how long is shipping for shopify

6 - 10 Days Shipping Shopify Dropshipping (FAST SHIPPING) let's cut straight to the chase how do,you

Jakub Wieckowski

Updated on Feb 24,2023

6 - 10 Days Shipping Shopify Dropshipping (FAST SHIPPING)

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6 - 10 Days Shipping Shopify Dropshipping (FAST SHIPPING)

let's cut straight to the chase how do,you get your products delivered to your,customers fast enough so that they,actually want to buy from you that's,what we're going to cover in this video,so stay tuned,welcome back if you're new to this,channel my name is Jacob wikowski and at,the beginning of this year 2022 I,decided to devote most of my time and,most of my money into testing Drop,Shipping business model I wanted to see,if it is possible to make money with,Drop Shipping and if it is as effortless,as all those YouTube gurus make it look,like and in all honesty first seven,months of my journey was a pure disaster,I have lost over eighteen thousand,dollars lost tons of time and almost,lost fate however about eight weeks ago,I managed to find my first winning,product and in eight weeks time I,managed to recoup all the losses that I,gathered over the first seven months and,right now I'm making pure profits so,Drop Shipping is definitely not dead in,this video let's talk about how do you,get your products sourced and straight,to your customers in the shortest amount,of time possible so that they actually,want to buy from you let's jump into my,computer and let's get started okay okay,so this is my store before I tell you,exactly how I'm sourcing my products and,everything else let's take a look at the,numbers because I do realize that some,of you might be skeptical about the,numbers I'm talking about,um and I don't blame you there's a lot,of people who basically fake what they,have so the product I'm selling right,now the first true winning product I,found eight weeks ago I started selling,it in this particular store on the 20th,of July which is the first sale started,rolling in on 20th now what's important,to mention is that I have tested this,product in a general store for the first,week or so before I actually have seen,that it is making profit this is when I,took it to one product store which is,the store that you can see right now so,from the 20th all the way to 16th of,September so 20th of July to 16th of,September not even two months I managed,to generate over 63,000 in sales which is approximately 20,between 28 to 20 29 maybe 30 percent,profit margin I am track I'm tracking,actually all of the sales in my,spreadsheet right here so as you can see,on August alone I have made 900,9313 in profit and then this month it's,middle of the month I've already made,six thousand dollars in profit not,counting today's date and today is doing,really really well I think so far today,we have generated 700 in sales 800,dollars in sales and there's still a lot,of budget ad spend to be spent today,okay so how am I able to get my products,to customers within one to two weeks,time now some of you might still may,still think that one to two weeks time,is still a long time for people to,wanting to wait this long but as you can,see since I started,in July I have generated probably 1500,old orders one thousand actually one,thousand eight hundred twenty four,orders so that's close to let's say 1600,customers 1600 1 600 people who said you,know what I'm gonna wait for this,product because it's worth it so people,are willing to wait as long as the,product you're selling is something that,they are really interested in now most,people when they think about the Drop,Shipping they think AliExpress right,because for some reason maybe back in,the days that was the connection most,people were using AliExpress however,nowadays when you use AliExpress most,products take about six to sometimes,eight weeks to get delivered let me take,you through the process of me sourcing,the products and how I think when I'm,actually deciding uh where to Source the,product from so the first thing that I,usually do is I go through a bunch of,different winning product softwares like,for example Ecom hand or ad spy or I,look at Tick Tock advertising or,Facebook advertising like so basically I,look everywhere I can to spot a winning,product now Ecom hand probably is one of,my favorite ones because this is where I,found my current winning product plus,this is where I found products in the,past that actually were generating sales,they were not profitable but they were,generating sales however it's not,probably not a good idea to just stick,to one tool because quickly you will,find that you went through all of those,products and only maybe four new,products will be added today right so,that's not enough you want to have a lot,bigger pool of products to choose from,but for this example for this video,let's stick with Ecom hunt so I would,usually go ahead and try to find my,winning product and let's say that my,winning product would be let's choose,anything from here anything that would,be easy to find,um super absorbent car drying towel,let's say that after looking at the,numbers and doing my research I decided,that this is the product product I want,to sell okay the first thing I would do,is type in the keywords of the products,that I'm interested in so immediately we,can see that that's that's the same,product right here now what I would do,here on AliExpress I would not Source,this product from here but I would do,further research to see how many reviews,it has how many orders it has if it has,bunch of orders and good reviews I know,this product is probably worth testing,right if it had like three stars or,three and a half Stars I would probably,stay away from that product because it,would probably cost me issues later down,the line even if I've sold bunch of,those products I would then have a lot,of customers coming back to me saying,the quality is bad they want refund and,stuff like that so that's why I'm using,AliExpress and I also usually use those,reviews,and post them on my store so that's the,two reasons why I'm using AliExpress now,when I found the product I want to,promote then I take the same product and,I try to find it on a website called,CJ Drop Shipping CJ Drop Shipping is,basically very similar to AliExpress,this is also probably a marketplace,where you can find bunch of different,products to sell probably most of the,products you find on AliExpress you will,find here as well but they have a lot,quicker shipping times and a lot better,customer service like for me using CJ,Drop Shipping when testing products is,probably the the best way to go about it,because I feel safer when I know that,there is good customer service when,anything goes wrong I can always get,back to them it just feels a lot better,I feel a lot safer selling stuff online,knowing that there is someone who has my,back so I have my product right we,decided that we would sell this,microfiber towel for cars right I would,look for this same product on CJ Drop,Shipping and oftentimes CJ dropshipping,has very poor search engine if you like,so you will have to go through a couple,of pages to actually find what you're,looking for oh actually I found it here,right so that is exactly the same as,um on AliExpress now sometimes you will,find similar products not exactly the,same but similar I'm still good with,that,um as long as it is it it solves the,same issue and then from here what you,can do is when you look at the right,hand side,you can select the country you want to,ship this product to and then you can,select different shipping methods so for,example for this product you could,choose even four to nine days shipping,however when you do that you can see,that the shipping is a little bit,expensive although,it is not too expensive to be honest,with you like 4 to 12 um four to nine,days was it four to nine days right here,all together it will cost you to,purchase the product and ship it like,all together it would cost you twenty,dollars to send it to your customer if,you were selling it for like let's say,39.90 39.99 it could be possible to sell,it with profit but you don't have to go,with four to nine days,shipping you could go with a simple,eight to eighteen or seven to fifteen,days this is what I usually use seven to,fifteen days,um then you'll only pay 12 or almost,thirteen dollars for this product now,you can sell it for like let's say 13,7.99 or maybe 29.99 depend I always like,to have about twenty dollars like profit,margin or more if possible but to be,honest with you if you go ahead and try,to sell it for 29.99 that gives you,about,17,profit and then you add upsells on it,like so for example when someone buys,one you give them an option to buy,another two for half price or whatever,that will increase the price of the,order or the value of the order and it,will still give you a good profit now,I'm not saying I would sell this product,probably not but this is just an example,right so if I was going to ship it to,the US from AliExpress it would take me,21 it's about 25 days so let's say it's,about four weeks it's close to four,weeks time right whereas if you ship it,with,CJ dropshipping you can get it to your,customers within,um two weeks time so half the time and,it's still pretty good price so what,would you pay uh on am on AliExpress you,would pay only eight dollars okay that's,fine it is like more expensive here but,if you take a look at the overall amount,of orders you will generate with quicker,shipping time it's way way way more,worth it to go with a little bit more,expensive option but quicker that will,generate a lot more orders and at the,end a lot more profit than a cheaper,option that probably will not generate,as many profits and when thing goes,wrong you don't really have that much,support so,CJ Drop Shipping how do you use it,though so it's very very simple all you,have to do is to head to CJ Drop,Shipping and basically just create your,account right by clicking on the,register button right here they will ask,you for a simple,details like your name surname email,address maybe telephone number like the,you know basic details after you create,your account you will get access to it,immediately so when you're in your,account what you have to do then is to,click on my on on my CJ button right,here on the top,and from here basically when you scroll,down on the left hand side you will see,store authorization the last option from,the menu then when you hit Shopify,on the right hand side you will see a,button called uh or named add store,basically so you hit on ADD store and,then click on authorize and this will,automatically open up,um Shopify page it will ask you to,install CJ dropshipping app in your,store and this way you will,automatically connect CJ Drop Shipping,with your Shopify store so now whenever,someone places a order in your store you,can come back tomorrow morning,go to your CJ Drop Shipping click on,orders click on imported orders and then,simply what you need to do is to click,on sync store,select the store that you want then,select the dates where you know from,where the orders were made and then you,can basically sync all the orders that,were placed in your store when you do,that you can then full pay for those,orders and fulfill them in literally,couple of clicks everything at once so,if someone you know if if there's like,50 orders placed today you can you don't,have to go one by one like on AliExpress,you would have to fulfill them one by,one which takes tons of time in here you,do this all at once and what's even,better is that after you pay for the,orders they are fulfilled whenever they,are shipped automatically CJ Drop,Shipping because it's connected to your,store it will update all the tracking,numbers in orders and your customers,will receive automatic emails saying,like hey your order was fulfilled this,is your shipping,um this is your tracking number and you,can track your order by using this,tracking number so it all happens,automatically it's probably the best the,easiest option there is that I know of,unless there is other options that I'm,not aware of but whenever I'm testing,products I'm using CJ Drop Shipping now,what happens when you find this winning,product you use CJ Drop Shipping and,it's been a couple of weeks you're,getting profit you know this product is,doing well and it's time to take your,store and your business to the next,level well from there what I would do is,I would recommend that you start using,private agent and that's what I did with,the current product I'm selling why I,went from the CJ dropshipping to private,agent is because number one private,agent will give you cheaper price so,even if they will find the product for,you and it's let's say one dollar,cheaper per unit whether you generate a,thousand orders in a month that is a lot,of money that you are going to save on,each order so usually those private,agents will get you better deal with the,same short,shipping times so then how do you find,this shipping agent well I would,definitely recommend E7 Drop Shipping so,basically you can go to E7 as a number, and basically you can,get a quote click on get started or,click on quote button in the top right,corner fill in your details and after,you fill in your details someone will,get back to you onto your WhatsApp and,that's how you build a relationship with,your private agent this is exactly what,I did and to be honest with you when I,first did that and the this person uh,contacted me I was so skeptical I was so,scared to get in the orders fulfilled,with this guy because I was like is this,legit is are they actually going to do a,good job but now month later man it's so,good to work with these guys I you get,one agent that is assigned to you and,you communicate with them through,WhatsApp basically what you have to do,when you start working with them is you,add this agent to your store you install,a app that they tell you to install and,this agent will every morning send you,an invoice for all the orders from,yesterday you pay the invoice and he,will go ahead and fulfill all the orders,add all the tracking numbers and,everything and whenever things go wrong,he's there to to support you I even had,an experience where where when we were,first sending out the products some of,the products were basically sent back to,the sender by customs and before I even,picked it up or my customers the agent,already picked it up and let me know and,fix the problem before it got really,ugly if you like plus gave me a refund,for some of the orders that were delayed,and stuff like that a really cool job so,I would definitely definitely recommend,E7 Drop Shipping when you are going,after your private agent so that is it,for this video guys I hope you liked it,if you found it valuable make sure to,leave it a thumbs up let me know in the,comments if you have any questions and,definitely subscribe to the channel,because I'm going to be posting a lot,more content just like this on weekly,basis so thanks for watching and stay,tuned take care

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