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The 12 Best Shopify Store Examples To Inspire Entrepreneurs if you're on the journey of building,you

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

The 12 Best Shopify Store Examples To Inspire Entrepreneurs

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The 12 Best Shopify Store Examples To Inspire Entrepreneurs

if you're on the journey of building,your own business here are 12,exceptional shopify store examples to,give you a bit of inspiration,and i'll also give you some tips on how,you can get your store on their level,hi i'm creative strategist michelle,bally i've helped countless small,businesses create,and optimize their shopify stores so in,today's video we're going to be looking,at some of the best stores out there,and how you can apply these ideas to,your own store,there are already set standards when it,comes to how ecommerce sites are built,so look at what other brands are doing,to follow best practices for design,ux navigational flow on-site marketing,copywriting and photography,you don't need to recreate the wheel but,instead just get inspiration from other,existing ecommerce stores,and that's going to save you some time,and effort so what i do when i'm,creating an ecommerce store for a client,is i look at what's already out there,but i also keep in mind that nothing,truly great,and memorable in this world is a copy so,let's just look at these stores as a,baseline,in no particular order let's hop into it,all right so let's start with spencer,badu spencer badu is a gender-neutral,clothing label,his shopify store is really well,optimized for mobile shopping so,let's take a look at why that is so as,you can see his website is optimized for,mobile meaning things are,fitting and flowing really nicely on the,screen it's important to design mobile,first,designing mobile first means that you're,starting off your designs by looking at,it on a smaller screen,and then looking at how it will appear,on a desktop this might feel backwards,but it is important because more and,more people are using their phones to,shop,to ensure that your website looks good,on mobile make sure that you're clicking,this mobile view button right here,as you're designing your store in,shopify alright so jumping back to,spencer's website he includes an email,signup form,it's also great that he includes only a,few necessary fields,making this section as concise as,possible which is respectful of people's,time when filling out the forms on,mobile,and that's also going to lessen the,likelihood of people just getting,frustrated,and exiting out all right so let's go,shopping so,i'm gonna add this to the cart and what,i like is that he has a pop-up that,allows you to tap to continue shopping,this makes it super easy for people on,mobile to go back to the main shopping,page,now this might seem like a simple,addition but the more seamless that you,make your website with small editions,the longer you're going to keep a,customer on your online store,and the longer people are on your online,store there's a better chance of a,customer seeing that purchase,confirmation page,so i'm ready to make a purchase so let's,see how this checkout experience is,okay wow so this is really easy to,quickly update what's in my cart by,number,or just by completely removing the item,and i have many options to pay,immediately or i can just continue to,check out,and when i continue to check out the,form looks super simple and really easy,to use,so the nice thing about shopify is that,most themes if not all,come with a pretty standard and pretty,seamless checkout experience,whereas with other platforms custom,coding is involved,shopify has this feature already built,in the importance of having an online,store that's really easy to use on,mobile can be the difference between a,lost sale,and a purchase,so greenhouse juice co sells healthy,sustainable juices and their website is,super functional so,let's take a look at it all right let's,go over here to navigation,so they're using sub navigation which,helps clean up the main navigation and,not make it look too cluttered,and now i can choose to shop by category,having intuitive navigation like this is,extremely important in keeping people on,your website,longer i know i've definitely rage quit,a website because i just couldn't get to,where i was going so,try using some of these common,categories in your main nav,use shop about contact,the search function blog and shopping,cart,in your sub navigation include product,categories different about topics like,our story,faqs and locations and then the footer,nav,is traditionally saved for items like,privacy policy,refunds and shipping faqs and wholesale,inquiries,so a little bit of the drier stuff,now delivery will keep customers engaged,during social distancing,delivery can be a logistical nightmare,both for the business and the customer,so they have done a really good job of,just simplifying it here,they break down the process in detail,and they have a zoning map and contact,information for any questions,now i'd like to see more about how they,built their store so i'm going to go,into an app called shopify inspector,this is a google chrome app that's free,to install,and right off the bat i can see that,they're using an app called lucky orange,lucky orange is a shopify app that gives,you heat maps of where people are,clicking,and screen recordings of how people are,using your website,you can literally see people shopping on,your site with this app and it's going,to help you determine if you need to,make any changes to your website,so you might be able to see why people,are leaving your store,or if people are searching for things,you just don't carry and if the checkout,process is too long,when you get in front of the screen and,start building your shopify store,keep these tips in mind and make your,store as functional as possible,all right let's take a look at half moon,they sell yoga props and wellness,accessories and this store has done,an amazing job of finding a niche,category of products to sell,they went from the general topic of,health and wellness distilled it down to,yoga,and then they boiled it down even,further to props for yoga,now the result of this for any business,is a loyal engaged and focused following,by sticking to a niche they've also,opened themselves up for opportunity to,wholesale,you can see that they have a wholesale,portal that is password protected,wholesaling is a great way to diversify,your revenues,so if you're looking to create a,wholesale portal like this one check out,shopify apps like wholesaler and,wholesale club,okay let's head over to vitale vitale is,a jewelry brand with experimental,designs now,the reason that i wanted to visit this,page is because they have stunning,visuals,look at these lifestyle photos the,styling the lighting,choice of models and the choice of set,are all super well thought out,look at these colors and the camera,angles they've even incorporated the use,of video with special effects,now we all know that video keeps people,engaged longer so make sure that you're,including video on your website,this video here is a lifestyle video,meaning the focus is on the feeling of,the brand,rather than just shoving product imagery,down your throat the reason that this,lifestyle content is so effective is,because it allows a consumer's ego to,identify with a brand's personality,this type of marketing is more complex,and definitely more conceptual,as opposed to rolling out a product demo,video that you might find on the,shopping channel,their product photos are also amazing,it's hard to tell but i believe they're,using a mix of 3d rendering and,photography,so all in all storytelling through,photography will not only increase your,store's conversion rate,but a customer's loyalty and how they're,going to relate to you as a brand,silk willow is a sustainable wedding,decor online store one thing that they,do super well is their level of customer,service through customized orders,they have a separate page for custom,orders and the form includes space for,customers to narrate,what they need verbally and visually,through the use of inspirational photos,so this solution of digitally intaking,potential customers is a great,experience for the client,rather than endless emails back and,forth and games of phone tag,it's estimated that 85 of customer,service interactions are automated,so if your brand is all about personal,customer service this would be a,competitive advantage,make sure that you're letting people,speak to this by including a review page,like silicon willow,and also downloading a free review app,from the shopify app store,harris farm is a fresh grocery store,based out of australia,so i wanted to spotlight them because if,they were in school they would be an a,plus student,their ecommerce is an actual beast and,they're ticking every single box,so first of all they have a crazy robust,search function with thousands of,products,when i go ahead and search on their,website it doesn't feel overwhelming,which is definitely a hard thing to do,especially with that many skus,on top of their search function they,have their items really well organized,in the main navigation,the magnitude of options still feels,intuitive,if you have a ton of products and you,want to make it intuitive make sure that,you plan out a site map before you start,designing,a site map is a list of pages of a,website like a tree,with all the options that a user can,take on their journey,now let's take a look at their store,locations so each of these are clickable,and have specific details someone might,be looking for,like hours email the address and what,specials are on,and as if it couldn't get any better,they are absolutely killing it with,their content strategy,they have blog content and original,recipes,if we click in on a recipe it tells you,the products you need to create the dish,and a direct buy button right then and,there this method undoubtedly spikes,sales in particular items,let's navigate to the footer on a high,level we can see they have a vast range,of partners,a sustainability statement delivery,options and they perform email marketing,so i bet now you can see why they're,superstars in my books they are such a,well-rounded brand who obviously have,the human resources to make this,ecommerce site,such a smooth running machine be sure to,check out later and,that'll give you some inspo for your own,store,so worth loving is a clothing store that,focuses on a community of spreading love,one thing that i noticed about this site,is how cohesive the color palette is,so when i have color envy i like to use,a tool called colorzilla,which helps me identify the color,information on any given website,you can download this for free on the,google chrome plugins store,another way to create your website color,story is through color scheme designer,3.,it gives you the flexibility to choose a,color as the starting off point,and then based on the color theory it,will create a color scheme,where all the colors go really nicely,together it even gives you a very modern,looking website mock-up with your chosen,colors,i'm also a big fan of the classic fonts,that they use and to be able to detect,what font that they're using,download font ninja from google chrome,app store it's also a free to use tool,let's check out package free i love it,when a good brand gets rewarded for,their efforts and this brand gets tons,of traffic organically,i'm using a google chrome app called,similar web,which helps me see traffic insights for,any website they are consistently,getting two to three hundred,thousand visitors monthly so obviously,they're doing something right,so let's dive deeper into what that is,they're getting most of their traffic,from direct and search,direct means that people are typing in,their brand name into google,this indicates that they have a lot of,returning customers and people already,know who they are,but what really interests me is that it,looks like they're using seo really well,i can tell because a big chunk of their,traffic 32 percent,are finding them by search so customers,are typing in keywords into google,and they're landing on their page now,i'm curious to find out what keywords,they're targeting so,let's head over to moz's keyword,explorer tool when you're using moz's,keyword explorer tool you can uncover,what keywords other businesses are using,this will help you get a clear picture,of your competition strategy,but that doesn't mean that copying their,keywords will be right for your business,so back to it i'm going to drop in their,website here and we can see that they're,ranking number one for all of these,keywords,let's go back over to their website to,see where they're using the keyword,package free for example,i'm going to hit command f on my keyword,and type in the word package free which,will bring up how many times it is on,the page,so here on this product page they use it,four times,this store has 448 products so if,they're using it multiple times on each,product,that's going to be why they're ranking,for these keywords,let's do a little dance and hop back,into moz the difficulty of these,keywords are actually pretty,high which means that they have a lot of,clout with google their,trusted website in good standing with,google and you can do that for your,business too,you can take steps to increase your,search engine optimization,do your own keyword research by using,google keyword planner tool,go to get search volumes and forecast,and type in the words you think people,are going to be using to find the,products that you're offering,click historical metrics pay attention,to the competition column,and the average monthly searches column,the sweet spot is finding a keyword with,high average monthly searches and low,competition,these are the types of keywords that are,going to give you a good chance of,reaching the number one page on google,researching the right keywords will take,a few hours of your time but it's a,worthy investment in attracting new,customers,the detox market is a cult classic,beauty store for health conscious,shoppers,and they're doing subscription boxes,like no other company first of all,look at the sub branding they've taken,their recognizable logo and changed the,font up a slight,right off the bat they have the value,prop green beauty delivered to your,doorstep every month,and a call to action get the september,box,they use the next space to explain what,you get in the box and its value and,they give you another chance to,subscribe,and if that hasn't already convinced you,enough they introduce you to their plans,available,they do a really good job of summarizing,the difference between the plans,and sometimes giving too much,information in a small space can,overwhelm a shopper,and i think they've done a really good,job of just organizing this information,really concisely when it comes to,subscription boxes people tend to get,anxious,about cancellation policies so they're,transparent by explaining it front and,center here,then they continue to address any,questions or concerns in an faq section,if you are looking to get into the,subscription box game make sure that you,have a section to be able to address any,doubts that a consumer might be having,right then and there the one thing that,i would add here though,are pictures of past boxes so that,people know what they can expect to get,subscription boxes are a good way to get,semi-reliable recurring revenue,and introduce your brand to a new,customer so be sure to check out,,to see how they're doing it,kkw is kim kardashian's makeup line her,shopify store includes,a section called looks this is such a,valuable addition because,it gives shoppers the feeling of,scrolling through instagram while,shopping directly on her site,you can see finished looks on real,people in the community and then go,ahead and shop the look,verticals that take many products and,many steps to achieve a final outcome,like cooking home improvements and,fitness,should include a section like this,include a photo and a list of products,to help increase order sizes,okay one more thing that this website,does extremely well is that they employ,the use of reviews,now we all know that reviews go a very,long way,87 of shoppers place as much trust in a,product review,as they would if their friend was,recommending it to them so putting in a,few,extra bucks to get your review section,custom coded might pay off,and that's exactly what they did here,you can filter reviews by rating,whether it includes a photo or a video,how old the person is,what skin type they have and even what,skin tone they have this is such a,valuable tool that,i would even bump this right up before,the video but i think kim kardashian's,team knows what they're doing so,i'll leave it to them,streetwear brand better gift shop uses a,minimalist approach now,i wanted to include this example because,a lot of the sites that we've been,looking at have been pretty heavily,customized,better gift shop is a very successful,lifestyle brand with a pretty large cult,following,and they're running their ecommerce,store on a free theme called debut so,i wanted to show you that you can build,a successful ecommerce brand,without spending thousands of dollars on,all the bells and whistles,they have their entire product offering,laid out simply on their homepage,and if we click into one of the products,you can see that their product pages are,just,as simple they have a short and sweet,product description,a product shop that you can zoom in on,and a buy button and that's pretty much,it,this kind of a design that airs on the,simple side is a trend that's popping up,specifically in the fashion space so,if you're considering a less is more,approach i would just say go for it,if you're going to be carrying many,brands sort them as collections and then,make them part of a sub navigation,increasing the efficiency of the user's,navigational flow will decrease your,website's bounce rate,parkland is a sustainable bag and,accessory brand that uses recycled water,bottles to create their products,they are absolutely killing it because,their brand is centered around their,sustainability story,and they use that messaging to target,people who care about social good,i'm going to head over into the about a,section and the first thing that i see,is this really,cheeky engaging video that visually,explains their products,and how they're made all under 30,seconds they clearly know that their,audience are do-gooders,and the kind of copy that they use like,be a good apple and the information that,they choose to share like their working,conditions,are all centered around this heroic,brand image,so when you're deciding what kind of,wording and what kind of messaging to,incorporate,consider brand personality archetypes,common ones are the hero,the explorer the rebel and the regular,guy to figure out what your brand falls,under i'll have a link in the,description box below for a full list of,archetypes,follow these tips to communicate a brand,story that aligns with your audience's,mindset,this will increase the space that your,brand takes up in a niche community,marketing is a deep topic so if you're,interested in learning more,register using the link below to gain,access to a free,30-minute webinar that will help you,level up your marketing by changing the,way you think of your store's marketing,funnel,learn how to go from first day to first,sale in this free training course,hopefully you found this video,inspirational if you have your store,ready or semi-ready drop it in the,comment section below,and i will take a look give you some,feedback and get you on the road to,success,don't forget to like and subscribe so,that you don't miss out on any more tips,and tactics on how you can grow your,online business,here at learn with shopify we're a,channel for small business owners with,big plans,i'm your host michelle bally and i will,see you next time on learning shopify,you

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