how to add coming soon product on shopify

Setup Pre-Order on Shopify | Sell Preorder, Out-of-Stock,Sold Out & Coming Soon Product App Tutorial

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Setup Pre-Order on Shopify | Sell Preorder, Out-of-Stock,Sold Out & Coming Soon Product App Tutorial

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Setup Pre-Order on Shopify | Sell Preorder, Out-of-Stock,Sold Out & Coming Soon Product App Tutorial

this video is sponsored by app maker app,maker is a shopify app that converts,ecommerce website to mobile app the,mobile app builder helps you create,native android and ios mobile,application get an opportunity to grab,15 off by being the first 200 signups,get the link in the description so,welcome to educate e-commerce your,one-stop destination for shopify,tutorials and e-commerce solutions so,today in this video i'll be talking,about pre-ordering and how you can,retain your customers even when your,products are out of stock,so when some products are out of stock,you can make them make the products,available in an immediate notice and,also after a few times when the stock is,back,so there are different methods that you,can use so you can either,ask them to order the products even if,you are out of stock and also you can,also choose to have a pre-order settings,uh saying the customers that it will be,available only after a certain few days,so uh you can use both of these methods,so we'll be seeing how you can implement,those in your shopify store so as you,can see this is a product and here this,product is out of stock,so uh this can be of two reasons uh,because of the inventory out of stock,and also because of the production less,so uh to tackle both of these both of,these problems we'll be us having a,solutions and we'll be implementing that,so if you like this video give a big,thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe,so uh let's go to our store and here,let's uh take the product that that is,in out of stock so here we have a unique,setting by the uh shopify so here as you,go down in the inventory section you,will be seeing that the continue selling,even when out of stock so you can choose,that and if you just save it you will be,able to order those order that,particular product and uh like even the,products out of stock you can still uh,have the customers to order that again,so i'll just refresh this page as you,can see here this product is out of,stock but still you will be able to add,this uh you will be able to add this to,your cart and buy this product,so uh this is by when when you can,source that product immediately even,without a delay in the inventory,so uh what if you have your product and,that product will be available only,after a 10 to 15 days period so you can,make the products a pre-order or if you,are uh making a product available uh in,a particular collection which you are,releasing we are you are supposed to,release after a few days you will be,needing a pre-order button so by default,we can't add a pre-order button but you,we are using an app to enable that so,for that let's go to our store let's go,to sales channels and add a new app,here let's visit the app store,it's for a pre-order of app,let's search for that,and the app that we are going to use is,the pre-order now option so let's click,on to that and install this,i'm going to add the app,so you can install it,and once installed you will be taken,into the pre-order app dashboard so it,is a very simple setting with a very few,options and so hence you will be able to,configure it very easily,so we have our product space there and,we have our pre-order button here so,here,what you can do what you need to do is,you need to get started with a pre-order,for a particular product so you can just,search for a product i'm going to search,for the same product that,was uh,that was having,the pre-order option,so here in this product the pre-order is,disabled this is a product that was out,of stock so i'm going to edit this,so here you'll be able to see that the,inventory quantity is 0 0 so you can,just enable the pre-order for this,variant and save the setting,so after saving the saving the settings,let's go to this product,in the storefront,so here now you will be able to see that,the product is uh given as pre-order now,so i'm just clicking onto the pre-order,option right here and this product will,be added to the cart so this is the,pre-order option that we have so uh to,in in order to enable that this uh this,particular button for example this one,the,uh continue selling out of stock product,uh should be enabled uh in order to,enable the pre-order option so if you,want to do this in bulk you can just,click on to or you can suggest select,all of the products uh click on edit,products,and here you can just add the field,and,continue selling when out of stock,and you can just uh,go and enable all the products that you,can sell after uh,even after the products are out of stock,so uh this this doesn't mean that you,have to enable this to all of the,products but uh whichever products is,applicable you can just enable the,pre-order option and with the help of,the app you will be able to add the,pre-order option as well,so this uh this is one setting where you,can enable uh the pre-order option,when going back to your home page in the,dashboard,so here you will be able to see the,analytics how many pre-orders are there,and how many uh pre-order product values,are there and all of these analytics you,will be able to see in the pre-order,dashboard itself so next we have another,option of all products uh by enabling,this particular option you you will be,able to add pre-order option on all of,the products inside your store so all of,the product will have a pre-order option,when the product is out of stock so,enable to enable that you can start your,14 day free trial i'm just going to,click on the my 14 day free trial to,show you how this is going to look like,so once your free trial is enabled uh,you can just go to the all products,section and here all you have to do is,you have to enable this particular,setting and save it so that all of the,product inside your store is enabled for,the pre-ordering when the stock is zero,or the inventory quantity is zero,so that is the one setting and it'll,take some uh time to create the all the,pre-order settings for all of the,products,so again if you want to do a single,product if you want to enable uh for a,particular single product you can enable,it from here,uh now you can also enable it for,particular tags so if you are releasing,a collection uh for example uh any of,the collection that you are going to,release and it's there in your website,you can just pre-order setting for a tag,so you can just click on to new,pre-order settings so you can add the,tag here,you can add the tag whichever tag is,existing inside your store for example,plans,is a tag inside my store i'm just going,to say settings so all of the product,that has the tag of plans will be,enabled for the pre-order so you can do,that as well so since i have already,enabled all of the products,every product will have pre-ordering but,instead if you have a particular,settings you will be uh also seeing that,analytics related to all of the,pre-orders you can just click onto,pre-orders and it will be taking into,you to the order section where all the,pre-order uh will be available right,here so all of the list of the products,that are pre-ordered will be available,in a particular tag so you can you will,be able to fulfill that once the,products are in stock,so that the one thing about this,pre-order app,then we'll have the settings we'll just,go through the settings so there are,default settings pre-order emails styles,advanced settings etc so you can custom,make your uh buttons and if you can add,the message uh delivery into three days,after availability is a most common,thing so you can also uh,available,by feb 15 that's also another uh,pre-order message that you can add so,you'll be able to uh see this in the,below uh add to cart button above to cat,button or how you can how you want to do,that it'll be available right there,so also uh if you want to enable,inventory management you can do that so,yeah this happens when uh when your,inventory of the shopify is above zero,your pre pre-order button is 0 will be,shown and,once the inventory reaches 0,the pre-order butter will be disabled,until it goes above 0. so once the,inventory value is above 0 1 2 3 or any,numbers that will be disabled also you,can uh have another option where uh when,when the when it's zero you'll your i2,card button will be shown so uh this is,a very general thing so you can enable,it or disable it again with the method,one or the method two however that,constrains you,so now you can also add a batch so like,for example if i just enable the pads,there will be a ribbon or rectangular,circle type badge you can just click on,to pre-order available here a badge will,be there giving a pre-order available so,you can customize this according to your,need,and preorder i will just make it slow,small so you can just see that so,rectangle uh circle so this is what it,looks like for each of the products,so uh that is uh done then you have a,pre-order period so you can set the,pre-orders for a particular uh date and,start date and end date for particular,products so you can also do that uh,again the pre-order emails so if you are,placing an email for both of the,customer and and the uh the storefront,and you can enable the emails,so you for that you can go to the email,setting we'll just come to that and also,if you are enabling pre-order for,particular product you can also as uh,give your customers a certain discount,rate so i'm just going to give a five,percent discount,for all of the pre-orders that uh comes,in my way so that's that's another thing,and you can also get the stock warnings,when the uh,prevent customer you can prevent the,customers from ordering more when the,pre-order stock is available so this can,be given as five or three or how many,numbers that your customers needs you,will be able to see that,so again if you are if your customers,are,giving orders of mixed products for,example two pre-order products and uh to,our in-stock products you can use the,settings to give them a warning message,on uh how how the cart has mixed,cart and how you will not be receiving,the pre-order products in that,particular time,so that's another thing and there are,some other collection as well you can uh,settings as well you can add a,collection page for this so you can,display badges or the home page or,collection page for the pre-order,available items as well,so that's it and also the cart label so,in the cart label setting,make your customers aware that these,product is a pre-order item,so i'm just going to save the setting,i have just saved the setting so we,we're supposed to go to the pre-order,emails right so in the pre-order email,you can send the email to your customers,so how many uh you can just activate it,for uh your customers on how the email,should be there and how it should be uh,like the,product they ordered as a pre-order,product and how uh you are,you will be receiving that product only,after a few days you can craft that,email right here the price the quantity,you can just edit the mail how you want,and then you can add some pre uh,frequently asked questions in the email,settings so that's about the pre-order,emails now for the styles you can uh,custom make the style uh style of the,pro,style of the button the message,and also the badge so how whichever,color whichever uh,like button text color should match your,match your theme you can customize it,according to that after all these,settings let's go back to our product,again so here we have this product that,is in out of stock,so in the storefront you will be able to,see that this order uh is now available,for pre-order and it is applicable for,all the products that are out of stock,in my store so this is a very easy,simple app that you can use to add a,pre-order option for your collection,your upcoming uh kosher or release or,anything and still help you customer,retain your customers and make the,customers curious for the products that,you want them to buy so i hope you like,this video if you like this video give,up a thumbs up and don't forget to,subscribe we'll come up with more videos,on shopify and e-commerce soon and stay,tuned bye

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