how is shopify different from amazon

Shopify Vs. Amazon If you're wanting to get into E-commerce,,a big question right now is should you

Updated on Jan 10,2023

Shopify Vs. Amazon

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Shopify Vs. Amazon

If you're wanting to get into E-commerce,,a big question right now is should you get started,on Shopify or Amazon?,So hopefully I want to clear some of this stuff up for you,so you know which route's best for you.,(upbeat music),So first of all, let's talk about the differences.,If you're selling on Shopify,,Shopify is just a platform, it's a software tool,,basically just a platform for you to sell products,on your own website.,So when you're talking about selling on Shopify,,you're really just talking about,selling on your own website,,versus Amazon is you're selling on Amazon's website.,So it's like, should you sell on your own website,or should you sell on Amazon's website?,That's really what we're talking about,,and usually when we're focused on Amazon,,we're using what's called Fulfillment By Amazon,,which is Amazon's actually handling,all the shipping and everything for you,,whereas if you're selling on your own website,,on a Shopify for example,,you're usually having a third party person,,not Amazon but somebody else that owns a bunch of warehouses,and they're doing the fulfillment for you,if you're private labeling,,and you're not selling somebody else's brand,,doing drop shipping, the kind of thing.,Now I started out, years and years ago.,My very first business was selling on my own website.,At the time,,the big E-commerce platform back then was Big Commerce.,Since then, Shopify has dominated the space.,They've crushed everybody.,It's a great, amazing platform,if you're gonna sell on your own website.,Billion dollar brands use Shopify.,People just getting started use Shopify,so if you are gonna sell on your own website,,my opinion, 100%, you're crazy to use anything else,other than Shopify.,However, if you're gonna sell on your own website,,you have to figure out a few things,that you don't necessarily have to do with Amazon.,So if you're gonna sell on your own website,and you're started from scratch with no experience,,no list, no nothing,,you're gonna have to figure out a few things.,First, is you're really gonna have to figure out,the marketing of this.,So this means headlines, sales copy,in addition to what product you're gonna sell,and then you have to figure out,what are these people gonna buy,,how do you get them to buy a lot of stuff?,And then the hardest part is,where are you gonna get these customers?,Today, most people crushing it on Shopify,with their own website,are likely getting customers using Facebook ads,and you've got some people that are big influencers,or they're tapped into a bunch of influencer networks,,and maybe they have that going,,or maybe they have their brand recognition,from a YouTube channel or something like that.,But most people, if they're crushing it on Shopify,,they're getting that traffic from Facebook ads.,So you're not only gonna have to figure out,copy and stuff for your own website,,you're also gonna have to figure out Facebook ads.,Now I say all this not to scare you away,,because I actually started a business,that I partnered with a friend,,and he already had it going but it was just treading water.,I ended up getting involved and now it's crushing it,and in about the first 11 or 12 months,,we took it from about $17000 a month,to about $569000 a month.,100% on our website, 100% using Shopify,,not even touching Amazon yet.,But you do have to learn some skillsets,that may take a little work,if you've never done any marketing,or selling anything online before.,On Amazon, on the other hand,,if you can really figure out a good product to sell,,then your life is gonna be a lot easier.,Now a good product to sell is not just the quality of it,,but the opportunity.,Is there a key word or multiple key words,that you can target on Amazon,that are not fully exploited yet?,Key words where there's not a ton of competitors,and you can go out there with a good product,,you can outrank them for those key words,and you can build a brand that way.,We teach people how to do that all day long,,still a great opportunity.,The only downside is you have a little bit less control,,which is why some people end up selling on their own website,so they can control the whole sales process,,they get the full customer details,,they build their email list and all that kind of thing.,Now at the end of the day,,what you really want to do is do both.,You want to be selling on as many places as possible,because it diversifies your sales,in case any one sales channel ever takes a dip,,which they inevitably do, no matter where you're selling,or what you're selling.,You've got diversified sources of sales coming in,and your business is worth more.,If someone's gonna buy your business,,which right now, E-commerce businesses are incredibly hot,,so if somebody's gonna buy your business,,they want to know that you don't have,all your eggs in one basket.,Not all your sales are coming from just one place,,whether it's just Amazon or just Shopify.,Even though we have seen brands sold,that that's all they had going on,,you're gonna be able to sell your business for more,and it's gonna be worth more,and your profits and cash flow are gonna be more consistent,if you've got multiple sources of sales working for you.,So if I had to advise you,,should you sell on Shopify or should you sell on Amazon?,I would say that if you're interested,in learning marketing and copyrighting,and Facebook ads, and all those kind of things,,then selling on your own website is a perfectly good option,,Shopify is the best platform to do it.,If you want your life to be,a little bit easier getting started,,if you want to basically just be able to focus,on selling a really good product,,picking the product, sourcing the product,,creating a cool brand, then Amazon may be an easier option,because over there, if you use Fulfillment By Amazon,,they'll take care of all your payment processing.,You don't have to worry about fraud and that kind of thing.,They'll take care of all your shipping,,they'll take care of all your returns and refunds,and a lot of things that you have to worry about,on your own website,,but you don't have to worry about with Amazon.,So I wouldn't necessarily say,one is way better than the other.,They're just different.,So hopefully this gives you some good insight,into which platform or which way you may want to go,with your own business.,Either way, like I said, eventually you want to do both.,Now if you want to get more information,on how to sell on Amazon,,how to sell on your own website using Shopify,,subscribe to our YouTube channel right now.,We've got a lot more cool stuff coming up,and I hope to see you in the next video.,(upbeat pop music)

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