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➡️ How To Add Wholesale To Your Shopify Store (Step by Step) hello there if you want to create a,who

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

➡️ How To Add Wholesale To Your Shopify Store (Step by Step)

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➡️ How To Add Wholesale To Your Shopify Store (Step by Step)

hello there if you want to create a,wholesale area on your Shopify store of,all your products uh you're in great,place I'm going to be showing you what,we can do there's actually three ways,that we can do this uh the first option,is a little bit complicated because I've,made research of how you can do this and,most uh mostly of all these common,tutorials you need to go into the,customize of your store and add a few,codes you need to find in a specific,code layout and blah blah blah so we,don't want to mess in that because we,are going to give you a solution let's,say in a simple way so you can do this,by your own and you don't have to be,first stating if you can or you can't do,this so first of all guys I'm going to,leave you a link Down Below in the,description so you can get your store,you can have your accounts totally for,free and you might be getting a 15 days,trial of all the Shopify basic stuff so,you can see all,features it can be accessible for us so,now that you have created your account,now that you have created your first,store what we want to do is to add a few,products in order to add some wholesale,so for example here I do only have uh,five items then I can be making a,wholesale so what I want to do here is,to first of all now that I have my,product what I want to do is to go into,the applications get into Apps and sales,channel settings,and go into the Shopify App Store and,here into the Shopify App Store this is,the first option that I can give you yes,it's like really really simple but I,need to warn you guys that sometimes,there are a few applications that are,totally free and there are some paid,applications so you need to pay some,extra applications you need to pay some,extra tips in order to use this,application and there are actually a few,applications that are,comes with all your plan which I'll be,fine so you don't have to pay for,anything you can access to all the,applications if you have any specific,plan with Shopify,so here into the search option you want,to look for a keyword in our case that,would be the whole sale so here into the,whole sale we do have a few applications,as you can see this one has a 14 day,free trial this one has a 30-day free,trial this one has a free plan variable,so I'm gonna select this option and as,you can see this one appears to be 14,day free trial so I don't want to mess,around with this option I do want to,look for a free plan available in order,to start making a wholesale so uh,following these steps it's actually,really really easy so what you need to,do is to install whatever application,that you want into the,um into your store so here into the,wholesale pricing is going to appearing,for people who are interested into,buying your your item but speaking about,only for wholesale if you want to in,enabled all these prices only for those,people and you want to hide that form,from the local or the current buyers the,application is going to be helping you,to do that so all of them are actually,like really really the same,it's like no big deal I'm gonna be,showing you how we can do this in the,Third Way so the Third Way is for free,and it's a little bit more complicated,but we don't have to do any code this is,an alternative thing if you want to not,pay and if you don't want to have to use,an application so what I did here is to,go back into my store I don't want to,mess around here in the Shopify store I,want to go directly into the online,store,and I want to hit and to customize,and here to customize what I want to do,is to minimize all of this stuff just,for a second and here I do have a,different sections right we have the,home page we have the products The,Collection the pages,and the blog section so what I want to,do is to choose pages,and I want to create a new template so,here into this template I'm going to be,choosing wholesale,application,based on,contact create a template so once I've,created my template,it's going to be appearing something,like this right so here into this,contact Section what I can do,is to cancel layers per second I can,have this contact option,and what I want to do is to fail I want,to create this section where people can,apply to become a wholesaler so apply,here to become a wholesaler so here I,can create my concept formed for change,Dynamics OS and here I can edit my meta,field if I wanted to but once again I,don't want to mess around with that but,if you want to you can add um variance,collection customers block sections uh,and so on and on all right so what I,want to do is to go back into my store I,want to locate the customer section and,here into the customers I want to add,customers so if someone applied to,become a wholesaler here I'm going to be,receiving all the information that I,asked for so at this information I can,add fast into the customer I'll review,so let's say that I add my first,um,client here wholesale,and I can add language I can add an,email a phone number,on here after I have the address we did,want to have text so here in the tax I'm,going to be choosing wholesale,and you want to save this customer so,once I saved this customer created what,we can do is to add a wholesale uh,collection,so I'm going to go here into the,wholesale application I'm going to hit,into collection list,and here into the collection I can,create a new template for wholesale,and here I'm going to create my template,and lastly what I can do is to add my,products which in my case I'm going to,select this option,and here what I want to do,is to add a specific slideshow so I can,choose to put in here the information of,all the wholesale of all the products to,make the whole sale,so for example I can add here the,product with the price of wholesale,so people can see it like this but um,once I have a customer already created,here,what I can do,is to go a little bit back and what I,want to do is to make this person the,signed into my account can only access,into this section if they are interested,into the whole sale and in this last,part you can choose to have a app and,beamed here for example this one called,the easy lockdown so what's going to be,helping is this application is to you,actually to add a few account they have,been created into my store and those,people who are with an account,in my store they can only access through,their emails into this specific website,so if I'm a customer that is interested,into my whole sale let's say that this,is the passcode,enter the access code I'm going to get,into enter and here it's going to be,appearing my my item,with the price but actually I can add,the price if I want to do maybe not but,you can see I can add the calls or,quality and I can add that into the card,so I can I can be able to see this only,if I am if I sign it up and if I have,access now to this specific store so as,you can see it's not that hard to do,this once again we do have some,applications that can be helping us to,create something like this but some of,them are,paying options same within come with,your,planning from Shopify and some of them,are totally free to use but uh so far I,must tell you that I haven't seen a free,application of a wholesaler you might,want to consider to have a low prices or,to have just a little bit of budget to,afford an application it's going to be,really really easy but it's just,depending on what kind of store you have,on your own so hopefully guys it was a,very useful video for you don't forget,to like And subscribe to the channel if,you want to see more about these,wholesaler options thank you once again,for watching this video and I will see,you in the next one,foreign

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