how do i get my shopify pin

How to Create 100 Pinterest Pins in Seconds! | Increase Shopify Sales! in the last 30 days i helped


Updated on Jan 15,2023

How to Create 100 Pinterest Pins in Seconds! | Increase Shopify Sales!

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How to Create 100 Pinterest Pins in Seconds! | Increase Shopify Sales!

in the last 30 days i helped one of my,clients get over 12 000 dollars in sales,from pinterest using tailwind if you're,interested in how you can use tailwind,for your business keep on watching,because i'm going to show you exactly,what tailwind is why i use tail one for,pinterest and how effectively it can,help you get website traffic and sales,people if you are new here my name is,nyquia i am the founder of the marketing,profit which is a christian based,ecommerce marketing agency helping,e-commerce brand owners leverage organic,marketing strategy to increase their,sales and traffic like seo pinterest,blogs and more so if that's something,that you're interested in then keep on,watching and also make sure you,subscribe to this channel and hit that,like button because it lets me know that,you like this type of content and i'll,start producing more of it so like i,said in the intro we're going to be,talking today about tailwind,if you have never heard of tailwind,before and you use pinterest for your,business then what have you been doing,the last couple of years i promise you,what i'm about to show you right now,about tailwind and how it helps um my,clients literally generate automations,and traffic and sales it's insane in my,digital marketing agency i do pinterest,management and pinterest marketing now,for some of my pinterest management,clients i use tailwind to help automate,some of the pens as well as market their,brand on pinterest so what is tailwind,tailwind is a marketing platform that,you can actually use for instagram and,pinterest now i personally use it for,pinterest they have automation tools,they have scheduling tools they even,have something called tailwind,communities which used to be called,tailwind tribes and basically it's a,like mind uh basically like group boards,of communities where you can also add,your pens too to get more exposure and,reach so what i love about tailwind is a,couple of their features i like to use,their tailwind create features so,basically you can create pinterest pens,in seconds literally in seconds and i'm,going to show you exactly how to do that,in a few i also like their smart,schedulers they literally tell you the,best times to um,upload or publish your pinterest pens to,pinterest based on your audience's,engagement with your recent parents,within the last 30 days not just any,engagement on pinterest but your,specific accounts engagement and i love,that another tool that i like is once,again their tailwind communities because,it just helps my clients get more reach,when you're putting your pens into those,communities and it's been proven the,average tailwind user actually get 3.7,times more followers on pinterest and,6.9 times more repins than just,uploading uh your pens manually to my,dress so anyways this is all about tail,one creates feature because i'm going to,show you how i use this feature in order,to,literally make hundreds of pens and,within let's say five to six minutes and,then automate them at the best times and,then making sure that uh i'm adding my,keywords and so forth like that to make,sure they're reaching the right audience,so let's hop over onto my computer and,i'm going to show you how the tailwind,create page what i want to show you guys,real quick so literally you can automate,your social media designs in minutes so,i like to use this once again for,pinterest but you can use it also for,instagram and for facebook,you don't need any design skills,basically all you do is you're going to,upload your brand colors your brand font,an image your title text either your,call to action or subtitle text you hit,enter and literally you're going to get,designs like this in seconds and also,designs that are also formatted for,instagram or facebook if you want to do,that as well so,this is where um i actually use this uh,tl1 create feature to help automate and,create pinterest pins that way i'm,always processing or always literally,having pins automated every single day,for pinterest so let me show you exactly,what this looks like on the back end,okay so i'm actually creating content,right now for one of my pinterest,clients so i'm literally going to walk,you behind the scenes of how i create,pinterest pens in seconds if you use,canvas to create your pinterest pens i,highly recommend stop using canva for,pinterest pins and just use tailwind,create because it does the designs for,you so i'm about to show you real quick,but here's a little bit information on,what tailwind create actually is so once,you sign up for tailwind over here on,the left hand panel you're going to want,to click on this little icon here the,create icon once you open that up you're,going to see this dashboard here the,first thing you want to do is go ahead,and click on brand settings and within,your brand settings you want to go ahead,and add in all your information so this,is one of my clients i added in her,website or you can add in your brand,name brand name you can upload your,brand fonts so if you don't see your,fonts already in here you can just,upload your own they also have curated,font pairing so if you're just,interested to see what fonts go good,with other fonts as subtitle and title,fonts,you can use this as well then you want,to go ahead and add in your brand colors,so,if you click on one of the circles here,you literally,can type in a hex code of your color or,you can play around with colors you can,also look at the colors they also,provide for you so they give you a,curated color palette as well that you,can also just automatically use then if,you have an actual logo go ahead and add,your logo so once you have all of this,information inputted into your brand,settings it's time to start creating,pinterest pins and i'm going to show you,how easy it is,so you're going to go back over here to,design gallery right so this is a um,a blog post that i actually wrote for my,client,and i'm gonna show you how i'm going to,create pinterest pens for this blog post,to drive traffic from pinterest over,onto here so what i'm going to do is,just take i'm going to actually copy and,paste this actual,uh title of the blog because that's what,i'm going to use as the title and my,pinterest pen so under here in title,text i'm just going to go ahead and,paste that so that's my title as you can,see the very first thing it does on the,side,is it automatically gives you pinterest,pens just based on you putting the title,in now these aren't my colors so let me,actually go ahead and,make sure i have my branding in make,sure your color palette as well is set,to your actual brand color but as you,can see when i just add it in the text,it already gives me pinterest pens to,work with um however i also have photos,that i want to use in some of these,pinterest pens so what you're going to,do is under the photos tab your you can,upload multiple photos now here's a tip,you want to make sure that you're,creating fresh pens fresh pens basically,means pinterest pens that have never,been seen on pinterest before so if,you're using the same image for let's,say i like to do five pins per blog post,i want to make sure if i'm using the,same image it looks different in every,single pen so that way to pinterest it,looks like a different pinterest image,i also like to play around with the text,that i actually use here so i won't use,the same text in every single one of the,pins i like to switch up the title text,so anyways i'm going to go and i'm just,going to upload one photo which is this,one here you want to upload a photo,that's relative to related to the actual,content you're leading people to so as,you can see once i uploaded a photo you,can now see that the pictures of designs,have now,repopulated and added in the photo now,another thing i like to do is up here at,the top you can add as many photo as you,want to be in one pen so i like just to,have one photo in each of my pens,and then what i also love is categories,so if you go down here and click on,category you can actually,change the category of the type of,design you want so over here on content,if you're leading to a blog post they,have blog posted designs if you're,leading to a list they have list designs,if you have a quote,that you want to do a pinterest pen for,they have quote designs if you go to,promotion they have ad designs for,pinterest pens they have announcement,designs events and shows reviews user,generated content sale designs like they,have so many different designs and,graphics you can choose from and i love,that so,what i'm going to do now is literally,select the pens that pop out to me or,that i like so for example this one here,i love this one what i'm actually going,to do is also make sure that the logo is,set here because i want to see how it,looks with my logo in it and you can,also just hit no branding or website or,brand name as well so if i hit website,or brand name uh you would just type it,in so www and i'm just going to put in,my clients,website,and then as you can see as i'm typing,that in over here on the side it starts,to populate that as well,now i love this design here so if you,love a design just how it is all you,literally have to do is hit select,once you hit select if you're using tail,one for the first time it's also going,to tell you that you can generate other,post types from this one pin so if you,also want to do this pin um as a,facebook post or an instagram feed post,you can so i'm just going to hit got it,here and i'm just going to tap on this,so it stops alerting me and this is how,it shows so this is the pinterest pin,this is a facebook post this is for,instagram story i'm sorry this is an,instagram feed post for instagram,stories and your facebook posts here but,i'm going to go ahead and click back now,let's say i'm scrolling and remember,what i said i like to use five pinterest,pens per one blog post or like per one,url so let's say for example i really,love,let's scroll down to see or let's use,actually the category so you guys can,see now i'm for a whole minimal i love,minimal things um but so what i'm going,to do is go to style and hit minimalist,and see the designs that it pops up for,me the next thing i want to show you,guys is um you can actually go in and,edit these uh pinterest pins just in,case you want to change something that,maybe you don't like so let's say for,example over here you can shuffle the,colors and this will shuffle with your,brand color so if i click this you see,how it changes the colors,so,i like let's say for example this one,here because you can see the text even,more,over here you can shuffle the layout so,if i hit shuffle layouts you can see all,the different layouts that you can do,now i like this layout if you added more,than one image you can also shuffle,through the images and the background,image of this will change so i love this,pen how it is however i want to make,this text just a little bit bigger so,all you have to do is go into edit,and then once you go into edit i'm just,going to literally probably just move,this up,i'm going to move this down,and then i'm going to click on this and,we're just going to make i just want it,bigger so we're just going to make that,bigger,um making sure that my uh brand font is,selected so which it wasn't before um so,just doing that just making it big,um it's already bold so that's perfect,i'm gonna hit save and go back and once,you do that all the changes you made,have now been updated and then you can,hit select another thing you can do is,under the text tab you can add a call to,action so let me just make sure this is,set here i'm just setting my um brand,text to what my actual client's brand,font is now if you hit add text here you,can add a subtitle or a call to action,so i'm gonna add a subtitle and say,read the new blog post and once again as,i'm typing that into here you're also,going to see it reflect over here on the,side so that's what you can do um if you,want to add subtitle text or call to,action and if you don't like how it,shows up you can always edit it,so i'm just going to delete that and,once again i am just going to select,this now i'm going to go through this,whole process again and create basically,more pinterest pens for all her other,blog posts and then i'm going to show,you exactly how i automate it using tail,one smart scheduler to make sure these,pins go out at a time when my um clients,audiences is engaging with the pinterest,pins the most,okay so i just created a couple of pins,for this one blog post um literally took,me like two minutes so the next thing,you're going to do so once you selected,all the pens that you like you're going,to hit schedule um designs,and then it brings you to this page here,in this page here this is where you're,going to fill out all your pen details,now there's two different ways or two,different dashboards that you can use to,do this i personally don't like this,dashboard view because i like to see,everything all at once this is their,newer dashboard if you are interested in,seeing everything all at once i highly,recommend just using their old publisher,so over on the left hand side here if,you hit publisher,what it's going to do is bring you to,their older dashboard and that way you,can see everything all at once so you,can see your schedule here you can see,your pen so i'm just going to go over to,the drafts and it's going to show me all,my drafts all at once and then also over,here on the side it's going to tell me,how far they're scheduled out to now,what i love is that it automatically,incorporates your smart schedule so your,schedule is right up here which you can,set but it alright autumn automatically,gives you the times that your audience,is engaging the most with your content,and so that's what they use as these,time slots here now you can also add,your own time slots by manually adding,time slots so,now you see how i use like the same,three images here but these pens look,completely different that's what you,want to make sure you do and you also,want to make sure you play around with,the title text so that way it doesn't,say the same thing all across so what i,like to do is use one pinterest pen that,has no image then three pinterest pens,uh with the image with one of the images,being like a background and kind of like,opaque another one where you can really,see the image in the text and another,one where you can see the whole image,down here you're going to add the board,you want to add it to you're going to um,do your title text here now you see how,it automatically is going to say the,same exact thing that you put in your,title tag for the pin on the tl1 create,dashboard you're going to want to make,sure you switch these up,then add your description i honestly use,the same description and i haven't had a,problem with that since um and then you,can also add it to your facebook and if,you have any tailored communities you,want to add these pens to you can and,then after you literally fill that all,out you hit schedule drafts and that is,it it used to take me so long to,literally just make one pinterest pin,and i just created what is this like uh,11,um no i'm sorry i created like nine and,two minutes for one blog post,literally this is such a time saver,especially if you are a digital,marketing agency or let's say you're a,virtual assistant and you do pinterest,management for multiple clients this is,such a huge time saver when it comes to,not only creating pinterest pen designs,but also automating designs and then,having the scheduler actually tell you,exactly what time to post these designs,instead of you just manually doing it it,also saves so much time when it comes to,creating um fresh pens because they take,in all the considerations that pinterest,literally tells you what a fresh pen is,and it also reminds you if an image,looks similar it'll also say hey make,sure you change up this make sure you,change up that and so like literally it,is your marketing best friend tool when,it comes to pinterest and i highly,recommend it,if you want to try tell one out i highly,recommend it they do have a couple of,plans they do have also a forever free,plan so if you just want to use the pay,uh the free version you definitely can,if you're interested also leave a link,down below i have a code where you can,get 15 off your first month so literally,you'll get like the first month free,just to try it out and you have access,to more designs as well as more,automation posts because i think with,the free version you only can do like 20,designs a month until and create and you,can only like post up to like 20 times,automatically when you want to have,unlimited time suppose so,um go ahead and hit that link you can,try it out um,but yeah hopefully you guys love this,video if you love this content or,anything to do a pinterest marketing,sure you hit that like button better,make sure you subscribe because you're,going to miss information anything,that's do a picture of marketing if you,don't subscribe to me and so if you made,it this far you're going to love any,other content that i already produced,already had if you're interested in how,the keyword research part goes for,pinterest like what to put in the title,what to put in your description i do,have a,keyword um,research uh youtube video somewhere on,here and i'll actually link that in the,cards as well as below,also if you're interested on how exactly,this helps my client make about 12 000,in sales last month literally when,you're posting so much to pinterest and,you're giving your audience exactly the,information that they're searching for,at that time using tools like pinterest,trends or pinterest um uh analytics and,you make sure that these pens are,optimized well pinterest literally makes,sure it puts it out to the right people,and then those people are going over to,your website your website is doing the,rest of the work and those websites if,it's set up correct it's going to lead,to either client leads or,lead to conversions and that's whatever,conversions is uh means to you so,conversions can mean product sales it,can mean client leads so people like,contacting you wanting to learn more,about your services it can be download,so whatever conversion means to you it,is definitely possible as long as you're,pushing out content for pinterest to use,and you're pushing out content at the,right time to the right people with,optimized pens and graphics so hopefully,you guys love this video once again i,hope that you follow me if you want to,learn more about pinterest marketing and,i'll see you guys in my next video,you

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