how to add affiliate links to shopify

How to Create Affiliate Marketing Links on Products Shopify (Simple) in this video i'm going to show

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How to Create Affiliate Marketing Links on Products Shopify (Simple)

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how to add affiliate links to shopify catalogs

How to Create Affiliate Marketing Links on Products Shopify (Simple)

in this video i'm going to show you how,you can add affiliate links to your,shopify store,let's say that you're selling products,and you want to set up affiliates so,that,influencers or anyone can promote the,product and earn a commission,so that you can generate more revenue,that's exactly what i'm going to do,and show you in this video alright so,you want to go to your shopify store,click on apps then click visit the,shopify app store right there,and there we go so if you're on a new,store,you would need to choose your account so,this is just a test account that i set,up but there we go,click on ok and then what you want to do,is simply search for affiliate,just like that that should be enough and,then there we go,so you'll find all of the apps that are,available now you'll see that some of,them,do have free plans available others do,have free,i mean like yeah free trials so the one,i recommend using is this one,affiliate marketing go affiliate pro,click add app right there you can see it,has a 4.8 star review out of five,um with more than yeah like eleven,hundred reviews so this is definitely a,great app so you wanna click add app,on the store which is then gonna install,on your actual store so just a moment,this might take a while,but it shouldn't should be done in just,a few minutes,let's see okay so you can see it's,installing right now we can see the bar,going,and there we go click install app and,please wait again,there we go,and there we go installation was,successful click get started,you can pretty much set this up so how,familiar are you with affiliate,marketing,this all depends on you i'm not sure,who you are right now right but just go,through all of this so i'm just gonna do,just like that create new affiliate,account,click on that link and you can go ahead,and create an account and this is also,what you can send to your,influencers or the people that you want,to promote your product right,so what you can do is simply go to,dashboard,skip setup for now and this is where you,can set up,the affiliate portals so if you're if,you want to start working with a new,um promoter influencer whatever that may,be you can send them a link and they can,then sign up for an account,and they can then start promoting your,products that are in your store,and you can see who's actually selling,that and then right there you can also,see the stats,from those affiliates so you can see how,many orders,they've generated the revenue and how,many affiliates you have for 24,hours seven days and then also 30 days,now they will guide you through the,entire process you can see,you can change links you can do all of,it but the main thing here is simply,click,right there it will then send them to,your affiliate portal and they can then,start working,with that specific platform and create,their accounts so that's how you can set,up,affiliate links for your shopify,products for new affiliate promoters if,this video helps you out make sure you,go ahead and leave a like on the video,let me know if you have any questions,and then i'll see you next time have a,good day

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