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Add Slideshow to a Page ✅ Adding Slideshow to Template Page 🚩 Shopify Theme Development hey dear wel

Foysal Ahmed

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Add Slideshow to a Page ✅ Adding Slideshow to Template Page 🚩 Shopify Theme Development

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Add Slideshow to a Page ✅ Adding Slideshow to Template Page 🚩 Shopify Theme Development

hey dear welcome to you in my youtube,channel,in this tutorials i am going to show you,how to add,slideshow to a page in shopify online,store,if you are looking fast and easy,solution then,you can continue this tutorial so let's,get started,here is my shopify online store and this,is my home page,and we know we can add any,slideshow in home page easily from the,customization but if we want to add,slideshow in our individual pages for,example,i wanted to add slideshow in the about,page,how you can do this so in this tutorials,i'm going to show this process very,easily,to do this first i am going to my admin,panel,here is my shopify admin panel now,i am going to click on the online store,then going to click on the action button,then click on the edit code,now i am going to click on the add new,template,under the templates folder because,we need a custom template to,show slideshow in individual custom page,or any page so i'm going to click on the,add a,new template and select pages,then type of template liquid,and here the name so i wanted to,write my page name slideshow,slideshow then click on the create,template,so here is my slideshow template created,now i am going to my pages,section,and going to open this page our company,check this one before update so there is,no slideshow right now in the our,company page and,if we look here the theme template,select default page,now i am going to select slideshow,template,and click on the save,and going to back my admin panel,and right here at the top,i simply passed a,code here section slideshow,then click on the save,okay now i am going to visit my,our company page still there is no,slideshow but,we are see a,text here this section does not,currently include any content,add content to this section is in,sidebar so we are getting this message,now i'm going to my,admin panel and click on the online,store,then click on the customize button,from the customer section i am going to,click on the select,my page click on the pages,then select slash troop,and here we'll get this slideshow and,click,on this error now i see that,there is a option at image slide just,click on here,here the image slide option opened and,i'm going to select,an image,just search image relevant,i select this one,select this one we can also add text,click on the select before add text,and from here we can change the heading,title of slide,subtitle we can add button here,learn more add a link also,right here here's the button,and if you want we can change other,things from here for example image,position,and finally going to click on the save,now i am going to visit my website,our company pages,looks here the slides through,added here we can add a small size,slider,right here to make our slider small,but finally we are added the slideshow,in the,individual custom pages and i think you,can do this very easily without hiring,any developer,or any shopify expert so thank you for,your time to watch this video,if you think this video is helpful then,click on the like button and subscribe,to my channel,and if you need any shopify relevant,support then you can contact with me,have a nice day,bye

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