how to add pages to shopify store

How to Create Menu's and Pages In Your Shopify Store and i'm back with another quick,video so i'm se

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to Create Menu's and Pages In Your Shopify Store

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how to add pages to shopify store catalogs

How to Create Menu's and Pages In Your Shopify Store

and i'm back with another quick,video so i'm setting up a website uh,for a client and since i'm setting up,their pages right now,um i figured i would show you guys how,to do it,just in case you needed to know how to,do it for your shopify store,so pretty much what i'm doing is i'm,setting up pages they need an,about about us page a contact us page,and they want to faq page so i'm going,to set those those,up and i'm also going to add it into,their,menus which is something a lot of people,do not know how to do,so that is what we are going to be doing,today so,let's get started so what you would do,you just click here just click on online,store and it'll open up these options,here,i'm going to click on pages i'm going to,click on add page,and all i'm going to do is simply say,about us,and i'm going to save it now it will be,for me it's going to be up for to my,client to come back in here and fill in,their about us information,i'm simply creating the page,okay now that i have that created,i can go in and add another page,and i'm going to do their faqs page,save that all right,we have that created and then the last,one i'm going to do is a,contact us page so just type in contact,us and for contact us you will use,this layout here so it's contact,and what that is going to do it's going,to give the page,the actual um options to fill,in and type in information and i'll show,you what that looks like in just a,second,so let's view the page,and then you see here it gives the,options for the name and email and,phone number and a place for them to,leave a message so,you if you want that on your contact us,page then you need to make sure,that you select this option okay because,if you just do a page it'll literally,just be a blank page okay,so now i have the contact us page about,us,and faqs done right so now,we need to get that into the main menu,of the store,and i'm going to set that up so we're,going to go to navigation,in the main menu here,and i'm just going to add a menu item,and i'm going to click on um link and,i'm going to go to pages because that's,what we just created,and you see those are the three pages,there that i've created right,so i'm going to add the about us there,add and then i'll do this again go to,pages,add the contact us ad,again go to main menu link,click on the pages and then select faqs,and add and then as you can see they're,all here,now the other thing that i need to do is,that instead of it being called a,catalog,we are going to edit this and we're,going to say,shop,and we're going to apply the changes so,i'm going to save the menu now,and then i'm going to let you see now on,the website,that we now have shop about us contact,us and faqs,now i'm going to close these two pages,out that i just did,now the other thing that i wanted to do,is i also a lot of times on websites,right,the about us contact us in the faqs are,also,at the bottom of the the website as well,in the footer,so we are going to add those to the,footer as well,so it's the same process so i just click,on add item to menu,and click on the link go to pages click,on about us,add do the same thing this is very,simple a lot of people,struggle so much with setting up their,shopify and they get confused,but this is a very very easy process,to get done all right here we go,so we have that saved and then,um the next thing i'm going to show you,guys the store again click by clicking,on the i,and then now down here at the bottom of,the website we have the faqs and,everything listed,there as well okay so that,is that it's that simple to,set up um your pages um the other thing,i can show you,as well that a lot of people don't think,to do,but you also need your terms and,conditions,uh your store policies all that kind of,stuff and so,what you would do is you're gonna go,into,your settings for the store,and you will go to legal okay,and then from legal this is where you,have your refund policy,now the cool thing is shopify already,has like a template,generated so for example i can put that,here so create from template,and it will put it will automatically,generate all the information,like a standard like return or re refund,uh policy and then all you have to do is,go in here and tweak it for your own,business,so um like i would change the email to,like hello at the,because i have two two brands hello at,the,boutique bay and this is the one i'm,actually doing,for um the boutique base what i'm using,to create these websites and do all the,graphic design stuff,and not the fluffy hustle any longer,okay oh i guess it would be helpful to,put,dot com um at the end okay,so it does that right so we have that,here,we can do the same thing for the privacy,policy,you go in here and you tweak it,according to,and for your business okay and then the,same thing for,terms of service they have a they have,it in here,and the only thing they don't have a,template for,is the shipping policy so you would just,come in here and you would,say you would type in what you want your,ship shipping policy to be,and then save it so i'm going to save it,all right so now i'm going to go back,here click on online store again we're,going to go to navigation again,and i want to add those pages into my,footer,so at the bottom of the store they don't,have to be at the top most of the time,they're not,so click on add menu item,click on the link in this time we're,going to go to policies,and then you see there it's already,listed,and we can just add these in,policies,um to the refund this time and the next,one,is the terms of service so there so now,we have,those that will be,at the on the footer menu,okay and now we can see that,down here so now you have all of this,stuff inside of your,store okay so,the last thing i'm going to show you is,how to,do what's called nesting options,on your,menu i swear i can't get that word out,today,but um you can nest things so,for example actually um,let's say for example i wanted,the um about us the contact us and faqs,like let's say under,like one header so,let me do something else what i'm gonna,do,and even though i showed you guys this,in a different video it won't hurt to do,it again,so i'm going to create a collection a,couple collections really quick,or a few collections so the first,collection,is going to be new arrivals,i'm going to use the tag,new and i'm going to save the,collection if you want to know more,about,setting up collections i go more in,depth into another video it's only about,seven minutes long,if you want to learn more about uh,setting up the collections but in,in general that's what it is so new,arrivals i'm going to do one called,sale and then a tag for it it'll be,sale,and then the next collection will be,called,best sellers and then i'll use the tag,best for bestsellers and save so now we,have collections created,all right so now i want to have those,collections on,the mid the main menu for the store,right,so i'm going to go to navigation go back,to the main,menu and then i'm going to add these,into the,the list so again i'm going to click on,link and this time,since i have just created collections,i'm going to select on collections,and here are all the collections created,right so the first one,is new arrivals all right and we're,going to add that in there,i'm going to do another one another,collection,we're going to do the best sellers,another collection,we're gonna do sale,all right so now let me show you let me,save this,now let me show you what the website,header is starting to look like so,if we just keep adding stuff on this is,going to get real,crowded and it doesn't really look good,when you have too many options sometimes,it starts to confuse your customers,if you just have too many things for,them to select from,so what you can do is you can start,nesting some of these,options so for example so shop is our,main,header right what you can do is you can,move,like new arrivals you can drag it in,just pull it over,and you see boom new arrivals drops,under shop,and i want to do the same thing with my,best sellers,and i want to do that under shop and,actually i don't want that under new,arrivals i want it to be its own,thing,here we go best sellers and then we're,going to do the same thing for sale,bring it up one sometimes it tweaks out,a little there you go,so now i have those three now listed,under,shop okay and um,you can also move things around so let's,say i didn't,want about us to be before faqs because,i kind of think customers might want to,know the faqs before,um they wouldn't want to know like the,about us and all that kind of stuff,so that's the way i'm going to organize,it so you can just organize the stuff,like by moving it up and down right,all right so next,just save the menu and then to view it,on your store,now you see shop is here and it has a,drop down for best seller sales and new,arrivals,so that's how you create a drop down,as opposed to everything being laid out,here okay so hopefully that helps you a,little,bit as far as organizing your store,how to create pages and then how to,connect those,to your main menus and your footers,alright guys i hope you found this,helpful um,if you are interested in having me build,a website a shopify website specifically,for you,click the link below um i um will be,glad to set up a shop,for for you i have a few pre made,templates that i use that you can select,from,outside of that i hope you all are,having a wonderful day and i will catch,y'all later,bye,foreign

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