how to add more than 100 variants on shopify

Shopify Variant Limit 99 - SOLVED (Shopify Advanced) welcome back we're gonna be going over,how to g

Jody Edgar - The Shopify Expert

Updated on Jan 15,2023

Shopify Variant Limit 99 - SOLVED (Shopify Advanced)

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how to add more than 100 variants on shopify catalogs

Shopify Variant Limit 99 - SOLVED (Shopify Advanced)

welcome back we're gonna be going over,how to get around the 99 variant limit,problem inside Shopify I've got two,solutions for you the first one is gonna,go into how you custom code it in there,so you don't have to pay for an app and,the second one I'm gonna suggest an app,that makes this very easy and all you,have to do is pay ten bucks a month for,it so let's jump into it so sometimes,you start off building out your business,and you have a few products as your,products and your business matures you,have to add more variants then,occasionally you'll run into the problem,where you've added too many variants and,you end up getting to a point where,you've reached the limit of variants,that you can have inside of Shopify and,this is the 99 limit problem so I'm,gonna show you how to get around this,with two solutions the first one I'm,going to show you is how to code around,it and how to set up the structure of,your store so that you don't run into,this problem in the future the second,way is if you run into this problem and,you need to expand and in some cases,some products do require more than 99,variants I'm going to show you an app,that'll allow you to have unlimited,number of variants for a single product,so let's jump over to the dashboard so,now that we're on the dashboard what,we're gonna do is we're first gonna go,in and we're gonna create our products,now I've gone and created the products,already just to help with the speed of,this demo but I'm gonna pull them up,here for you so I have two products,created and they're called 99 problems,so 99 problems if we have a look at way,it's currently set up it has four,versions of let's go to reorder variants,here so we have four versions of the,size we have small medium large and XL,we have four versions of the color so we,have yellow red orange and blue and then,finally we have three different,materials so we have cotton poly and,wool so what we want to do is we're,actually going to so now if you have,look at the the variance down below you,can see this list is quite long and it's,actually gonna be quite difficult to,maintain in its current set up so the,first recommendation that I would give,to you is to edit the options so that,you only have the size and the color for,the time being now if you're going to be,getting into a situation where you have,multiple colors and multiple materials I,would most likely recommend that you,actually do this to two steps so you,move out the material and you move out,the color so that you're only dealing,with the size on that specific product,but for the time being we're just gonna,focus on material so here's what we got,it done so if we go to products and we,search 99 products again what we can see,we've done is we've created a new,product for cotton and a new product for,polyester go into cotton the cotton,variants still have the same variance as,they did before so if we go to reorder,variance here we can see we have small,medium large XL and we can see we have,colors red blue orange and yellow now,we've set up this exactly the same for,the cotton version or the polyester,version rather of the same product now,the reason or them thing to keep in mind,is when you're setting up the title you,want to make sure that the the variant,or the handle that you're using is - the,material and I'll explain why we're,gonna do that in a moment but for right,now when you're setting up your your,products you want to make sure all of,the titles are the same and the only,thing that you're gonna swatch the only,thing that's gonna be different is the -,material at the end so now that we've,gone and set up the two different,variants of small medium/large and XL,with the different color ranges that we,have for it we're gonna go over to the,theme and we're gonna make some,adjustments to the theme so that we get,an additional drop-down menu that's,hard-coded into our theme so that the,user when they come to our page still,has the same experience that they would,have if they had a three variant option,but we're gonna change it so that it,actually redirects them when they switch,the the variant to a new product page so,if we go into themes and we go to edit,code,and what we're gonna do is we're gonna,look for the snippet for product so I've,gone and pulled up product here and then,we want to go down and we want to find,variant so we want to go and find the,product variant form now this form is,what switches out the variants that you,have selected for your product and it,knows which one to add to your cart so,if we come down here we can see that,this is the form action here so we know,that we're in the right place now we're,gonna add a little bit of HTML code to,our site now so that we can have that,drop down so I've gone and commented out,the code that we're going to add and I,will leave a just I will leave a link in,the description below that takes you,over to the blog post so that you can,copy and paste this code easily so the,first thing we're gonna do I'm just,gonna walk through and explain what,we've done so I have a select item so,essentially I have one of these guys,here one of these guys is select item,and I've gone and given it a few options,the first option is just simply select,materials so it has no value underneath,the option other than a slash which is,going to be the URL in them in a moment,the second option the value is for poly,and I put in the handle of the product,that we've put in here,now as you can see these both have the,same beginning parts of 99 problems and,19 problems - Paulie - cotton we can,further reactor this code to make it,more efficient I'm just leaving it like,this for purpose of this demo so it's,easy to follow and then we've given two,options poly uncommon so if we go and,save what I've added in here and we,refresh our product page,we will see we now have material showing,up and when we select down we have poly,and we have cotton now we just added,those HTML they're not gonna do anything,at this point because we need to add,some JavaScript which is going to modify,what happens when you change something,in the drop-down so let's head back over,to our product and we're going to go,right to the bottom because I've created,some JavaScript down here which is going,to redirect the page when you change,those dropdowns so we're using jQuery as,a library so it's easy for us to go,document ready to say that ok now when,the documents ready it's now time to,change the drop-down the first one we're,gonna go is select type so this is the,ID of the Select field that I used,before so if we come up here we can see,this is the idea of the Select type and,then we have set a on change function so,when someone changes the drop-down it's,going to do some action then we have a,variable so the variable we have is,selected collection and we're doing this,just to make our code simple and easy to,understand so that we can reuse this,variable later on down the road and then,we have what we'll call the complicated,pissed a bit bit that we're gonna go of,this children object of option selected,so the child object of the selected box,which is the option we want to grab the,value now we added in the value as the,handle of the product we want to,redirect to the reason we did that is,because on our next line where we go,window dot location dot href equals and,then we have slash products because,products is the beginning part of the,URL structure inside Shopify and then,we're going to append it to selected,collection which is this variable so now,when we save it and we go back over to,our store and we refresh this page we,can see what happens now note that I'm,on just the basic product right now if I,go and change the material to poly what,will happen is the page will refresh,everything will look the same but it,will redirect you to 90,problems - Paulie similarly if you do 99,problems / cotton he'll redirect you,over there and that way you now have,your own type of structure where you,could have the drop-down menu you can,still have the sizes and the colors but,it's now split out and you don't have to,worry about that 9999 product limit,problem so that's step well that's the,way how you do it number one the second,way to do it is there is an app which is,$10 a month that is offered by bold,commerce and this app allows you to do,essentially what we just self programmed,but with a few extra features it allows,you to have a GUI where you could move,things around,you can modify things inside the,dashboard it's really great app I've,left a link down below in the,description on how you get to that app,if $10 a month is inside your budget,then I would definitely recommend going,the app solution versus doing a custom,coding solution however if you want to,build it and not have that recurring,cost absolutely you can go and use what,I've done here in order to do that if,you guys have any problems getting it,installed please feel free to contact me,we'd be happy to help you out and that's,essentially how you get around the 99,variant problem inside Shopify thanks,for coming by I hope this was helpful if,it was hit the like button hit the,subscribe button if that's something,that you're into and we will see you in,the next one

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