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One Product Store VS General Store For Shopify Dropshipping 2023 so the number one question that mos

Jakub Wieckowski

Updated on Jan 22,2023

One Product Store VS General Store For Shopify Dropshipping 2023

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One Product Store VS General Store For Shopify Dropshipping 2023

so the number one question that most,dropshippers ask especially at the,beginning is should I use one product,store or a general store when testing,out new products most known gurus tell,you conflicting information so it's,really hard to know which one is best to,use so in this video we're going to put,all the assumptions aside and we're,going to take a real life data from the,experiments that I did yesterday to,determine which store you should choose,to get the best results stay tuned,welcome back guys now for those of you,who are my returning viewers thank you,so much for watching another video I,absolutely love having you here please,leave your comments down below and I'll,make sure to reply to every single one,of them personally now if you're new,here however my name is Jacob wikowski,and at the beginning of this year as a,complete newbie I decided to put this,entire drop shipping industry to test I,wanted to see if it really is as easy,and effortless to succeed with,dropshipping as a newbie as all those,dropshipping gurus make it look like how,to become rich,no no how I'm I'm asking now in all,honesty it was very hard journey the,first seven months I lost over 18 000,tested over 25 different products made,bunch of mistakes and nothing has worked,for me so it definitely wasn't as easy,as I was expecting it to be however in,the middle of July I finally found my,first winning product and only two,months later I recovered all of the,losses that I gathered in the first,seven months until this day I'm making,huge profits every single day with this,same product so Drop Shipping is,definitely working it's definitely,profitable and well worth it however you,do have to have a lot of patience and,resilience when getting into this,business now you can watch my entire,Journey on this YouTube channel starting,from day one so go ahead and watch that,after this video so let's get back to,the topic of this video should you go,with one product store or a general,store when testing out new products see,yesterday I decided to take my own money,and run a real life test I wanted to put,this entire debate to the end once and,for all the end is,what I decided to do is to take my,winning product which is selling very,well right now in a one product store,and put it inside General Store with the,exact same product page the exact same,colors the exact same text the exact,same reviews and obviously the same,price and the same offer so basically if,you landed on the product page in a one,product store or general store it's all,the same you wouldn't see any difference,everything looked exactly the same the,only difference between those two stores,was that one product store obviously was,a lot more branded the name of the brand,related to the product when people,landed on home page it looked like a,branded store it was only everything,about this one product as opposite to a,general store the name was more generic,name Universal name and also when people,would land on a home page they would see,other products inside the store and it,wasn't isn't as brand towards this one,product as one product store that was,that would only difference however most,people say that when people land on a,product page they would never go outside,of it right they wouldn't check out your,home page so it doesn't really matter,whether you use one or the other but is,that actually the truth let's find out,so this is my Tick Tock ads manager as,you can see we had two different,campaigns running yesterday the first,one is a general store campaign the,second one is one product store now it's,worth to mention that for both of those,campaigns I used the exact same ads the,exact same settings and even the exact,same pixel so there was no difference at,all in any of the settings or anything,other than basically the home page of,those two stores that's that's all it is,and the brand name,so let's take a look closer you can see,that both of those campaigns had pretty,much the same cost so cost per click for,General Store was 1.9 cents per click on,average with one product store was 1.13,so four cents difference not a lot right,so the cost of the ads was pretty much,the same right what we had to pay to,tick tock to show our ads to 1 000,people was pretty much the same okay,great now as a total cost you can see,that the general store has spent 672,dollars whereas one product store spent,875 dollars and I'll explain why in a,second but before I do that let's hop on,to both of the stores and let's take a,look how many sales they actually,generated so starting with General Store,we have spent 672 dollars on ads,generated 714 dollars in sales so,immediately we can see it's not very,well 710 sessions,which basically is 19 orders,okay not the best but what happened in,one product store because maybe it was,similar data so with one product store,we have we have spent 875 dollars,we generated,2254,1199 sessions and 64 orders all together,so right out of the gate we can see that,the one product store is a huge huge,winner but you may say Okay however one,product store has spent more money well,the reason behind it is that when I was,running ads for both of the stores at,the end of the day none of the ad groups,inside the General Store campaign was,bringing in the sales it was losing,money all the time so at the end I,decided to switch it off because it just,didn't make sense there was no way that,this store would catch up with one,product store after it was already,losing by twice as many orders if you,like so let's take a look at the summary,the General Store had generated 19 sales,which was 714 dollars in Revenue with,the ad spend of 672 dollars now,transactional fees and cost of goods so,all together we have lost,286 dollars in a general store however,with one product store we generated 64,dollars Revenue was 2 254 dollars I'd,spent 875 with transactional fees and,cost of goods we still profited,411 dollars now if you take a look at,the conversion rates like one product,store's conversion rate is just a killer,5.34 conversion rate as opposite to,General Store only,2.68 now what is the moral of this story,and this entire experiment,if I was only testing this product,obviously I know this is a winner,because it brings me profits every,single day but if I didn't know it was a,winner and this was just a testing phase,I would say to myself this is a losing,product I'm not gonna run ads to it,anymore and I would have moved on to the,next product one more time however as,you can clearly see had I put this same,product in one product store that is,designed better that has more branded,name and basically looks more branded,it would actually be a winning product I,wouldn't lose money I would actually,make money and probably continue making,money with this product because it's a,winning product so from now on I will,100 only use one product stores when,testing out new products the data,doesn't lie right Market doesn't lie we,can assume one or if the other is better,but the data shows you exactly what you,should do so hopefully you liked that,video and this will help you to make the,decision whether you should do one,product stores or General stores for,your testing products and for now if you,like this video make sure to leave it a,thumbs up make sure to subscribe to the,channel leave your comment down below,and one more time thank you so much for,watching and see you in the next one,take care

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