quick video,detailing the full feature set discover,profit calc the affordable and easy to,set up shopify app that crunches your,numbers in just one click it,automatically syncs with all your,accounts and expenses to calculate your,profit displaying everything in an easy,to read dashboard so you understand your,business in real time start for free on,the shopify app store today all right so,let's dive into it now i'm in the,dashboard for our test store here and,the way to add collections to your home,page is you simply want to navigate to,the left side of the page here you want,to click on online store so once this,loads here you're going to get several,sections and it's going to automatically,load the theme one which is what we're,looking to do so i'm going to be testing,this today with the debate theme here,you can do this with any of your themes,the process is going to be very similar,throughout as it's going to be through,the same customization process along,with accessing things in the same manner,so we want to do here is that once,you're on the theme section you want to,head to customize this is going to load,the theme customization dashboard for,your shopify store we can customize the,layout of your product pages your home,page as well as the navigation and,different appearance items based on your,theme you're gonna have different,options as you can see here most shopify,themes by default are gonna have some,kind of featured collection but you may,be wondering how do i add another one,how do i customize it and how do i,customize the layout so on the left hand,side you want to head to add section and,here it's going to show collection list,or featured collection this is going to,be changed slightly by that language but,overall it's going to be very similar so,here we add a collection list so it's,going to be the first option where it's,going to show the overall categories i'm,going to show the second one here before,we get into the editing that's going to,be a featured collection where it's,going to feature the products from that,collection so that's going to give you,two options this one is good for overall,categories so we click into it on the,left here we can see collection select a,collection so let's say camping so it's,going to feature a product image the,next one i'm going to select into select,another collection i'm going to say,summer lastly i'm going to put surfing,and i realize i actually have to select,this here and hit the save for that to,go through so after doing that this gave,me three featured collections so that's,gonna look on desktop and mobile it's,gonna look great there so if we switch,to mobile it's gonna compress those a,little bit we can even change the,collections per row so let's say i want,to put four three maybe i just wanna set,that to two on desktop and it's gonna,compress to one on mobile depending on,how you want this appear to your store,leave that as three for now so next if,we go to the featured collections you,get the same options here we can select,how many products per row how many rows,we want to have and we want to show,product vendors as well as the view all,button so the customer can expand this,featured collection here to view all the,collections now all you want to do is,just select a collection i'm going to,select the home page one here hit select,then hit save now i don't have many,products on this test store here but,they're all going to display nicely in,an easy to digest manner if you ever,want to customize where it appears well,head over to the left hand side if you,see these dots here there's six dots you,can drag it around the home page so you,can make it appear exactly where you,want to maybe you want it to appear at,the very top here right below the,slideshow you can make that there maybe,if you want it at the bottom you can put,your collection list above that or if,you wanted to the very top here you,could put that there as well the,customization is up to you now that,you've added your collections to your,homepage this can make it really easy,for the customer to navigate as a lot of,times they might be searching up your,brand name on the internet and heading,to your home page you want to make it,easy for them to find exactly what,they're looking for so overall this,concludes the video on how to add,collections to your homepage let me know,in the comments if you have any,questions if you like the video i would,love it so much if you hit that like and,subscribe button below lastly i want to,mention profitcalc again the one-click,profit calculator app available on the,shopify app store it's going to come,with a 15-day free trial and there's a,link in the description below to access,that trial there from the shopify app,store thank you so much for watching and,i'll see you in our next video

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