how to add a blog to your shopify store

How to Add a Blog to Your Shopify Store & Why You NEED a Blog for Your Online Store in 2020 have you

Alicia Rafiei

Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Add a Blog to Your Shopify Store & Why You NEED a Blog for Your Online Store in 2020

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How to Add a Blog to Your Shopify Store & Why You NEED a Blog for Your Online Store in 2020

have you got a blog for your online,store if not you have to get one set up,pronto,in today's video I'll be going through,why do you need to have a blog for your,online store and how to get one set up,for your online store today hi my name,is Alicia and here I share tips tricks,and tutorials to help you turn what you,love into watch yourself,so you're knocked over of last year,LOB's released an article listing the,top marketing trends for 2020 this list,included shoppable post augmented,reality personalization interactive,posts video content and a few other,trends but the trend that stood out to,me most was content marketing the,article reads 4-years content is king,has been the axiom of digital marketing,as we move into 2020 it continues to be,true high-quality content allows you to,show your expertise and communicate with,your customers from a place of authority,your content is also what search engines,provide to searches online so continuing,to produce high quality content is a,must so creating content marketing or a,blog is a way for you to create,authority in your market to prove to,your customers that you are the leader,in your field you may have heard around,the block that blogs are dead but this,really couldn't be further from the,truth good and valuable content can be,seen as highly valuable and by adding it,to your store you're more likely to,attract the attention of your potential,customers and you don't have to think of,your blog in the traditional sense,either think of it more from the content,point of view just like you would share,details of your business or brand on,social media use your blog to create,insights into your business for example,if you were selling hair bows for young,girls aged between one and five let's,say could you create a blog post with a,video tutorial demonstrating how to use,the bows,could you create a free download,resource that lists the top 5 hair,trends for young girls could you create,a post listing details about the boats,like what fabrics you use or maybe lists,what makes your bows special what about,a post to foster engagement interaction,could you create something where you,post a few images of the different,fabrics that you're thinking of creating,the boys with and then get your,customers to choose their favorites and,then you could use them for your next,product launch the possibilities are,endless here but the key is to create,amazing value to wow your potential,customers okay so now that you,understand the importance of having a,blog let's run through the steps on how,to add it to your Shopify store let's,jump you to my computer now and I'll,show you how it's done okay so once,you're logged into your Shopify,dashboard you'll want to head down here,to where it says online store just click,on that and it'll open up a drop-down,menu then you'll want to head down to,where it says blog posts so just click,on blog posts this will then open up,your blog posts screen so to create a,first blog post or article you'll want,to just press this button here it says,create blog post so let's just click on,that and this will open the editor where,you can create your blog post you'll,notice that it's very similar to how the,other pages are laid out in Shopify so,this should be familiar to you if you've,used Shopify before so I want to mention,that before you create your blog post,articles I would suggest mapping out the,exact post before you start uploading it,into Shopify I usually create a Google,Doc where I write out all my copy make,notes of what images I would like to,include and any links to products or,opt-ins so now I'll just give you an,overview of what you can do and how you,can create a blog post for your online,store so here at the top you've got the,title so I'm just going to add in a,title here,so I can creative here to captivate your,customers attention and entice them to,open up the blogpost here under content,is where you can have a little fun,instead of just adding your blog post,copy why not add a few images click here,where it says insert image to insert an,image and instead of just uploading a,regular image why not get creative,here's a free design software like canva,to upload your images with texts and fun,overlays to make it more enticing for,your blog readers if you have videos you,can insert them here by just clicking,the insert video button here are all the,formatting buttons these are pretty,generic so just have a player around,with them to get your blog post looking,just the way you like it I'll add a,little bit of information and some,images now so we can have a little,example going so just follow the content,section you have a space to add your,excerpt this is where you can add a,summary of the post that will appear on,your home page or blog page to add this,just click here where it says add,excerpt and this is where you would add,in your information,if you would like to add an image to go,along with your blog post just scroll up,to the top here and see here where it,says featured image just go upload image,and then just select the image that you,would like so just below the featured,image so just below the featured image,you can also edit the details of the,main blog here under organization you,can select and create different authors,for your blog just by clicking this here,at the moment I've just got the one,author you can also create different,blogs or add tags if you need to create,categories for your blog once you've,created your blog post and are happy,with all the settings and how it looks,head on over to the top here and where,it says visibility you'll want to set it,as visible so just click that and then,as soon as you save it it'll upload if,you don't want to publish straightaway,you can actually set it to publish at a,later date just click here where it says,set a specific publish date and you can,include the date and the time for now,we'll just leave it as to be published,straight away so that's just great clear,date so once that's all done let's just,hit save now if we're going to have a,look at our online store just click this,I button here to open it up as a preview,you'll notice that the blog doesn't,appear here in the main navigation and,that's because we still have to add it,and if we just scroll down here you'll,notice that the blog is nowhere to be,seen so let's now go ahead the blog to,our main navigation so let's go back to,our Shopify dashboard and here where it,says navigation just click on navigation,and we want to add the blog to our main,menu so in here we'll just click main,menu and let's just scroll down to the,bottom here if you need additional help,on setting up your navigation and menus,for your Shopify store check out my,video tutorial I'll leave a link here on,the screen and in the description box,below so you can check it out later but,for now let's just add a new blog by,clicking here on the main menu and then,add menu item we're going to call it,blog and we want to link it to our new,blog so,click link and here where it's got blog,you can link it to all of your blog,posts or just certain blog posts but for,now we want to link it to all of our,blog articles so just click blogs and,then news because it's created under the,news blog now we want to click add to,add it to our main menu and then we want,to save that okay let's check out our,updated online store by clicking here on,the I button again and there we have it,our blog has now been updated into our,main menu navigation so let's click on,blog and check out our new article and,here we are so the title was the my,first blog post that's the image that I,uploaded to go along with the excerpt so,that's the excerpt example here and now,let's go to read more to open up the,article in the content I actually added,a couple of different formats too just,so you can get a better example of how,it looks so just a couple of different,heading formats and just regular titles,and then also I added a link in here too,now depending on what theme you have,will depend on how your blog article,looks the good thing about sugarfire is,that your fonts and your colors they,will all match up with your online store,so you can have the cohesiveness that,you want with a professional online,store ok so there we have it friends a,quick and easy tutorial on how to set up,your blog for your Shopify store what,kind of content are you planning to,upload in your blog for your Shopify,store I would love to hear about it so,please feel free to leave a comment,below and if you like this video then,you might be interested in my tutorial,video on how to add an Instagram feed to,your homepage as this is a great way to,promote your authority and build that,know like and trust with your potential,customers you can head over and watch,that video now by clicking the link in,this screen ok I'll see you over there,bye for now

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