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Shopify Pricing: How Much Does Shopify Cost? hey what is up guys it's Brennan here,and today we're g

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Shopify Pricing: How Much Does Shopify Cost?

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Shopify Pricing: How Much Does Shopify Cost?

hey what is up guys it's Brennan here,and today we're going to be covering,Shopify pricing how much does Shopify,cost so before we dive in I do want to,mention guys the first link down in the,description box will take you right over,to a 14 day free trial to Shopify if you,want to get signed up with Shopify and,start your 14 day free trial today you,can go ahead and do that first link down,in the description box below Brandon, forward slash Shopify does,support the channel so if you want to,support the Channel please be free to do,so and without further Ado let's go,ahead and dive right into Shopify,pricing so how much does Shopify cost,and what does it cost you to get started,with your online store on Shopify now,these prices are accurate as of the time,of recording this video of course these,are subject to change but the pricing,plans you know the different options,that you have I'm sure going to be,consistent and let's go ahead and Dive,Right In so of course just want to,mention as well you can set up your,store and pick a plan later if if you,are you know still thinking about things,not sure exactly what you want to do you,can do the 14 day free trial and figure,out what type of plan you want to pick,later but of course you're watching this,video you want the detailed pricing plan,comparisons and that's what we're diving,into right now so as you can see here we,have the Shopify monthly plan so at the,first plan we have the basic their most,popular plan and that is Shopify basic,at 29 US dollars per month and that gets,you really everything that you need for,a Shopify store as you can see here you,know you can ship products process,payments do everything you want as far,as building out an entire online store,for your eCommerce business and start,selling physical products online or just,whatever kind of products you want to,sell online Shopify is just a great,option and that is the basic plan at 29,a month we'll be diving into some of the,other specifics as well as far as like,comparing the actual uh you know plan,features in just a moment moment but I,wanted to also mention the other plan,options that you have just from the get,you also have the Shopify plan that's,their mid-level plan at 79 US dollars,per month and then you also have the,advanced plan at 299 dollars per month,now if you are a beginner just getting,started basic is probably the best for,you I'm going to be going through you,know what which plan is probably best,for each type of person watching today's,video so you can get an idea and feel,for well what what option may be best,for you if you're kind of stuck and not,sure now another thing uh before we dive,into other specifics you can save money,doing the annual plan as well they do,offer a yearly uh annual plan at the,moment and that is a great way to save,money if you're going to be committing,to building your online store with,Shopify definitely makes sense if to,save money on that yearly annual plan I,mean that is a huge cost Savings in the,long run uh and you know you're,committing to it it makes a ton a ton of,sense if you are going to be doing this,for the long run anyway and you want to,save money that is just an excellent way,to do to do so,um definitely makes it very cost,effective in the long run and a great,savings plan that they offer on the,yearly annual plans uh as well and,that's really hard to beat you know when,you compare Shopify to other e-commerce,platforms out there not that many offer,as much features at that price point,um just in the overall Marketplace as a,whole so definitely something to,consider as well,um and then they do also have two other,uh smaller plans while smaller and much,larger plans uh just we're going to be,going into specifics like I said a,little bit later in this video they also,have alternative plans such as the,starter plan at five US dollars per,month where you can sell products to do,social and messaging apps like I said,we'll dive into the details in a little,bit and then they also have Shopify plus,which I have covered on the channel,before as far as specific pricing but it,starts at 2000 USD per month so that's,really for Enterprise level uh high,volume businesses you know the really,massive Brands and big companies uh of,course uh as well and it's important to,mention here read the fine print of,course on the the yearly savings there,um,you know so as far as any you know,discounts and Deals,um but it is great obviously you know,that discounts for the first year uh,which is still great uh great as a cost,savings there but yeah so Shopify plus,you know unless you're a massive brand,you're probably not looking at that,that's probably way above most people's,price ranges for the average person,watching this video or looking for uh,just to get set up with Shopify maybe,you're a beginner you're starting your,first store the starter plan is a great,option for that just because it at least,allows you to sell products through,social media uh and at least you then,own that channel you get the customer,emails and all the information and all,the data behind that too and the,analytics so we'll be diving into the,specifics uh right now so looking at,obviously basic Shopify in advance those,are the main most popular plans of,course the basic does get you an online,store,um so let's go ahead and compare the,features so as you can see here uh with,a basic plan you do get an online store,so that is the differentiator there,between,um the starter plan is just to sell,products through social and messaging,apps so you don't actually get like a,full online store,um you do get the back end of Shopify,but not like you don't get like a whole,website in place to send people to and,like a whole like visual website and,storefront uh an online store so that's,something to consider there on the basic,you do have of course unlimited products,which is really nice they don't limit,you on the products you can do as many,as you want which is awesome uh you have,two staff accounts so the biggest,difference really,um one of the biggest differences,between the basic Shopify and advances,just the number of Staff accounts I mean,you got go from two to five to Fifteen,so if you've got a big team maybe you,have customer support staff already uh,then yeah that's something that you're,going to want to take into account most,beginners people getting just getting,started with Shopify probably staff,accounts does not matter to to you at,all it's probably just you running the,business anyway but gotta mention it and,of course you have support and I have,personally dealt with the Shopify,support team they are excellent really,great at handling everything you can,call them up and they are excellent at,handling any type of problem that you,throw at them,um you know I've personally use Shopify,for a long time and they are really a,great platform uh to use of course then,you also have the sales channel so you,like I said you could sell through,social media and other online,marketplaces they offer that on on all,those other plans as far as inventory,locations tracking orders and products,uh to different retail stores warehouses,or pop-ups this would be like if you had,a point of sale system and you had a,separate inventory uh warehousing then,you know up to four up to five and up to,eight as follows uh manual order,creation so you can create manual orders,discount codes free SSL certificate,abandoned cart recovery,um gift cards reports So based sick,reports you know basic reports are,pretty nice if you need something more,bigger than that bigger than the basic,reports then of course standard and,advanced are as follows third party,calculated shipping rates so if you have,that then you know unfortunately you'd,have to jump to the advanced plan at,least if you need that there may be a,Shopify app that you could use to kind,of bypass that in some way depending on,your personal Shopify setup that could,be an option for you customer,segmentation right filtering different,customers and groups marketing,automation so building out like in email,Integrations and all that contacts,um you know collecting customer data,super super nice as far as e-commerce,automations and workflows that's another,thing you would have to jump up into the,Shopify or Advanced plan if you're,looking for uh more powerful automation,tools once again some of the Shopify,apps could extend your ability to do,some of those things through third-party,apps that you could install in your,Shopify store,um so there is that option there as far,as shipping so you've got shipping,discounts uh and then you have shipping,labels uh as well,uh so of course that's pretty essential,if you're shipping out products uh,depending on pricing uh including extra,shipping pricing right there,then you would have to go to Shopify in,advance for that as well that's one of,the other aspects Shopify payments,really great payment Gateway I mentioned,Shopify payments many times on the,channel before as far as best payment,gateways and all that Shopify payments,is great to use and works really really,well uh as you can see here if you're,doing higher volume you know,realistically that's where you're gonna,save the money on higher volumes because,each of those little percents or fees do,add up,um when you're doing big sales volumes,so that is really probably the biggest,difference between the plans like if,you're looking in comparing them you can,run the numbers yourself see how much,savings it would be worth it when you're,saving money on the payment processing,fees then that you can figure out the,numbers and and calculate whether or not,it makes sense to jump from a basic or,shopifier Advance plan,then that would you know that would help,you just doing the math yourself,figuring out what your what your fee,rates would be,um as to whether it would save you money,or not because you know for some people,if you're not doing big sales volume,doesn't really make a whole lot of sense,you're not going to save that much money,from jumping plans because realistically,the the majority of the features like,basic is pretty powerful you can do,quite a lot in the basic plan anyway,um so that's really like one of the,biggest spots is just looking at the,credit card rates and calculating out,what your total cost would be and what,your cost savings could look like so,point of sale of course that's included,as well now if you need the point of,sale Pro that is an add-on there so but,the point of sale light is included on,all of them International Commerce as,well and um various taxes so depending,on import tax you might have to jump up,as well but you know realistically when,you're comparing the different options,here with the three main plans like,you pretty much got it all across them,um so yeah these are the main,differences,um between them but you could see how,many aspects are included in features,are included just even in the basic plan,alone and there's really slight,differences,um when you jump up to the other plans,another aspect if you are considering,the cheapest plan which they do have the,starter plan at five per month this is,how you can create a simple storefront,if you just want something that has you,know no code set up you're not setting,up a whole website and everything like,that if you're just doing something,basic and simple you're just looking to,share your products across social media,then this is a great way to do that,you know because you could just get,started with selling uh and it is super,simple and easy and at least then you,have the customer data uh you have the,analytics and it's easy to sell stuff on,social as you can see some you know,place like Instagram WhatsApp or,anywhere else uh with the Shopify,checkout and it makes it so you can at,least monetize your audience uh through,social media so that's a great,um way to do it if you want to at least,get your brand out there and start being,able to sell your products,um so as you can see here this is like,their little you get the little,dashboard and you know another great,thing about that five uh the bait this,entry plan is that,you know you can grow with it as Shopify,is a very scalable platform uh for,business growth so if you're just a,beginner it makes sense to start with,what's cheapest test the waters figure,out you know what works what doesn't,work and then you can always upgrade,your plans later down the road uh if you,want or if you need to and then you can,scale things that way without having to,like migrate platforms or anything,you're all just still within the same,ecosystem all your data is there you,don't have to worry about any migrations,which can be quite a headache so it,definitely makes sense just to start on,the starter plan if you're really small,and you can scale things up as you grow,so that's another uh great option there,as far as selling within the Shopify,platform and the different pricing,um plans and offerings that they have so,yeah that that those are the those are,the main pricing plans you know are as,follows,um I do want to mention you uh and,remind you guys once again to go ahead,and check out that first link down in,the description box below that will take,you right over to shopify's 14 day free,trial you can go ahead and get set up,you know set up your store and pick a,plan later if you're not sure exactly,what you want to choose but you can at,least get signed up get that 14 day free,trial and test out Shopify first link,down in the description box below like I,said does help out the channel if you,want to support the channel then you,could do that that way and guys if you,enjoyed the video be sure to smash that,like button hit the Subscribe Button as,well and the notification Bell so you're,notified whenever I upload a new video,anyway guys that's all for today's video,and I'll see you in the next one peace

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