how much does the average shopify store make per month

$0 To $1000/DAY PROFIT In 13 Days Dropshipping - (FULL REVEAL) - Shopify yo what's going on guys wel


Updated on Jan 22,2023

$0 To $1000/DAY PROFIT In 13 Days Dropshipping - (FULL REVEAL) - Shopify

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$0 To $1000/DAY PROFIT In 13 Days Dropshipping - (FULL REVEAL) - Shopify

yo what's going on guys welcome to new,video in which i'm gonna be doing,something i haven't done before which i,always say but uh i mean i've only done,like,nine or ten videos so far so you know i,haven't done a lot of things so in this,video i'll be showing you guys how i,took a product from zero to more than,one k day profit,in less than two weeks and i think,that's going to be really good for you,guys who are like beginners or learning,about stuff so yeah i think it's going,to be probably the most educational,video on my channel apart from like the,seven day challenge so right so the,point of this video is just to show you,guys like what's possible how i did the,facebook ads how i found the product,everything like that i'm not gonna be,showing you guys the exact product and,the reason for that is if i show you,guys the exact product that i was using,everyone's just gonna copy it and it's,just gonna stop working so there's,really no point in that if you guys,wanna see other winning products just go,to any product research tool and just,search up like,previous winning products and you'll see,what kind of products work and then you,can base your,research off of that let's go straight,into it all right so the first thing,that comes into getting a product to 1k,a day,is actually finding the product now this,can be done in many different ways now,i'm going to be showing you guys the,main way i find products personally but,you guys can do,anything else like you can find products,literally in real life and then,like see if someone's advertising them,or something but yeah you can like,search aliexpress you can use any tool,but i personally,always use drop a spy and i just go to,filters last seen winning products and i,scroll through now this,is the crucial part of the process it's,literally the hardest part but,you just want to keep scrolling and,searching for something that makes sense,that like has a decent margin,that you can see yourself um selling so,yeah,like you can literally spend like hours,upon hours just scrolling drop us by,messing around with the filters like,entering some keywords here and there,and the text search so if you want to do,like a fishing product you want to do,like fishing or,something related to fishing like lore,or whatever and here we go now we're,seeing like fishing products and then,you want to keep scrolling here as well,checking out the website so for example,this product right here we always want,to check the site,so you can see their ad the exact time,that's working and you click on shop now,and here we are we're on the site so,now you can analyze and see if there's,anything you can improve and uh if it's,worth running,always pay attention to the margin and,this product's pretty cheap so,cheap products work as well but i,personally go for like higher margin,products,and i mean this is literally how i found,the product so i was just scrolling here,adding some keywords,doing stuff like that and i ran into a,product i saw the margin was there i saw,their site wasn't good so i improved the,site i got some ads from top notch ads,which,you know is always linked to the,description and i ran the ads which,you're going to see,soon basically want to see proof of,concept that someone's been running,successfully and then you just want to,make everything better and run it,yourself so that's literally what i did,and the next step once you find the,product is obviously like validating,that you're going to be running it so,you want to see the margin everything,like that and once you find a product,that checks all your criteria,what i like doing personally is using,saturation inspector so i just go to,aliexpress find the listing,and then for example this watch there's,only 12 stores that are selling this,watch at the moment,it's not too competitive it's not,saturated but it is a watch so i,wouldn't sell it and they recently had,an update with the software so now it,also works with cj dropshipping and,alibaba in case your product's not on,aliexpress so if i click the extension,and we wait for it to load it says,there's 15 stores that are selling this,product currently um which is not too,many so this product is also good and,even if we go to alibaba we can also see,that like this products being sold by 12,people so,it's pretty untapped as well and yeah i,really like the update so if you guys,want to use the software yourself,there's a link in the description so,check it out that's all good,you want to start building the product,page or the store now i personally,mostly run general stores i do have like,one,one product store but uh yeah mostly,around general stores and the reason is,they're like the most time efficient and,i've tested it there's not really much,of a difference,if you take a bad product and you test,it on one product store and in a general,store,it's not gonna work on either one and if,you take a good product and you test it,on both,it's usually gonna work on both so don't,stress that too much and yeah so i,always recommend general stores for,beginners and the store itself was,pretty simple just like the beautify,theme and i wrote out a pretty decent,description for the product,nothing too fancy but just like answers,pretty much all the questions that,someone would have a quick word from,this video sponsor,cinder so if you guys are doing drop,shipping or doing like amazon fba,any sort of e-commerce whatever you're,doing you're gonna have to do accounting,and that sucks so bad like there's,something i don't like doing it's like,accounting and those like business,related obligations that everyone has to,do or you go to jail,so luckily there are apps like cinder,that help you like track at everything,totally automatically so you don't have,to worry about it it integrates with so,many things like i don't have time to go,over everything on the video so it also,integrates with like paypal and stripes,so you can track all of those like,transactions there as well and it also,integrates with like quickbooks and,similar software like xero and stuff so,you can automatically like keep track of,all your purchases and sends all the,data and everything you really don't,have to worry about anything and you're,also able to import like historical data,so in case you haven't done any,bookkeeping before and you're like,screwed you can just connect it and it's,going to automatically like sync all,your past,orders and stuff like that and if you,guys want to see a live demo i'll also,have that linked in the description,so yeah i mean if you guys are doing any,volume this is a must-have click the,link in the description check it out and,let's go back to the video i talked a,lot about like uh how to do it but like,let's go straight into the store itself,so i'm just gonna take you guys like day,by day because i know i would have loved,to see this uh when i was starting so,hopefully you guys do too i only ran,this product to like the british market,this is in the british currency june the,6th i launched the ads and i'll show you,guys how i launched them now what i've,done for the ads for the first day,is as i always do in my challenges and,everything like that seven ad sets at,like 10,a day one interest per ad set if you,guys want to see like more in depth,i think i went over in my 70 challenge,videos so check it out there but uh,yeah the cpms were pretty low um the ads,from the top notch has,been amazing the ctr was 2.31 and we,had like two purchases tracked on,facebook which like the tracking on,facebook has been pretty bad lately like,it varies from day to day sometimes it,like tracks a lot of purchases,sometimes it like miss tracks like 70 of,them so it is what it is you just got to,deal with it but uh here's my profit,loss,sheet the first date i made 72 uh we had,five purchases so facebook didn't track,three of them and i calculated,everything in uh,dollars just because that's what i,understand i want to know how much it,was worth in dollars i don't want to,know how much it's worth in british,pounds so yeah i just like,uh converted it and uh yeah this is,basically everything,so i made like 72 dollars the first day,which is a really good sign when you're,testing a product like to be profitable,on the first day of testing especially,for all the other metrics like the cpc,and everything that are looking good so,we're already at like 70,a day in profit and then the second day,comes yeah so the second day comes,we do like 636 pounds which is like i,think that's close to a thousand dollars,in sales and,uh it wasn't mostly this product it was,also another product so on the second,day uh for the ads i've added like,i think three more interests i'm just,like slowly scaling new interests,and uh attracts seven purchases ctr has,risen so it's like 2.9 which means,the ads are optimizing which is a great,sign the ros is three and uh,we spent 95 dollars to make back 300 so,facebook also converts like the pounds,into dollars so,the profit was 64 today we had like one,refund so i think that's why the,profit's lower but yeah,it was still doing pretty good like 64,dollars profit is decent and yeah so the,next day,we did like 20 dollars in profit which,is pretty bad so i don't want to go too,in depth on that day,june the 9th i've scaled the ads quite a,bit we have like 19,ad sets so yeah uh the ctr is pretty,good overall,and uh the cpc is pretty good uh 33,cents which is really good,and uh yeah we had like 10 track,purchases on facebook which gave us like,a 2.09 robots and we had like,849 pounds in sales which is across a,few products so this product,specifically had like 578 dollars in,sales and,uh it made for like 173 in profit which,is pretty good so,of course what i did i added like six,new assets so,i've been scanning it like kind of,slowly i didn't want to like do too much,but uh this day though,214 spent only tracked like four,purchases,0.77 roads portable results and in the,shopify,dashboard it did like overall 431 pounds,uh across all the products so a lot,worse than the day prior,and uh for this product it only did like,240 in revenue we lost 60,which is okay because we've been like,positive the other days yeah not,something you want to see,but it is what it is like facebook,fluctuates sometimes you just have like,a bad day,some days so you know that's how it is,but we're getting to the fun part now so,what i did for my facebook ads is i just,cut like the assets that did bad,yesterday so today we lost like 60 and i,just let the good ones run,um i may have added like a few new ones,i'm not 100 sure um and we spent 220,dollars,and attract 13 purchases which gave us,540,in sales 245 roads pretty good store,itself did like 600 pounds,in revenue and this product itself did,14 sales for six hundred and twenty,dollars with 181 dollar profit so that's,awesome we're back to being profitable,and we're very profitable like 200,almost so so for the 12th of june which,is like six days in,i scale the ads quite a bit we've got,like 29 assets which means the ad spend,is 281 dollars,and facebook only tracked like 10,purchases which is horrible 145 roads,which means this date was not profitable,at all and uh the store itself did like,546 dollars in pounds,at this point i'm mostly running like,this product another product got like,two sales so,not too crazy and the profit here is 213,dollars so i don't know what facebook,has been doing,like it tracked like a 1.45 roads but,it's actually been closer to like a,three row as so 213 dollars in profit,really good really good for now and yeah,let's move on to the next day so we're,on the 13th of june i scaled the ads,quite a bit we got,44 assets i think and we spent 448,dollars,tracked like 19 purchases so still a,really bad row as 175. i think that's,like barely profitable and 784 dollars,on purchases but we actually hit a,thousand,pounds i think facebook like mistracked,50 of the purchases or something it was,insane,and uh the profit on that was,77 318.77 so quite a big jump like 50,more than yesterday the first thousand,dollar revenue date and it like uh,jumped over a thousand quite a bit uh,1277. one thing you guys want to keep in,mind if you're ever selling like in a,different currency the payment,processing fees are going to be pretty,insane,so just keep that in mind but yeah the,next day is pretty fun as well so if we,go,over to june the 14th as you guys can,see the ctr is 3.47 which is really good,it's tracked 25 purchases,two roads 1222 in revenue and i had like,one cbo campaign running but uh that's,not really too important and uh we did,when i say we i mean like,me but uh yeah i did like thirteen,hundred dollars almost fourteen hundred,dollars in pounds,and sales which came out to be for this,product seventeen hundred dollars,close to like two thousand dollars in,sales and the profit on that ended up,being 500,or so so quite a big jump compared to,yesterday almost 200,more which is great and uh let's go into,the next day okay so june the 15th,across all the campaigns that i was,running because i had like a few cbo's,uh one for retargeting and stuff like,that facebook tracked,950 of ad spend which is obviously,accurate and,1300 of uh sales which is totally,unaccurate i think and like 31,purchase so let's just go into the,actual analytics so,here we go june 15th 1700 pounds which,is like over 2k,and dollars i think this was the first,2k day yeah so this day we did 2.2 k in,sales and 700 in profit which is great,again like huge jump compared to,yesterday um 200,more so that's awesome we're already,close to 1k a day profit and we're only,like nine days in,so so the next day which is june the,16th let's see across all the campaigns,we had a thousand hundred seventy five,dollars an ad spend with a one point,seven roas,two thousand dollars i don't even know,what i'm showing the raw as now because,it's totally inaccurate uh the cpc being,great the ctr four point twenty four,percent which is really good,really good this store i'm still running,another product but it's mostly this one,now and uh it's done 59 orders almost 2,000 pounds which is like,close to three thousand dollars or maybe,even more than three thousand dollars,yeah as you can see here it is and the,revenue was slightly higher than,yesterday but the ad spend was quite,higher so,i ended up being less profitable but,still very profitable 565 dollars in,profit,really good and we're really close to,the 1k day so let's see,so june the 17th 1300 spent to make back,like 2.5 k,1.89 roads great ctr great cpc,crossed 2 000 pounds so 2181 pounds,which is like this many dollars 2.7 k,revenue 730 dollars in profit,yeah so we're approaching the 1k day so,the 18th,we had 1400 in ad spend only track 37,purchases,one row as so that's horrible that's,like totally not profitable all the,other metrics looking good,and drumroll,than yesterday come on man what is this,so when you guys are running facebook,ads,it fluctuates from day to day and uh it,is how it is like i'm talking about like,if you guys are beginners because i know,what i was expecting before like running,any products is like you run a product,and it like consistently gets better,every day,but no it's like go goes up and down so,you got to be ready for things like this,and the profit on this was uh we didn't,have the 1k day here we got 435,in profit so still pretty good can't,complain honestly but uh quite a bit,less than yesterday so that is kind of a,worrying sign but uh i forgot to mention,i was like changing the site a bit,throughout,throughout all of this so you know that,might be affecting the profit day-to-day,because i was testing stuff out,this is going to be interesting june the,19th all the metrics looking good 53,purchases tracked 1.5 k spent on ads,facebook says 2.1 k,brought back horrible roads but the,store says something different,so we got 2.9 k pounds which is,over 4k dollars and yeah the like the,hours themselves were,very good like this hour itself is more,than 500,i think and then this one's pretty close,then these two are kind of bad and then,like it goes,up and down but the profit loss street,is where it's at and it says we got,a thousand and ninety one dollars in,profit and 3.8 k in revenue which is,really good,1k a day in profit is like 30k a month,so it's a really nice spot to be at,but we don't want to stop there so let's,go on to the next day which marks,the two week marks so yeah let's check,it out wait what is this facebook says,20,spent i mean facebook's been like insane,with the lack of tracking so let's just,check out the 20th,what oh man bam the 20th insane day,absolutely insane we got,one order probably two or three i,probably forgot to enter it and 23,in profit which is absolutely horrible,but facebook banned the page that i was,running all the ads from so i had to,pause it there and conveniently,paypal also like blocked the account so,now i got like quite a bit of money,stuck in paypal so i'm trying to get,that unstuck and the reason for it was,so stupid so if any of you guys have a,company in let's say whatever country,and you live in a different country like,for me i have a us company but i live in,serbia a lot of guys have like a uk,company but they live in like another,country a pro tip that i found out here,i'll actually show you guys all right so,when you guys set up your paypal account,there's this very stupid thing at the,bottom there's this flag that like marks,your country and you never want it to be,a different country than the,like address you're setting up your,account for so i don't know why they,didn't disclose this this is the,stupidest thing i've ever seen,but if you're setting up a uk company,for example you want to have uk,as the flag here because like based on,the country you set up the account from,your account is like different i don't,know it like makes zero sense but it is,how it is and they never disclosed this,so if you guys are setting up your,paypal accounts always keep that in mind,please because,it's just gonna bring you into a lot of,trouble for no reason i'm working on,getting like the paypal unban but it,just sucks but it is what it is and yeah,so for this specific product it's got a,lot of potential it's working very well,so my plans are of course the first fix,to paypal account because it's screwing,up not only this product but like,everything else i'm also working on,getting my facebook unbanned and i'm,going to be testing this product out in,the u.s market as well probably buying a,lot of inventory and just,try to scan it as much as i can because,the products very profitable i might try,doing like tech talk ads with it as well,and uh yeah i'll just try to scale as,much as i can i might keep you guys,updated,maybe not it really depends on like how,i'm feeling and uh if i want to make,that like public info,if you guys need some help like i do,respond to all comments i do,like respond to all dms but but if you,guys like need one-on-one help,and you just want to like go all in dm,me on instagram i do offer mentorship so,we can set that up and,uh yeah so that's it for this video and,i'll see you guys in the next one,peace

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