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How To Create Discounts on Shopify hey what is up guys it's Brendan here,and today I'm going to be s

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

How To Create Discounts on Shopify

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How To Create Discounts on Shopify

hey what is up guys it's Brendan here,and today I'm going to be showing you,how to create discounts on Shopify so,right here we are in the Shopify,dashboard in the home section all you,have to do is go ahead and click over,here to discounts that will take you,right over to the Shopify discount,section for your online store now I do,have a few different template discounts,already created we'll be walking through,all of these as well as the different,types of discounts now when it comes to,building out discounts within your,Shopify store all you have to do is go,ahead and click on create a discount and,then you can see here you can select the,different discount types so we have,amount off products a specific product,based discount we have a mount off order,a specific order discount you also have,buy X get y maybe if you want to do buy,one get one free or maybe buy up to a,certain dollar amount and get a free,necklace or a free ring and you also,have free shipping so specific shipping,based discounts so we're going to be,breaking down discount types we're going,to be going through all of these as well,as a few different template discounts,and styles that would be applicable to,most online stores so let's go ahead and,get started with amount off products so,as you can see once you click that then,it creates a draft mode for your,discount so you have amount of products,a specific product based discount now as,you're going through here and creating,the discount uh we'll be walking through,the different types of options that you,have and everything will appear here on,the summary section so you can really,get a breakdown of the type of discount,you're creating how you're creating your,discount and you know additional,information and metrics into things,you'll want to know uh for your discount,so first off all you have here is the,method so you have discount code you,also have automatic discounts so,discount code is something where you,know customers need to enter this code,at checkout so say for example let's do,like save 10. now another good thing to,keep in mind when you're creating,discount codes is you want to make,things that are easy for customers to,understand and type in as well so you,know personally I don't really love the,generate feature although you can also,generate randomized discount codes if,you want to generate something you know,specific maybe if you're doing email,marketing or something like that you,want to have specific discounts you know,I personally like to name them so let's,do like save 10 another tip here is make,sure that they are you know if you're,doing save 10 like 10 off or something,like that you don't want to do like 10,off because if you do 10 off then the,you know the 0 and the O kind of line up,kind of close and it's May confuse,customers or get customers frustrated so,I like to avoid doing typing and,discount codes where the numerals are,too close or too similar for people to,get so save 10 is a good example so you,type in your discount code and you could,do a percentage base or a fixed amount,so say percentage base you want to do 10,off you have that there you can see 10,off collections you can also do fixed,amounts so say if you want to do you,know,uh ten dollars off all collections you,could do ten dollars off we'll stick,with percentage at 10 off you can apply,this as well to specific collections or,specific products,um so say if you have a certain type of,sale maybe it's a summer sale you want,to apply it just to the summer products,or winter sale maybe you want to apply,this just to the winter collections of,products so you really have full,flexibility and customization into how,you want to build out your discounts,within Shopify you can also select,specific products so maybe if it's just,a certain product that you want to apply,this discount to we'll just click on all,collections and you also have a specific,minimum purchase amount so maybe if you,want you know people to spend at least,twenty dollars then they get ten percent,off uh with save 10 at least if you you,know they spend at least twenty dollars,these are all things that you can,include the nice thing about the summary,is that's how you could build out your,social media campaigns or you know your,Market your email marketing campaigns,you can then list out all these details,uh within your promotions so that,customers fully understand the discount,that you've created for your in store,you also have minimum quantity of items,so you could even select a at least they,have to purchase at least three items at,checkout or no minimum requirements so,it depends on the type of purchase,requirements you want to set we'll set,maybe minimum purchase to twenty dollars,you also have customer eligibility so,maybe if you you know reach out to,specific clients on a regular basis you,can give out specific customer discounts,um maybe in customer service you need to,create a specific discount for somebody,you can also do that as well or customer,segments even so building out your,analytics and your finances you know the,nice thing about these different types,of discounts is and creating things with,discounts is then it allows you to get a,better picture of how frequent people,are using this so all this discount data,then also goes into your analytics and,your finances to see you know what types,of discounts really move the needle in,your business so it's another good,factor of utilizing discounts is you,also then get that additional sales,insights and sales data for your,business so you can select certain,customer segments or just all customers,so you also have maximum discount uses,so maybe you want to limit it to the,first you know 100 people you know the,first hundred people get you know twenty,dollars uh off their order uh or sorry,you know if they spend at least twenty,dollars then they save 10 off their,order uh or they could save you know if,they spend you could turn off the,minimum purchase requirement just the,first you know 100 people get you know,20 off or something like that right,or 30 off let's just say they get 30 off,for the first 100 people you could limit,it to maybe the first 50 people or sorry,the first uh 30 people you know really,just depends on how you want to do it uh,we'll stick with the first hundred,people you could also limit it to one,use per customer so you know they can,one per customer first hundred uses you,can see all those details here uh save,10 you can also combine it with other,discounts so you can combine it with,other certain types of product discounts,as well as other shipping discounts,depends on you know the type of discount,that you're creating if it is able to be,uh combined,um it really just depends on how you,have other product discounts set up as,well you can also set specific start,dates so say for example you want it to,start just for the weekend you could set,it set at a certain day a certain time,maybe for those early birds you said at,3am you can set specific end dates as,well so the nice thing about this is you,can kind of set it and forget it with,your sales uh and your team you can set,things up ahead of time so that you know,what's going on for specific sales,Windows you can set up all these,promotions and discounts ahead of time,uh in your business so that when it,comes crunch time you don't have to,worry about it you can schedule these,out and have things set up ahead of time,to be ahead of the curve and ahead of,the ball when you are you know doing,your sales or setting up your discounts,so that's another nice also a nice,feature is the specific dates then all,you have to do is click on Save Discount,and it's probably going to tell us yeah,so we need to add a specific collection,so we'll just add home page this is test,store just for tutorials so you click on,Save Discount,oh we already have that one ah so we,need to do let's just save,uh save 30 I guess since it is actually,like 30 off so we'll save that and there,you go your discount is created now you,can also uh share this on social media,really easily as well uh let's go ahead,and take a look at some of the specific,uh other types of discounts so we also,have the amount off order uh we also,have uh buy X get Y and free shipping so,we'll take a look at these next ones so,we're going to take a look at amount off,order so as you can see here uh we have,this one save 10 is the amount off order,so this is really like a good one if you,want to do maybe an email marketing,promotion you can also see how many,times people use this specific discount,another nice feature within the discount,section is you can also filter uh based,on status method type combines with,start date times used and you really get,that additional data and uh tracking you,can also sort it by hey you know what,what discount have people used the most,over time you really get a lot of,additional insights you can also sort by,active scheduled or expired discounts as,well or search for specific discounts,within your online store as well so,taking a look at the amount off order,discount is the next one here so this,one here is off of you the total order,right so not limited to a specific,product or or product category like say,for example the other one was maybe,limited just to the summer catalog this,could be off the entire store so this is,really good uh if you're doing like an,email marketing promotion for new,customers you know one-time use per,customer uh then they get you know 10,off their order for that one-time use,and it can't be combined you know you,can set just set forever depending on,you know your staff you can also leave,additional comments here in the timeline,to give additional insights into maybe,if you edited something or changed,something within a discount as well,which is just a nice feature within,Shopify too so you get that uh extra,information here in insights uh managing,your online store so you know you can,set it to a maximum time in use as well,as I already mentioned before customer,eligibility specific customers purchase,requirements percentage or fixed amount,so you have those options as well this,is probably I would say the simplest,type of discount you can create is just,a order discount like a total order,discount that's the simplest now we're,going to be breaking down the automatic,discount so automatic discount makes the,most sense for like a site-wide sale,right so say for example for Black,Friday you needed to do a site-wide sale,uh overall you want to do let's just say,for Black Friday you want to do,automatic so customers the nice thing,about automatic is they don't need to,type in a specific discount code at,checkout which really you know saves a,lot of time for your customers makes,things a lot easier on your end so that,you know everybody gets the discount,right no one's missing out or anything,like that,and you can set it for a specific time,range so say hey you're doing your,promotions you're going to have a Black,Friday sale uh it'll automatically apply,at a certain day and time so we can set,that here in the active date so you can,set hey this is going to start at this,day at this time starting you know here,and it's going to end at 11 59 pm on,this day so you can easily add this to,your marketing campaigns to make it,clear to your customers when your,discounts exist and what that time frame,looks like so automatic discount as you,can see here of course for Black Friday,is set up the percentage so let's just,say 30 off all of a specific collection,maybe it's 30 off all summer products,right maybe you're clearing out things,for the winter time say you know you,could set that up as well in your,collections uh as well you can have a,minimum quantity of items or just a,minimum purchase amount maybe they need,to spend at least fifty dollars to get,30 off of the summer collection or you,could even set up a collection that,includes all your products if you want,to do that as well uh within Collections,and Shop fi you can really add any type,of products that you want to your,collection so you have that flexibility,as well you can combine it with other,discounts so here we don't have any,other discounts to combine it with but,you do have that option as well so this,is a great feature just if you want to,do like a site-wide sale automatically,applies amount off you know products,then that's way one way you do it with,product based discount another good way,to do this I would say if you are doing,a site-wide sale probably makes more,sense you know depending on if you're,trying to limit it to a certain catalog,or product then you do the product based,discount you know if you want it off of,a certain collection if you just want it,off the entire site then you just set it,as an order discount so that's the,difference between product versus order,discount product is just for a specific,product or a set of products an order,discount is off of the total order so if,you're just trying to do a site-wide,sale off of any order then you're going,to want to make sure you do that as an,order discount now moving into the next,one a lot of people love this one this,is by X get y so this is kind of like,your BOGO at the grocery store you know,buy one get one free so you can easily,set this up so if a customer buys X item,right or if they spend at least a,certain dollar amount uh they you know,minimum purchase amount then they get a,free thing so let's just say if they,you know you could set this to specific,products or or certain collections as,well but let's just say you know they,spend at least thirty dollars uh then,they also get a free necklace right you,could do that as well so they get a free,of a specific item so you could select,that item if they spend at least thirty,dollars you get a free necklace right or,a free ring uh or if you have a certain,item maybe they buy at least one of,something then they get one of that for,free of this you could set up it could,be the same item like a buy one get one,free of the same item uh you can have,that set up as well,um or like I said you have the minimum,purchase so at least thirty dollars and,they get a free necklace so or you could,even do it at a discounted value so,maybe it's buy one get one fifty percent,off or buy one get one for you know,twenty percent off or something like,that so you have that flexibility here,you also can set a maximum number of,uses per order so maybe you know limited,the BOGO is limited three times they can,get a free you know buy one get one free,up to three times so that's another,limitation you can set here as well you,really can get detail as to how you want,your discounts to apply and to create,this which really just helps bring in,you know return sales as well if you're,doing new promotions hey this is what's,on sale this week you have a lot of,flexibility within Shopify as to,building out you know specific discounts,this is really one of the coolest ones,the whole buy X get y thing a lot of,people like this one um so you can set,up specific you know combinations,maximum discount uses same same as the,other features uh the other discount,specific customers and you easily set,the active dates so right start date end,date you have that flexibility as well,within buy X get y so,yeah the whole setup you really have a,lot of flexibility by by X get y buy one,get one free buy one get one uh half off,uh spend a certain dollar amount or a,certain item that they're buying like,you really have the world is your oyster,as to what you want to build out so,moving in last but not least so that is,the buy X get y discount we're just,gonna leave the unsave those changes uh,then last but not least after the buyix,get why we also have free shipping so a,shipping discount now this is one most,similar to like an Amazon if you spend a,certain dollar amount maybe then they,get free shipping so if you spend at,least let's just say uh thirty dollars,uh then you get you know free shipping,right so you can set up free shipping uh,as well or shipping base discount,um now you can also exclude this,um as well if you want to you know if if,the shipping let's just say someone,orders like a big and the shipping is,going to cost you more than the profit,margin of the item you can also exclude,shipping rates over a certain dollar,amount or maybe if a customer is in,another country it's going to cost you a,lot of money to ship that item then it,will automatically like you know cancel,out the free shipping if you if the,shipping rate exceeds a certain dollar,amount so if the shipping rate exceeds,twenty dollars it'll automatically,cancel it and it won't work you know if,it excludes that then the discount won't,apply uh or the free yeah the free,shipping discount then won't apply you,can also generate you know like every,other one it'll just keep it as free,shipping,as the discount code free shipping or,free shipping so this is the shipping,discount uh so that's a nice feature as,far as you know making sure that you're,still profitable on certain sales so,that hey you know if you're not going to,be profitable you can set it to exclude,you know shipping rates and make sure if,it's only if you know the shipping rate,is under 20 then they'll get free,shipping if the shipping rate's over a,certain dollar amount then hey sorry you,can't get free shipping so that makes a,bunch of sense just so that you know you,can make sure you remain profitable on,your sales uh and you of course can also,set up you know specific customer,eligibility you know maximum discount,uses cus uh combinations as well if you,want to combine it with other sales and,start and end dates you could just set,it to start once you create it you can,set start immediately and set it as,active so that's another feature that it,shows you right within Shopify uh and,you also you know the shipping discounts,another great type of discount we're,just gonna leave this here so as you can,see here you could sort by status as,well created by date you really have,like easy management of all your,discounts right here uh whether it be,automatic a code based discount active,scheduled or if it's no longer active,and it is expired so yeah hopefully you,guys found this video helpful if you did,be sure to smash that like button and if,you haven't already signed up with,Shopify I do want to mention that first,link down the description box below, forward slash Shopify,I'll take you right over to a Shopify,free trial now chances are you probably,already have Shopify if you're watching,this video so this hopefully helps you,set up your discounts create discounts,that need you more sales in your online,store guys once again smash that like,button hit the Subscribe Button as well,and notification Bell so you're notified,whenever I upload a new video guys that,is all for today's video and I will see,you in the next one peace out

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