how much does shopify fulfillment cost

2 DAY SHIPPING for SHOPIFY: How to Use Shipbob Fulfillment Service | 3PL Warehouse for Shopify Store

Rafael Cintron

Updated on Jan 22,2023

2 DAY SHIPPING for SHOPIFY: How to Use Shipbob Fulfillment Service | 3PL Warehouse for Shopify Store

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2 DAY SHIPPING for SHOPIFY: How to Use Shipbob Fulfillment Service | 3PL Warehouse for Shopify Store

in this video i'm going to show you how,you can get two-day,shipping for your products in e-commerce,for your shopify store,and the exact process that you need to,follow and the different options,that you have depending on your skill,maybe you're an intermediate,maybe you're just beginning or maybe,you're already advanced making five,figures six figures,how you can take advantage of this,strategy to really ship,absolutely faster than anybody else and,build a brand that consumers,love let's go now before we start if you,want to learn all the strategies that,you need to take your shopify store to,the next level or start your shopify,store,profitably in 2020 and 2021 and beyond,we are holding,a five-day live shopify training coming,up in a couple of days from now,all you got to do to take part in that,it's all for free,completely for free i'm going to be,teaching you everything about ads,products store everything that your,store needs to look like and have,in order to get the results that my,students are getting that are popping up,here,on the screen all you got to do is click,that first link down in the description,and sign up,for free for the five-day shopify,training all right the strategy i'm,about to show you,involves a 3pl company which basically,is,a warehousing company and shipping,company sort of an intermediary from the,person that makes your products,to the actual customer so you send it,from your manufacturer,to a factory that factory then packages,it picks it up,and sends it over to your customer in,about two to three days sometimes,24 hours shipping so the best 3pl,companies or the best companies that,ship,products out two customers in two days,or so are,first of all shipbob i've talked about,them for a few times,and a lot of my students have used them,very profitably what you can do,is when you start scaling up or maybe,even in the beginning you can order,let's say a thousand units 2 000 units 5,000 units,10 000 units of your product depending,on how big your store already is and how,much capital you have to invest,in your business you can go and send it,to one of their warehouses which,they have multiple warehouses all over,the world actually so for example,in the us it's the biggest market so you,have the most warehouses you have about,six or seven all around the u.s you have,in florida you have in the east,in the west coast just in case you're,shipping a lot of products over there,you also have in the east coast you also,have in canada so if you're shipping,products,in canada and canada is a big market for,you you can definitely take advantage of,the ottawa one,and if you're shipping products in,europe you also have the ireland one,so if you want a warehouse somewhere in,the middle of your customer base,unfortunately if you have an australian,customer base then you're gonna have to,get a 3bl in australia if you want to do,that really profitably over in australia,or you can just keep drop shipping,normally to your customers in australia,and focus on your customers in the u.s,canada and the europe section or the,europe region,through the 3pl company shipbop now what,they do,is they basically ship your products in,about two to three days directly from,their warehouse so you send them,the products directly to their warehouse,they store them there and then they go,and they ship them to your customers as,you can see,on many many many of these instances,people will look for,the faster shipping option the easier,shipping option the thing that's going,to get them the product the fastest to,their door and for example ship bob,works with google,in this case to put free two-day,shipping on all their google ads so if,you're running google ads and you're,wanting to really get an advantage over,everybody else and advantage over all,these big brands out there that are,competing for the same keywords,then you can put that free two-day,shipping on the top of your listing and,absolutely get,that extra click-through rate from,people that want a faster shipping time,this also applies,to your product page you can just put,free two-day shipping or,fast two-day shipping on your product,page it'll really increase conversions,and help you get that extra boost of,sales that you need now let's say you,don't want to use shipbop,and maybe you've tried them before they,weren't really that good or you just,want,other options there's also red stack,fulfillment those,companies that i'm about to show you are,either companies that i personally use,or i know somebody personally,or a friend that i've known for a long,while i know how much money they're,making,and i know that they've used one of,these companies profitably and they have,good things to say about them so red,stack,i've also talked about them as well they,were named the best fulfillment service,of 2020 by,so that tells you something they have,less warehouses than ship,up they are more focused on the u.s,market but if you want a different,option not just ship up and another,company that also has,less clients and less bigger clients,than ship bob has shipbob is more of a,multi nine figure funded,company red stack is more of helping,smaller businesses and people like you,and me,that are not selling nine figures ten,figures of products they're selling six,figures seven figures maybe,of products and you can use red stack,fulfillment to help you,with that they basically do the exact,same thing order fulfillment,ecommerce fulfillment 3pl service which,basically means they are a third party,right there on the warehouse you send,them the product they send them,over to your customers you can also,custom package custom discount code,custom anything that you want,on your products and like i said right,here they have two warehouses,so it reaches 97 of americans within one,to two days and 99,of americans depending on the region so,97 of people that order from your store,in the us are going to get that product,within one to two days,imagine the advantage that that's gonna,give you over other people that are,shipping,in two weeks three weeks four weeks so,if you are a person that is already an,intermediate,already getting sales on your shopify,store you're already making money the,best thing you can possibly do now,to scale up your brand and really get an,advantage is to get a 3pl company and,then get those products extremely fast,over to your customers the next company,that you can use,we have ship up we have red stack there,is also shipwire,shipwire is they have a global network,of,different partners and different people,that are shipping all over the world,i haven't personally used shipwire i,know it through a friend that told me,it's pretty good it's also like ship up,that has,a lot of funding and a lot of different,sources and different resources all,around the world,so you can definitely use them as well,they do the exact same thing they ship,your products,they take your products and we're gonna,click here explore the platform powerful,fulfillment technology,you can see they have a video here so,for example they have all the countries,that you have,on the back end they also have just the,the same back end as ship bob would have,with the returns the receiving,all the tracking information is,obviously there on the back end so if,you want to try out shipbop that would,be the first one that i recommend then,red stack,and then if you want to try sort of a,third one for,just to try it out just to see how it,works against shipbop and red stack then,chip wire would be the next one and then,the last one is,fright pros freight pros is more of just,national,in the u.s so if you're selling products,just in the us or if you're wanting to,sell products in one to two days or ship,them,one to two days then you can definitely,use freight pros they focus,on the us market exclusively so if you,are shipping let's say to canada or to,the uk or to europe,then you might not want to use them you,might want you might want to use,a ship bop or red stack so fried press,also really good one,they're really good on trustpilot and,they are the best fright,broker on,and what they do is they just fright,just basically means shipping or taking,a product somewhere to somewhere so you,basically do the exact same thing,send them a bulk order they store it,there then they go and they send it,to your customers extremely quickly the,process is also pretty,seamless on the back end you can connect,it especially the ship bob and red stack,you can connect it to your shopify store,and then all your order information goes,straight to,shipboard for example so when somebody,puts in their order or their order,address,on your shopify store you don't then,have to copy paste it,back into shipbop and then do it again,like many triple companies,outside of these four that you need to,copy paste it,send it in a csv file in a google sheet,and so on so this is,straight from the shopify store the,address that the customer puts,onto the shipbot backend so you can then,send it over,before we move on i just want to,congratulate lecia for winning our zero,to 300,000 case study that i did with my,student johnny we showed you the ads the,whole strategy that i took to get them,from zero to 300 grand on a shopify,store,if you want to win the case study for,this video all you got to do is comment,down below,your city or country where you're,watching me from subscribe hit that,notification bell and smash that like,button down below and make sure to join,us for the five day live training i'll,pick a winner from this video now that,you know what the top three pl companies,how do you actually order,from your supplier from your let's say,aliexpress or alibaba,or whatever company that you're using,what i recommend is you use one of the,trusted suppliers,that i talk about here does not have to,be this one i'm not paid by them i'm,just telling you,from my experience and from customers,experience that work with me from,clients that work with me and we help,scalable shopify stores which ones help,them the most so the first one is source,inbox i've talked about them a lot,they offer extremely fast drop shipping,or shipping straight from,them onto your customers in about seven,days 10 days sometimes,so if you want to get that extra edge,and actually send it through a 3pl,company,like ship up what you would do is go,here on the source inbox page,they have two options you can either be,a drop shipper or a wholesaler,so a drop shipper is somebody that sends,straight from source inbox,over to the customers and a wholesaler,is somebody that sends,a big big order from source inbox to a,3pl company so basically they work with,two kinds of people now let's say that,you want to sell this particular product,this windscreen snow protector in winter,it is going to sell a lot it has sold,for me,in the past so let's say i wanted to,sell a thousand orders or even 500,orders or a small bulk order of,100 products and i want to then go and,send it to shipbop so shipbot can then,send it to my customers,in one or two days so what i do is i,take this product here i'm in the drop,shipper,section right now and then i'm gonna go,on to the wholesaler section and now,here on the wholesaler section you're,gonna have the wholesaler marketplace so,the managed products,the wholesale orders my wallet settings,and so on you're just going to have a,bunch of random products that,aren't really selling so let's say we're,going to sell this particular one that,we just talked about,what you're going to do is you're going,to make sure that the url on the top,you can either ask your agent at source,inbox to do this for you,and make it kind of step by step and,then put a lot of things in the middle,or you can just go to the straight,link so how you go to that link is you,just go to,wholesaler slash product details,slash wholesaler slash product details,and then the id,of the product so when we were in the,drop shipper section,here of the product page this is the,product page on the drive shipping,section i can go and order it order one,by one or two by two or five by five,if i wanna go and make a wholesale order,then i make sure to have,the id of the product which in this case,is one one nine two three,blah blah blah i go and take that and,then i make sure that the new url that,i'm using,is app.source inbox slash wholesaler,slash product details,and then the id and this is how you do a,bulk order or this is how you do,the bulk link so then in order to make,the order what i would do here is for,example let's say we're ordering,a thousand units of this product and in,this case it's doing,c chipping so i don't want to do c,shipping let's see if we can do,uh 400 orders the best thing to do or,actually this product doesn't oh,shipping method,dhl the cost would be too high let me,see,100 for every different product it,depends okay so for 100,it is going to ship it you know in a,reasonable time frame with one of the,one of the services that we actually,recommend so for example cne,preferential is pretty good,see any express echo anything cne tends,to be really good for my students so in,this case i'm just going to choose,cnexpress echo what you can do with your,agent on source inbox is ask them,exactly how many orders you need so in,this case let's say i need a thousand,and i need them all shipped with cne,they can then go and ship them,to your to your 3pl with cne so they,don't have to be,like all two different addresses they,have to be to the 3pl address,with cne in this case i'm just going to,click add to cart here,success then i go on to my cart and here,i have another product that i put there,but let's say i just want to do this one,at this particular product,100 units that i want to do i click on,that then i go submit,and now you put the address of the 3pl,so when you go and order let's say 100,units or a thousand units from source,and box you're going to order them,through chipbop or to red cycle filament,or to fry pros,or wherever it is that you're ordering,this and then sourcing box is going to,sell it,as a wholesale unit or as a wholesale,order,to your 3pl and then from the 3pl you're,going to send it over,to your customers you do have to tell,the company like for example let's say,you're sending,a thousand orders to shipbop you do have,to tell shipbop that you're sending this,you can't just randomly send it,to their warehouse so when you set up a,ship up account and you go through the,process,they'll appoint you an agent or a,manager of your account,you can then tell him hey i'm sending a,thousand orders from china,over to your uh 3pl in california in the,next,seven to ten days and i'll here's the,tracking number here's all the,information,and then you can then send it to your,ship up address and then from ship up,send it over to your customers if you,don't want to use source inbox,or one of these agents or one of these,fulfillment companies the,process is pretty much the same ordering,a wholesale order doing this process so,that's why i wanted to show you,through source and box you can also do,it through alibaba so let's say i want,to sell this uh windshield,uh cover for snow on alibaba,i can then go and find the product and,it's pretty much this one,it's on alibaba it's basically like,aliexpress if you've never heard of this,company which i'm pretty sure you have,um it's basically like aliexpress but,for bulk orders,so for many many products so let's say i,want to sell 10,000 of this the or 1000 of this just as,an example i can then go and say three,to six per piece,50 pieces per order and here it says if,it's 500,to 3 000 then you can get an estimated,20 day shipping time which seems pretty,good,i would be careful with c shipping if,the they're,sending it by c it can take longer than,advertised so they might tell you that,it's going to take,20 days but actually it takes 34 days or,36 days so be careful with sea shipping,remember you're sending it,from china over to your 3pl so this is,not to your customers,this is to the warehouse and then from,that warehouse let's say in shipbop,you're sending it in one to two days,to your customers and that way you can,then go and say hey i wanna just contact,the supplier and i wanna order it,straight up,some suppliers let you just order from,their page and then you can order,a thousand or two thousand units some,suppliers you will need to chat with,them so you can click,the chat now button you can talk to them,what i would always recommend to do,is if they tell you send me a wire,transfer just pay me through this random,payment method that you've never heard,before,i do not recommend that i recommend two,ways of paying you either pay with,alibaba,assured or alibaba protection or you pay,by paypal,as a product you're paying for a product,or service,so this is for protecting yourself,doesn't matter how good the supplier is,on alibaba if they've been doing it for,years they might still,scam you or try to rip you off so you,always want to make sure that you're,protected and your payment is,protected so make sure that you're,paying with protection on alibaba,or on paypal what you want to do to make,sure you choose a proper supplier or a,good supplier,on alibaba is for example you would look,at here you can look at the supplier,types,trade assurance so this is what i meant,with the actual protection of your,product so you can click trade assurance,right there it's going to show you only,with trade assurance then you can see,how long they've been in business so,this one in particular,has been in one year of operation this,one has been one year as well,this one one year one year one year,they've all been one year i'm,could be the same no different suppliers,one year in trade,three years so this one is actually,better i prefer suppliers that have been,doing this for a longer time frame,some of them have been like five years,six years and so on you can also see the,transaction,amount so forty thousand dollars in 26,transactions,that is awesome i also want to look at,the response rate if it's a good,response rate let's say,uh you can also sort by response rate if,you're interested in getting a better,response rate or a faster response rate,but in this case let's just look for,again that one that was three years here,85 response rate that's pretty good they,get a lot of messages from beginners and,people that,aren't actually going to buy from them,so an 85 response rate,is pretty good receiver response within,24 hours,five stars seven people told them that,it was fast service or,one of them told them so they have five,stars let's go click on that,we can go check the reviews of them they,have seven reviews very satisfied five,stars,five stars september july june,may march these are pretty new,very pleased with the presentation of my,custom design okay so that's good so,what you want to do is do,very very good and deep due diligence on,every single supplier that you will use,on alibaba there's many different people,there's a lot of people that are out,there to rip you off,there's a lot of people that are out,there to scam you and if you're not,protected with paypal,or trade assurance you at least want to,make sure that your supplier is,amazing so take one that has been in the,business for longer than one year,three years five years the longer the,better and also go and check the reviews,check the response rate actually message,them directly to see the rate,and how long it's going to take to ship,you you can even ask for,tracking numbers for uh for checking if,the orders that they send before,actually arrived in the time frame that,they wanted to or that they promised,and also you can check these a little so,you want to make sure that every,supplier that you use,has the gold uh sticker here has the,trade assurance and then you also have,what they call the sopi index which,doesn't really make sense on a general,level but it's more of an alibaba,standard for all the suppliers that they,have so if you click on here it says,supplier online performance index,sopi and basically what it means is for,every supplier you can go and,check or here you can check the level,that they are,inside of the alibaba sent in the,alibaba marketplace of all the different,suppliers that they are,so they rank them by presentation,quality product popularity transaction,volume and service quality,the more little diamonds they have the,better it is and if they have,a gray diamond or no diamonds at all,that means they're level zero so they,might not have been,that long time in the platform maybe not,many transactions maybe they're not that,good so you'll see a lot of different,suppliers that have this,for example they have one one one zero,or gray,one one and you'll find many depending,on the product you'll find some that,have the five you find something to have,three and four,so you also want to take that into,consideration again not to get scammed,or schemed over,that you get a really really good,supplier highly recommend you do a lot,of research,on this awesome that is how you can get,one to two day shipping by ordering from,let's say source inbox as a wholesaler,or from alibaba directly making sure,that you do your due diligence,then you go and send it to a 3pl like,shipbop and then you go and send it,to your customers if you want to know,what products to sell so you can get,great results five figure results six,figure results so you can get to this,point and start ordering in wholesale,and really get the best result for your,business you can check the seven,winning products that i shared here in,the past couple of days the top,seven products sell in october november,and all through q4,2020. go and check them out make sure to,join the five day training,down in the first link in the,description subscribe hit that,notification,bell and like the video for more videos,just like this,i will see you on the next one

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