how to add adsense to shopify

How to Add Google Adsense Custom Ads to Shopify Store hello and welcome my name is amulya and,you ar


Updated on Jan 15,2023

How to Add Google Adsense Custom Ads to Shopify Store

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How to Add Google Adsense Custom Ads to Shopify Store

hello and welcome my name is amulya and,you are watching,tubemint in this video i'm going to show,you how to add,custom display ads to shopify store,on different sections like products page,and,articles page so on shopify store the,first priority,must be to sell more products right but,at the same time,if you're getting lots of traffic but,you,you kind of not converting then,you want to leverage that traffic you,want to make,at least some amount of money,from those traffic so in this,case what you should do you should,display,custom ads on your pages or,articles whatever getting the most,traffic,so let's go ahead and do this the first,thing is that you must have,added the,google adsense head record,in your shopify store header so i'll go,ahead and show you where you can add it,but this video is specifically for those,people who want to add,custom ads to their shopify store,on different template it could be like a,products template or articles,now let's go ahead and do this so first,thing first you go ahead and log into,your adsense account,and under ads go to overview,and then by add unit and then click this,display ads so basically you want to,create a new,ad unit and the format is going to be,display and,here you can simply say,shopify product,display ads,and then you can select,what kind of format you need i think,this is going to be the best one,and then this also needs to be kind of,responsive,for different screen size and then you,simply say create,and this is the code you can simply copy,the code and this,is copied to clipboard and then,this is html format,make sure you go with the html format so,copy,and we are going to add it to the,product,uh template shopify template so go to,your admin area,login and,then under home section,you will see you are off to a great,start which is under,you've got few options go to customize,theme,customize theme again,and we need to edit some code add some,code to the,product template now,we can go ahead and click actions and go,to edit code,and here we are under,so this is theme template layout sorry,and then we have templates,so we have header template so if you,have not,yet added the,google adsense header code for your,specific,website go ahead and add that code to,this header section okay,so header liquid section template,basically,which is under sections,under sections header but,for this newly created,display custom adsense,and we will add it to,product or liquid which is under,template star templates folder,so you have to figure out where you want,to,put it so we are going to put at the,very bottom of the,product okay so go ahead and paste that,display shopify product display ads and,save it,and this will make sure that,your product pages,have a custom display ad type,from where from products so as soon as,somebody clicks on products,these are just demo products so i don't,have okay share the preview,hide the bar so as soon as you hit on,the somebody hits on the product page,he or she will be able to,see that and and you'll be able to make,some money off that,so that's the first way the second way,you can add it to your,uh what template articles template so we,have,articles article.liquid,what i'm going to do uh so this is kind,of,same thing i would suggest to go ahead,and create a new,add display ad type and before you do,that,hit done and this is going to be kind of,article shopify,store name article ads,then select the format type and create,done,and then go ahead and copy that code,and then go to article.liquid,this time and, so before comment you want to,have this,sorry what was that the code so similar,code like this,i would suggest to create a new ad for,each template otherwise,google might display similar,like same,ads on both templates and,you might end up making less money of,that,so just you should have two varieties,and then you can experiment which one is,making,more and then then switch,like put the same,code on both templates now this has been,added to article,dot liquid go ahead and,save it and now you should be kind of,displaying,ads on products each products and,each articles all right so that's it for,this video guys if you have any,questions suggestion leave in the,comment below i will try to answer it,asap thank you for watching,bye for now

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