how to add facebook meta tag to shopify

How to Verify Domain Name on Facebook with Meta Tag - WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce hello and welc


Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Verify Domain Name on Facebook with Meta Tag - WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce

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How to Verify Domain Name on Facebook with Meta Tag - WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce

hello and welcome my name is amuly and,you are watching tubemint in this video,i'm going to show you how to verify your,domain name on facebook,so you can see i've already verified a,few domains,in this video i'm going to show you how,you can add,the metadata,from facebook,to your,wordpress site and then also to your,shopify store,it could be woocommerce or similar cms,so let me quickly log into my shopify,admin,okay so to,verify your domain you simply go to,business dot facebook,and then under brand safety,you click on domains,so first you need to add the domain so,click on this add,and i'm going to take this domain here,so,facebook doesn't,require you to,have http or https,you just type your domain name,without http and http,let's just paste in here,like that,and hit add,now,to verify this particular domain or any,domain you got few options,copy paste this meta,name to your head section of,a website it could be wordpress joomla,drupal,magento shopify,whatever you have,so go ahead and just click on it,and,paste in your shopify or wordpress head,section,the other option you have,you can verify,e by downloading this html file to your,server,or verify your domain with,text record on your domain registrar,but this is the very easiest one,most of people can do it so i'll be,using this first one,just copy this by clicking it and then,follow the instruction,paste this the meta tag into your head,section of website,so,after you publish your home page,okay verify click this verify domain,button,so i,already have copied it i will show you,how you can,put it to your,wordpress theme so go ahead and log into,your wordpress,appearance,theme editor,most of themes have this theme dot,header,basically theme header file which is,header.php,if you do not have,access to your themes,i'll paste that meta tag here,and then click up update file,see most of the theme many themes don't,have,this feature okay this is basically,let's say it's a classic theme very old,theme,in that case you will have to install a,plugin,header filter plugin,and these plugins will let you add your,meta tag,to your head section of wordpress or,woocommerce site so header,footer,it's very easy,to install and so basically,header footer script,basically,scripts if you don't find it to be,more specific,or header footer tags be,added with a code manager so easily add,tracking code snippets conversion pixels,and other things,this is,good so you can,the other one is here by wp beginner,so just type in header footer,script or tags,and you will find plenty of,free themes to add,so basically what you want you want to,go with the basic plugin which doesn't,offer more than header filter so there,are many plugins that will offer lots of,things,and that may,slow down you,know what pressure will come aside so,you don't want to install,a plugin with lots of features,okay so once you're done here,either way either using a plugin or,manually,going through the php file,if you're using any,cache plugin make sure you simply clear,your caching,so i just cleared my cache here,and just hit your domain name in the,browser so that it it can pull up things,and clear cache on your home page as,well,and then click on verify,what i will do i'll just copy this again,so that i can show you how you can add,the same code to your shopify theme,but,we will not be able to perform all the,steps you can see it says it's already,verified,if you have a shopify store go ahead and,log into your shopify admin click on,online store,and then click on actions edit code,one thing to note though if you're using,like adding directly to the theme like i,have done,you will have to make sure that you,uh kind of,migrate the meta tag to a new theme if,you're switching to a new thing,all right so this is the head section,starting and somewhere below it's going,to end,so we don't want to go that,below,in the script we just want to paste it,here,and save it okay,but this is just for demonstration for,for shopify users so simply log into,your shopify admin go to themes,actions edit code and click on this,theme.liquid and add just after this,section,i'm going to remove this one,once you have added here,you go back to your facebook settings,business settings page and click on,verify into me and you should be getting,something like this,alrighty so that's it for this video,guys if you have any questions,suggestion leave in the comment below,thank you for watching

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