how to add products from amazon to shopify

Adding Products to Amazon from Shopify hey guys let's talk about how you add,your products to your a

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Updated on Jan 29,2023

Adding Products to Amazon from Shopify

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how to add products from amazon to shopify catalogs

Adding Products to Amazon from Shopify

hey guys let's talk about how you add,your products to your amazon store first,off on your home page you're going to go,down here to sales channels you're going,to click this plus sign this plus sign,is going to pop up it's going to have,all of your sales channels right here,it's going to say amazon,uh i've already added it it's going to,say amazon you're going to want to click,this big blue button right here a purple,button it's going to take you through,the process you're going to get a,an amazon,seller,central account,right here,you're going to register for a seller,central account that seller central,account is going to create an amazon pay,and the ability to list your products on,amazon,from shopify now it makes it really,simple when you have shopify because,you're going to click the sales channel,once you have it you're going to come,down here to where it says sales,channels you're going to click amazon,you're going to go to account,and under your account you'll see i have,my business tied right here,into this store,it's going to connect to this,is going to connect shopify to, okay,now next thing we're going to do is,we're going to go over here where it,says listings,under the listings we're going to have,all of our listings that are on there so,you see i'm just starting this store and,actively listing these products um it,shows some errors i'm going to show you,what errors,could possibly be but,here's the first two products that are,active so you'll see these products are,actually linked from my shopify store on, ready to be bought,um so first off we're gonna go over here,to crate listing,under the create listing we're gonna,find the product on our store that we're,going to sell on amazon,in this instance i'm just going to,choose a hat,that i want to sell,let's do,let's do,let's do let's do let's do,let's do the crappie hat right here,next it's going to pop up and it's going,to ask you you're going to want to,create a listing or you're going to want,to find a product well you're going to,want to create,a listing create a brand new product,listing on,now here's the other thing if you have,products on your store that are already,sold on amazon then you're going to come,down here it's made by another brand,you're going to find that same product,on amazon and what you're going to do is,you could create a duplicate listing you,can create your own listing for that,same product now here's the thing this,is how people do fulfilled by merchant,on amazon through shopify you can sell,the same products everybody else's on,amazon,come here and click find product and,list your product,on amazon from your shopify store and,make sales from your store on amazon,using amazon's traffic to drive sales,what we're going to do is we're going to,add our products from shopify that are,unique to us and uh we're gonna have to,have two things we're gonna have to have,the product we're gonna have to have a,upc in order to get a upc you can go to,,and you're gonna type in,upc for amazon,and you're gonna see there's literally,thousands of play there's thousands of,upc codes for amazon right here for a,dollar fifty uh you're gonna buy that,what's gonna happen is it's gonna,immediately send those upc's to your,uh email when you have those upc's,uh then you're gonna go to,uh create listing,now we're gonna go to the product type,we're gonna type in uh clothing for this,hat,it's a man's,accessory,hats and caps and it's a baseball cap,it's like the brand i'm not using bucks,of america this is a different brand,than that so i'm going to type in my,brand this is bass casters,usa,um,and i'm gonna type by bass casters usa,and i'm gonna put uh,richardson110,uh embroidered,type that correctly embroidered,logo,crappie,with american,flag,uh,made let's put uh excuse me stitched in,in,nebraska,all right and now you see the,descriptions pulled from shopify these,keywords are going to be,key and how you're going to get sales on,on amazon right now these keywords are,coming in from keywords that i'm using,on shopify for my menus and my,collections we're going to want to,remove all those we're going to use,these these keywords for the product,that we're selling so,crappie hat,fishing hat,uh bass casters,i'm gonna type bass casters usa,bass casters crappie,ass casters,crappy american,flag,i'll add more keywords later but just so,you get an example of type of keywords,i'm using next thing you got to do is we,got to create a couple variants well,even though there's no variant to this,hat uh we have to tell amazon what this,had is actually how it's made so we're,going to go down here we're going to,choose size,it's going to pop open a menu and we're,going to click add variant,well if we don't have a variant to the,size,for this hat because it's a one size fit,all snapback let's make sure we,put up here,snapback,now people understand that what the the,product closure is for the hat,and then i'm gonna put,snapback,in my description,and i'm not going to add a variant,because there's no variant to the,snapback it's just a snapback hat now,i'm going to come over here to click,publish,what's going to happen is it's going to,ask me at least one variant must be,selected,so that means that the variant is asking,for what the size is so what would i put,in size in a snapback well i'm going to,put snapback,makes sense,and then the color is black and white so,i'm going to put,black and white,and then it's going to ask me the price,list on amazon 24.99,uh the production time it takes uh me,about three days to get this thing made,and sent,um it's going to ask for shopify,inventory settings so we're going to,keep that,set up there and shop shopify inventory,settings,if you go manual what's going to happen,it's going to ask you how many you want,to sell on on amazon okay,i'm just going to let amazon uh use the,shopify settings right there,now this upc code right here uh is,unique to the the ebay links that i got,from here so i just took this upc code,out paste it right there product code,and type in upc now if you get ea encode,servers are fine you can use that too,the keep this skew that's a skew for my,own uh knowing this this is my own skew,so if you have your own skew for this,product you can keep that,so you're not confused and then next,thing you know,i'm gonna click publish now now we know,uh we have to take a single,uh product that has no variance we have,to make sure we create the variance so,amazon knows,um what the actual product is knows the,color the sizing the fit,um for all of that so now you'll see it,says,pending listing what's gonna happen is,once it goes from pending it'll go to,active and then once it goes from active,it'll go on to,amazon and once it's on amazon you'll be,able to click uh available from these,sellers they'll be able to click add to,cart and sell,uh alrighty then that's how you add your,products,uh link in your shopify store to amazon,next video i'm gonna show you now how,you leverage paid ads on amazon to make,a lot of money

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