how to add gift wrap option on shopify

Shopify Gift Wrapping | How to add gift wrap option in Shopify? [2022] Can You Feel The Buzz in the

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Shopify Gift Wrapping | How to add gift wrap option in Shopify? [2022]

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Shopify Gift Wrapping | How to add gift wrap option in Shopify? [2022]

Can You Feel The Buzz in the air the,holiday season is here yes it is and it,brings with it a massive sales,opportunity do you want customers to buy,more from you again and again have you,considered adding the option of gift,wrapping to a product in your Shopify,store Amazon has been doing it for years,and now it has become a common option on,any online store especially around the,holiday season,if you haven't tried it yet you have to,and the time is now here's how it works,when a customer goes to finalize their,purchase before checkout you can give,them an option where they are asked if,they would like to add gift wrapping for,a small charge this way the value of the,order is increased by a few bucks as the,customer chooses to add the gift wrap,and the customer gets to add an extra,Touch of personalization to their,purchase it's a win-win you can also,offer it as a free service either way,you get great value out of a small yet,profitable effort,but how will you do this on Shopify,Shopify has no such option but in this,video we'll show you how to easily add a,paid gift wrapping option to your,Shopify store with a cell AC app the,sell easy app can not only help you,upsell but it can be a handy tool to,display gift wrapping option in your,Shopify store let's get it started,the gift wrap as a product in your store,to do this go to your Shopify stores,dashboard select the product option from,here click add product add the title,holiday season special gift wrap add the,description highlighting the gift,wrapping,make sure to leave the product,collections blank as it must not appear,under any of your product collections or,show up in the search results this tip,is necessary to make sure customers,don't go and purchase this as an,individual item that costs only a,minimal value,to know how exactly you can hide a,product from your product collections,check this link up here to know the,process in detail,now add pricing that will include a,minimal additional charge for the gift,wrapping you can also offer this as a,free or paid option according to your,preference now click save,Now to create an offer go to your,Shopify stores dashboard select the cell,easy app click add offer select the card,page and upsell funnel widget type click,setup offer,select the trigger product which is the,main product which is also a product,that can be gift wrapped select the,alpha product which in this case is the,gift wrap that will be shown in the,pop-up before checkout enter the offer,title enter the offer name and click,save off now preview the offer add the,main product to the cart,click checkout to proceed the upsell,funnel appears here as a pop-up the,offer product which is the gift wrap,that was added is updated here the,quantity picker appearing here can be,customized and hidden when it is hidden,it appears like this,so this is how you can add a gift,wrapping option to your Shopify store,using the cell AC app check the link in,the description to try out the salici,app today,if you find this video helpful like,subscribe share and hit the Bell so you,can get notifications of all our,upcoming videos

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